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Bradly stands there leting the fire run though his body and weapons. He looks at Cal.
Behind Silren and Eth a soft glow rose from the ground. A figure appeared moved and the glow dispersed. "Woah..." Ice whispered, clutching her head in her hands. "It's been so long since I last teleported, when I tried to come to you two, I ended up in the middle of Rivendell's Ford," her cloak dripped with water and her clothes clung to her. She pulled out the black sword and stood on the other Side of Eth. "Together, my friends, we shall conquer this evil," she said softly to them both.

Wanders through the darkness muttering spells of light under his breath as he wanders his sword in hand. "Come darkone we have unfinished buisness you killed my children and took my wife as your slave. now i must pay ye back" uses a simple conjuring spell to bring forth his other weapon a great axe and he hangs it over his shoulder. mutters "lets get this over evil one."
A pale, shaken Calenia quietly thanks Bradly and cautiously threads her way thorugh beside him. Waiting until his eyes and hair were a little calmer, Cal tapped his arm.

"Um, Bradly...Thanks for the ring, but what exactly is it for? or do?"

Right as Cal says it, they plunge into the blackness and bump into someone. Without thinking, Cal grabs Bradly's arm and scoots closer.

"Who else is in here? And what's going on?"
Bradly says to Cal, "the rings is when you are about to die it uses my power and gives it to you to heal you and upgrade your power plus give you same of my. And for who is in here with us im not really sure. But were fighting Him." With that said he gets Cal by the arm and whipers to her,"I well protect you dont worry. Im here to stay."
Smiling, Cal relaxes...a little... then tightens her hand on the handle of the whip.

"I know you'll be here Bradly, u always are. That's the kind of friend you are," Cal whispers back.

Poking the person in front of them, Cal inquired as to whom they were and if they had any clue where they were..or what was going on.
Laurelindhe was following Amina, Silren, (Drizzt? and where is Lavok?)and Etharion through the dark chasm of the temple, Calenia and Bradly behind, blindly following some sense of impending doom nearby. The snakes were gone and the preists had for now disappeared. She heard His taunting, felt his menacing evil, but it was all distant somehow. She began mumbling to herself in a strange voice, no longer under the influence of the oath of silence she had promised to her Mistress. Icelia had appeared, dripping wet, and took up the march forward, undaunted by His presence, ready to fufill the prophecy and destroy the Makoa once and for all. Laurelindhe watched her as she walked...instead of undying devotion to her Mistress, she felt suddenly repulsed by her, on the verge of spiteful hatred. The overwhelming urge to stop the feeling overtook her. She caught up to her Mistress, gently grabbed her arm, saying " My Mistress. I will lead you on so that I may...protect you." A sadistic grin spread slowly across her face. She was posessed.

I'm with Vee! I would love for all of us to come up with a joint plan of action for taking down Big Bad. Anything will be fine, except for strange mystical creatures or enchanted weaponry...You're going down Vee! Very Evil Smilie
I'm with Vee! I would love for all of us to come up with a joint plan of action for taking down Big Bad. Anything will be fine, except for strange mystical creatures or enchanted weaponry...You're going down Vee!

Etharion and I were working on it Wink Smilie Now it is getting quite .. crowded in the dark. Give Asteroth time to respond folks, I am sure he has plans Wink Smilie

Icelia's remark on her sudden disappearance shook Silren out of the darkness. Her glowing presence’s brought light in the dark. She quickly turned away her head and started to giggle.. but she could not hold back and burst into laughter. "I am.. so sorry My Lady." She quickly pulled herself together. "Now that we three are united, you can see that Makao has left his core temple unguarded." Silren faced Icelia. "You have to destroy his mark over there with the sword, you must hurry. Etharion and I will protect you." Much to her relief Icelia reacted straight away.

Silren turned around and noticed the arrival from Lady Laurelindhe from the distance. "She will assist us." Silren said hopefully. But Lavok had followed Lady Laurelindhe’s example and signalled a warning. The Lady was not right.

"Etharion !"Silren said with urgency. "We have to disable Lady Laurelindhe for a while, she is not herself... Can you stop her with your force? I will use mine." Silren faced the Lady and used a skill Lavok had trained her years ago. She locked her mind with Lady Laurelindhe's and the battle of wills started.
Laurelindhe's vision had begun to go dark; everything was shadowy as she trailed Ice into the core of the temple. Then something invaded her thoughts of malice. Silren had correctly sensed the direction of her mind and used the ancient power of telepathy to interrogate her.
"Ah, lady of the Dunedain. You know my mind, do you? Well, it has come under new management. Laurelindhe's not here. Now you are facing an enemy beyond you. I will do my master's bidding and destroy you all, and you will not stop me!" She challenged to the determined woman mentally.

