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Bradly listeins as the talk. He then remebers the symbol. He saids to Lady "My mother was that elf he said, my father being a barbarian was not aled to she her. So when i was born i was giveing a tattoo to portect me from Him. Then i was giveing to my father to rash me a barbarian king. But though the years i learn magic that my mother teach yall. I dont know much but that is why i am able to she you when you are trying to hide from us. I can also hear you." Bradly then thinks to himself about the saying Lady said. His father tall him that very saying. Bradly dosent remeber much of it but dose remeber it has to do with a tattoo on a barbarian elf's back.
He watched Etharion leave and said, ’I’ve heard that about elves. They can be hard to get information from. But I need more before I trust someone.’

He then looked back at Cal and said,

’Thank you for your offer, but I’m very comfortable where I am. It’s raining off and on outside and it’s nice to have a roof over my head for once. I’ll stay here and keep the fair Adreia company. Besides, what if the archer comes back? She needs someone to protect her and her wine. And speaking of her fine drinks’’

He slid his mug down the counter towards Adreia, ’Could you fill it up for me girl?’
Bradly keeps thinking of what the words he needs to remeber are.
"Alright as you wish."

Cal walked back out into the rain and headed back towards the others. She joined them quietly, standing at bradly's side ats she tried to figure out what they were talking about.
Etharion listened to the elf and said "I heard some legends about that. but its odd to me that this Inn is that place, and that the son of the One is..........well, Bradly. I expected someone else. But now i suspect we should all go and find Him and bring him here. Just tell me, what is the reason nobody ever succeded bringing Him here before and ending this all allready? Because i see no special reason why the few of us could succed in this even with the like of us and....Bradly. (man that name really bugs me!! i cant stand it)
"Looks like I missed the discussion about who he is, but, um, what has Bradly got to do with any of this? I mean, how does the whole bloody symbol thing fit in?"
"Beats me. But it seems Bradly has a huge part in everything we have meet so far (not only in this thread)."
Cal looks up at Bradly with concern and bewilderment.

"Bradly...what's going on?"
Bradly looks at Cal."The one was my mother and my father was a barbarian. The symbol was a test of him to see if i was the one. But what happen is my barbarian blood was use the symbol." He turns back to the lady and lstensings more.
" Are you sure that you are not one of His spies, Bradly? For your version of the prophecy is strange to me. I am not aware of any Barbarian Elf, and I have trained many lives of men in the study of Him and the pursuit of the One. Come here." Laurelindhe took ahold of his arm and looked deeply into his eyes. "The only significance the bloody symbol held was that He was present at that moment, or one of his servants. We know it was the latter. If you had been the One, a lot more than a symbol would have appeared. I know you are not truly the One and I also know that you are only protecting what you know of the truth. That is noble, but we are not so easily swayed. Please, I accept your aide graciously, but I cannot trust to that which I do not know. I doubt not your heart, only your guize. Please find it in your heart to tell what you know of the real truth. Do you know something that we don't?" His knees buckled under her gaze, and he for a moment fell back from the others.

"Etharion. I have heard of your name and your noble family in my realm. You are honored as quite a feirce warrior, are you not? I am honored to answer your questions. It has been attempted many times to bring Him here to fulfill it all, but none have succeeded. He is very powerful and has immense foresight. He actually frequents the old tavern, His home, often, but since He is capable of shifting form and appearance, no one ever recognizes him. May I ask you, since I am confident that you are a skilled tracker, have you noticed an increase in odd traffic in these parts of late? Maybe a group of strange induviduals who came to live here between ten years ago and now? I need to know what information any of you has." Laurelindhe said to the company. They had made their way back through the woods, almost to the tavern to seek out Adreia, when the bound assasin fell to the ground, crying hysterically and shaking with terror.
Etharion replyed to the lady "Well i dont know how you heard of me m'lady, for i am not from anyplace close top here. And i thank you for your compliments. I maybe am a warrior to some, but i am just a traveler for myself. If you want to know something about these parts Ice will probably know more then i do." with that they came to the door of the Inn and they all went in.
Ice shook her head. "If you wanted to know anything about the happenings around here, my lady, I suggest you ask the barkeep herself, Adreia," Ice said softly as they walked in.

(Sorry I haven't been responding!)

Adreia stood back behind the bar with a sigh. She looked about tiredly and rested her forehead on the bar, waiting for something to happen to her that would be exciting, for a change.
The company entered the dark tavern, the bound assasin still whimpering. Laurelindhe handed the man over to Etharion, then walked over to the bar.