I can't wait to see what you guys come up with, Rhapsody and Etharion! And Vee, you are the greatest Big Bad ever. Just thought you'd like to know. Smile Smilie
Amina was keeping close enough to hear and see the others. She wondered where this dark place would lead them, then she sensed a change in her Lady. She comes toward them as she heared the voice speak through Laurelindhe. She stops next to Silren and tilts her head as she has the habit of doing when she is taking a closer look at something. Then she gives her posessed Lady a mocking smile.

"So He has sent yet another puppet for us to play with. Laurelindhe isn't there anymore? Where did you put her? How sweet of you to think she is gone, so naive. I almost pity you. So I will let the others take care of you."

She looks towards Lavok
OOC (I dont use my powers needlessly he used a simple spell to get any darkness away from him.)

Wanders through the darkness looking slightly depressed to any who could see him. "Unbearable darkness lift away foul not my body with your tight imbrace." light shines from his skin dully.
O.C.C.(the dark is now lifted, i just though everyone should know. Oh and, Bradly and Drizzt, try and not make yourselfs so dang powerfull. I mean if you keep bursting into flames and stuff like that, it will make the really powerfull enemies and obstacles seem stupid. So just.......keep it down a notch. I think iv not been using my power very excesivly. I may be powerfull, but like Gandalf, i dont blast the first orc that comes running towards me with a allmightyvalardestroyingspellofchaos. Just so you know........)

Etharion walked on with Ice and Silren for some while and then they stopped as the dark lifted. Etharion nodded to Silren and headed straight for the lady Laurelindhe. He circled with her and spoke "I shall speak with you as if i were speking with Him. For i know there is no Laurelindhe in that body for now. But ill draw you out of her as poison is drawn from a wound." he then started the fight with the possesed lady.
Lavok came out of the shadows behind Laurelindhe, passed her and reached Silren. She was in a mental struggle with Laurelindhe. Etharion was walking in circles around Laurelindhe, and talking to the power which possessed her. Lavok approached Silren, and whispered some words to her ear. After finishing his words he turned to Amina ;
"She doesn't need my aid to defeat him, she is strong enough." he said "Follow her when she's done with him, she'll know where i am."
And walked into the fog ahead. He was out of sight in a few seconds...
Ice watched curiously the unspoken battle between Silren and Laurelindhe. She wanted to help, and something told her she knew how, but that same something told to let Silren fight this battle, on her own. "Etharion, let Silren save the Lady, it is her fight, for she is not only fighting the evil inside the Lady, she also fighting the evil inside herself. Let her fight this fight, but do not despair, for there will plenty of fight left for you," she says, putting her hand on his arm.

Um, how will that work? I can change the whole fighting the evil inside herself bit, but I thought it sounded good.

I turn around to the person who poked me I'm Kyra I have been her for a while. I saw your group come in why are you here? What is your Place, your passion here? I am here to get a answer to solve my problem. I take a step back trying to remember what was said "when you need help remember." I foucse all of my thoughts into it. When people look apon my face I seem gone. I start chanting some old runes.Nobody reconizes what i'm saying, but all of the snakes recede and prevalie from entering into here, this Pristess's shrine
Um, how will that work? I can change the whole fighting the evil inside herself bit, but I thought it sounded good.

Not what I had in mind, try not to write for other characters too much..

Silren repeated Lavok's words over and over in her head. Lady Amina would be able to bring the lady back to the light now that Lavok had severed the link between her and Laurelindhe. She spun around and ran towards Icelia. I know what we are looking for. It is a seal in the form of an Octagon.

Silren concentrated on her surroundings and said: "It is there! Over there Icelia, destroy the seal now and end this wretched battle!!" She prayed with all her might to Eru that Icelia was the one.. 'Please finish it, set me free...' She whispered softly.
The mental battle with Silren was over, she had succumbed to allow Amina to recall Laurelindhe out of the trance she was under, and that was just the chance she needed. She saw Icelia move closer to the sacred seal, murmuring the remaining words of the prophecy, ready to destroy Him. Laurelindhe luged forward at Ice, grabbing her arm and twisting it behind her back. She spun Ice around to face the others, then, in the cold and sneering voice that was not her own she said:

"Now the little game is over. I've got your precious One now, and I am going to kill her. Stay back!" She held out her free hand to the group, armed with Drizzt's sword of fury, which she had taken from him unnoticed. "I shall use your own weapons to slay you one by one." With that, she charged at Drizzt, slashing him brutally, all the while holding Icelia captive. Had she gone too far to be pulled out of her posession?

I figured if we're ending it soon, that I'd go out with all the guts 'n glory that the FF environment will allow!
Etharion was to late to stop Laurin from reaching Ice. So he looked at the octogram, trying to think of something..... Octograms were one of his speciality by the way. He was worried about Ice. Then he had a idea....The prophecy said two could destroy him. He leaped towards Ice and grabbed the sword from her. A moment of pain was seen on his face, but he throwed the sword to Silren as soon as he turned towards her. "SILREN!! Catch!!" and he threw the sword to her. The seal glowed ominusly on the floor....and Silren grabbed the blade in both hands.
Silren grabbed the sword and dived towards the seal. She could not falter now. She hit the seal with the sword, putting all her strength and skill into it. A thunder, roar and a blinding light followed. The eternal scream rang through the tavern and Silren lay there; unconscious. All fell to the ground while Makao roared for the last time. It was done. It was over.
Not what I had in mind, try not to write for other characters too much..
I told Aster something simmular. But that post has been changed, it's ok now.

Amina moved towards Laurelindhe with her eyes fixed at her. Her eyes were firm and her voice calm and cold as ice.
"You will not harm her. I will not let you. My Lady will not let you. Etharion is wrong. She is not gone."
Laurelindhe moved away from the bleeding Drizzt, holding Icelia in a firm grasp with the blade at her throat.

Amina moved slowly closer, her voice almost hypnotising. No one dared to interfere, this was Aminas fight.
"She is there. You may be able to hold her down, but I know her. I can find her. I can always find her. You can feel her, can't you? How nice of Silren and Lavok to let me play with you. Makoa wouldn't let me play with anyone worth wasting energy on. You will do for now."

Her eyes pierced into Laurelindhes mind. For each step she took, Laurelindhe took one stumbling step backwards until she had her back against the wall. Amina tilted her head and laughed a cold laughter, not letting go of Laurelindhes eyes. "Capture my lady with mind games? So naive, so naive." She began to sing, a deep haunting song with words that were hard to grasp. The hand holding the sword began to shiver, Icelia managed to break free. The sword dropped to the ground and Laurelindhe sank to her knees. She screamed.

Amina stood above her, the song changed into an a low, intense whispering. Laurelindhe screamed again and fell lifeless to the floor.

Errr... and that was it? Big Bad goes out with a pft?
Drizzt smiles sadly "I fear that the blade will not work for you." No wounds appeared on him when he was slashed. "the blades magic responds to me and only me and it will not kill any without evil in their hearts. a tear slips from his eye as he thinks of what happened to his family and his sword shatters into a thousand sparkaling shards. "well I should have known that sarrow would causemy blade to break since rage gives it life."
(Sorry 'bout the no posting guys-been trying to keep up and ablance schoolwork at the same time!)

Adreia stirred some in the corner. Looking around, she gaped at the destruction the tavern had been through over the last days. Nearly sobbing, she stood and glanced about again, rubbing her head.
'Hummina,' she thought. 'What happened? Being passed out in a corner really does nothing good for one.'
She plodded outside, looking around some more.
Etharion steped back as the blinding light flashed accros the room. He looked back and saw the others still there. He then found Silren liying on the floor. He quickly carried her away into a corner. He tried to see if she ahd any wounds. "Comon Silren Wake up. Everything is ok. Come back."
The Big Bad slunk away into the night. Turning he shook his fist at those still within what had been his temple... his lovely designer built with all mod-cons temple! "Grrrrrrrr! If it hadn't been for those pesky kids....."

He continued on his way into the darkness, away from the Silver River Tavern, his priest scuttling along behind him. "Master, master.... I am sorry Master.."

"You fool of a priest! Snakes! Is that the best you could come up with? Snakes? Didn't they teach you anything useful at Hogwarts? Get away from me you worthless dog!"

"Yes master, anything you say Master."

The Big Bad looked at the restored tavern one last time.

Silren heard a distant voice calling her back to the world of the living. Her body hurt like hell and she didn't dare to move. The urgency of the voice got through to her more and more. She winced when the warrior touched her wounded side. ' Well that was a goods sign, she was at least alive.' Silren thought to herself.

She opened her eyes and two curious eyes stared back at her. "Did we do it? Is it over??" Silren asked the warrior. "I think I can move. Can we please get out of here?" Silren wanted out of here; she wanted to fulfil her latest request that she so recently received.

She glanced into the direction of Amina and Lady Laurelindhe. In the distance she noticed the elf that stared at the sword that had broken into thousand pieces. Next to him stood a small girl. Cal and Bradley were together; inseparable. "Etharion... where is Icelia? Tell me she is alright.."
Etharion nodded to Silren. "Ice? I do not know." he got up and searched for her. He found her under some fallen debris. "She is ok!!" he brought her to rest neyt to Silren. " Catch your breath quickly!! We must exit the temple before it collapses!!! Or at least the lower levels. Hurry!!!" and he helped them both up.
Bradly looks around seeing that it was over."I hope this was the end."he said
Cal heard what Ethy told Silren and clutched Bradly and Kyra, her long lost sister.

"We must leave, quickly! The temple is collapsing."
She turned to Kyra, and hugged her quickly.

"Hello, my dear little sister. It's nice to see you, it's been so long since I've seen you. But there will time for talking once we've left this cursed place, now let's hurry, please."

Ice stumbled to her feet, and shook her head, clearing it. She headed for the exit, walking slowly and shrugging off any help from others. Finally she reached the tavern floor and flung open the door, where she walked outside and collapsed against a tree a little ways off. She put her head down and cried softly.

Bradly walks out carrying his weapons still. When he reach outside. He looks down at Ice. "Its ok Ice."
Silren followed Etharion and Icelia on their way out. Both could run up the stairs faster as she could and suddenly she slipped. She fell a few steps down below, but she managed to stop falling further by breaking her tumble with her hands and feet. Once she looked up again, Silren watched how both had left the caverns and realized that she was all alone. Her hand touched her side and moments later she stared at a blooded hand. "I am more wounded then I initially thought. By the Vala, if I make it out of here alive I will buy myself a large pint of ale before I leave." Silren pushed herself up from the ground and moved up the stairs slowly to the trapdoor at the end of this stair. "One pint, maybe two..." Silren promised herself.
Now that Amina had come to her full strength she didn't need to walk out of the tavern. She concentrated and projected herself and Laurelindhe to the tree where Icelia sat. She came just in time to hear Bradlys words. "It is ok Ice."

Amina propped Laurelindhe against the tree and started roaming through pockets and pouches. "Where did I put it... No, Bradly my friend. Makoa is still alive. That is not ok. But we have destroyed his temple, He will never return to this place. And that is very, very good. It means these nice people can get back to their regular lives. For me, it is time to move on. I will not rest til He is beaten." She smiled at him and Icey. "Rest, my Mistress Icelia. You have had a rough time... .....oh there it is!"
The semblance of the tavern was nearly returned to normal, and all traces of the Makoa's temple were gone, having collapsed and imploded. No, He was not completely destroyed, for the seal had been activated, but the prophecy never fulfilled. Laurelindhe sat motionless where Amina had brought her, her mind still incapacitated. Amina had done an incredible feat by rescuing her mind and body from Him. Laurelindhe had failed, though, and in her kingdom she would have been put to death for her weakness in allowing Him to overtake her. As her mental functions returned to her slowly, she noticed that the others had made it out, all except Lavok and Silren. But she could not yet move or speak to help find them, and she was very weak. Then Amina, always the faithful friend, came back over to her, holding something in hand.

Wow, for all of the evil power we were facing, you guys sure made easy game of BB! To all that went along with my crazy ideas, thank you so much and I am sorry if I, in any way,made this RPG something that you didn't want...I just wanted to throw out some wild ideas to see if we could all create an exciting time I will leave well enough alone! Most of all, I am sorry Adreia for taking your tavern "out of your hands", though I will say that there probably won't be another time that's half as exciting or crazy at the tavern in the future...I really enjoyed writing with all of you and I hope this will not be our last adventure!
Two figures continued their journey away from the tavern, one large and fuzzy as if the edges of his dark cloak were bleeding into the surrounding twilight, the other smaller, hunched, almost scrabbling along on all fours.

I don't know what the thing is, I was hoping you would Lady L Wink Smilie Ok, I'll think of something.
"Don't be to so hard on yourself, my Lady. You had just gotten back from deaths door, He chose you because you were the closest to our Mistress. He focused so hard on holding you down, that His eyes lelt his seal and allwed it to be broken."

She gave Laurelindhe a small glass flask. "A little sip of miruvor, from the fair Lothlorien. Drink, my Lady. Regain your strength. We have to get moving. Our work is not done."

Now let's ride/walk/run into the sunset in a hurry, my Lady and let Adreia have her tavern back. There will be other RPGs. Namari’ for now! Smile Smilie
Once they had emerged safely into the tavern again, Cal took Kyra's arm and drew her a little ways away from the others, then hugged her.

"Kyra, what a nice suprise! How did you stumble across here? What have you been up to, it's been ages since I saw you last."
The cordial gave her strength enough to get up, and she took one long last look at the tavern. She wished that she had come with better intentions to the place, and also that Adreia's tavern would be restored to peaceful times and merry company. She checked to make sure all were alright, found out that Silren, having fulfilled her destiny, had left with Lavok, and she felt closure. She looked at Amina, gave her a hug, then the Lady Laurelindhe and her dear friend and successor walked off, into the night...
That was truly a lame ending friends
Silren left with Lavok??? When did that happen??Sorry guys, but eum.. don't write for others... This has happened twice to me without someone asking me used my character. So I think this is my last rgp then.
Drizzt looks at the ruins of his blade and mutters something under his breath. "Well It would apear that i need a new sword" he turns away from the shattered blade. "Where to get a new blade?" he saunters over to the bar and gets an ale then wanders over and sits in a dark corner sipping slowly.
Bradly looks around. He keeps looking at the sky for a sign. But he dosent know what for.
Ah Rhaps, that's sad to hear. Hope you enjoyed your stay here though Very Sad Smilie
This has happened twice to me without someone asking me used my character.
It happend to me too, i wouldn't have minded that much if it had been true to my character, but it wasn't. I was not happy and the person who did it got pouty, but changed it. Hopefully things will improve very soon... Rhapsy, have you checked your e-mail?
It happend to me too, i wouldn't have minded that much if it had been true to my character, but it wasn't. I was not happy and the person who did it got pouty, but changed it. Hopefully things will improve very soon... Rhapsy, have you checked your e-mail?

In this case it is not even true to the events of what my character is doing Sad Smilie I cannot imagine that someone did not read that my character is not out of the ' dungeon' yet wounded and all. I have no clue how to fix it withouth Asteroth's help. Aster!!!

And yes I have read my e-mail, working on it as we speak. An ent-hug for Amarie
Ice sits silently be the tree, her head still bowed. Suddenly she looks up and grins. Then she jumps up, and runs towards the ruins in the forest that had been forgotten. Once she is there, she stands in one of the smaller rooms, and closes her eyes. A soft blue light eminates from her. There is a flash of bright blue and then she is gone, nothing left at all.

Suddenly a long howl is heard echoing around the tavern, something like: "Whooooa!," followed by a loud splash...

I'm sorry that you feel like that Rhaps, I didn't mean any harm when I did it. I'll go change it, if you like?

I'm sorry that you feel like that Rhaps, I didn't mean any harm when I did it. I'll go change it, if you like?

Unless you are the same person as Laurelindhe.. yes please. Otherwise, don't feel guilty for something you did not do honey. I have to wait for Asteroth and see what we can do to fix it. And give Silren a ride to the sunset (since Lavok already left the rpg). It is a very very basic rule of online rgp: do not write other characters unless you have permission to do so. I need a drink Alcoholic Smilie
You can't be mad at people for not following rules they don't know excists. No rules were set for this thread, but you did say earlier that you didn't like anyone to write for your character, so I understand. She probably said it to get the story over with so that Adreia could have her tavern back the way she wants it.
I am not mad at anyone, I feel more like: how can I fix this and bow out. Rules would be nice, yes. Just as a guidance. Wink Smilie But hey, I came up with something.. Big Smile Smilie Creativity rules.

Silren finally managed to reach the basement of the tavern. She crawled towards the wall and noticed a barrel with the signature Lavok. "Oh that is interesting. He never told me that he was into the liquor business." Silren glanced around the basement and noticed some tankards nearby. With a groan she grabbed one and unsheathed her sword. With a well-aimed bash she hit the barrel. It was just enough to create one stream of golden fluid. With a smile she placed the mug under the stream and watched how the tankard got filled with something that seemed to be ale. She searched for another tankard and replaced it when the first one was almost full. She waited in anticipation and rummaged through her pack for her last roll of bandage. Five minutes later Silren had bandaged her wound and leaned back against the basement wall with a satisfied smile: the tankard in one hand, her sword in another. Just one night with this fluid called Lavok and I am out of here," Silren promised herself and settled for the night...
Wander off into the sunset like Big Bad.

Rules? You want rules?
Ask and it shall be given unto you!
Just one night with this fluid called Lavok and I am out of here,"
Hahaha! Brilliant! Brilliant! Ha Ha Ha Smilie
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