"Adreia, I am sorry for the trouble I have caused. I am glad to see things have calmed down a bit, that will give us a chance to talk some. May I have a mug of that exceptional ale of yours please?I do not mean to question you so quickly, but time is of the essence. What do you know of this fine tavern's former owners, and do you know anything of its past?"

Near the door, the assasin was crying more loudly as they conversed, almost hysterically. He cowered on the floor, shaking and moaning, but no one could tell why.
Adreia looked up and smiled at her with a nod, then poured her some ale.

"Well, this tavern at one time was a temple. I'm not sure who was worshipped though. But, in a protest or battle, along those lines, the temple was long and abandoned, left to crumble and be destroyed. But, one day, a man and his wife stumbled upon it and re-did everything. They raised their family here and opened an inn. They eventually left, save their daughter who still works here today. There is nothing else I know or can remember."
Bradly knows it but dosent want to say it yet. He watches them as they enter the tavern. He turns and runs to the tower ice was in.
"He acts very strangely. Are you very familiar with him?" Laurelindhe asks of Bradly, seeing his quick exit. She continued, noticing that Adreia looked very familiar somehow, but not knowing why. "That is very interesting about the daughter that still works here. Perchance, is that you? I dare not intrude upon your comfort, so if you do not want to reply, that will be alright. After all, I am in your place of business. But tell me, do you know any nursery rhymes or fables that you may have been taught as a youth that you do not know the beginning to?" She paused, alerted to a change in present company." Wait a minute-where is the Corsair that was here earlier? Did you see or hear where he went? He may know more than is shown as well. And where is Amina?" Amina was gone and no one was sure how long she had been missing.
Kiliabar had not actually left the room, but he had moved over to the fire at the other side of it to poke it up a bit. Because of the shape of the room, and the columns in the way the others couldn’t seem him from where he was, but he could hear them all plainly. He heard Laurelindhe enquire after him, but he decided to remain silent for the moment to see what it was she thought he might know about. He saw from there conversation that the others also now knew this place had once bee a temple. It was something he had seen soon after entering because it was built as some of the smaller ones in his land were built.
''No miss, I am not familiar with that one. And yes, I am the daughter. In some books, upstaris, in the attic, there are tales and accounts of the temple's past. Perhaps I should show you up there and show them to you. Come along."
She led the lady up the stairs and opened a small door, a staircase leading up to the next floor.
As Laurelindhe followed Adreia up the various flights of stairs, she was intrigued by the vastness of the old place-one could never guess the size of the building from the outside. But being that this was not really Laurelindhe's first visit here, she alone had a vague idea of the secret chambers contained within.
"I am honored that you have chosen to aide me, Miss Adreia. I will always be in your debt."
Bradly is now i the tower. He looks around the tower looking for a sign. Then he all of asided a shadow cames up from the ground. Bradly dosent pull his sword but dose get ready. He askes the shadow if he wanted to see him. The shadow nods.
Ice listens quietly to the Lady and Adreia talk. Her thought wonder back to what she might have found in those ruins. Oh well, she thought, too late now. She glanced around, where was Bradly? He can take care of himself, she thought. She turned back to the others and saw Adreia lead the Lady up a flight of stairs she didn't even realize had been there. She rubbed her hands; a chill come over her out of no where. She went and sat down by the fire. "Oh, hello. Weren't you in here earlier? I don't believe we've been introduced," she said to Kilian.

Bradly talks to the shadow. He looks around. He askes the shadow what was this place. The shadow saids it was a tower of great and powerful power. The shadow also tells him of a king once rule this land. Bradly listens.
He looked back at Ice and said,

"Yes, I was. And it's so nice to see all of you back so soon."

"And do you think you coud explain to be in simple terms what is going on?"
(This is a very good thread!! I love it! Etharion pointed me to this one and I could not resist joining it, I hope you guys do not mind, if you do, I have Silren moving on)

Silren had been travelling for weeks now. She could not believe her ears when the Prince of Dol Amroth had summoned her. ’I need you to deliver the message to the Lady, you know of whom I speak of.’

But all she could utter was: ’Why, my Prince? I just returned home and I had hoped to stay here for a while..’ But the Prince seemed determined and replied: ’I do not trust any male courier or ranger with this Silren. This is a matter of great importance. He will be on the look out for any man I send out, but a woman leaving a city might go unnoticed. I know you want to quit being a ranger, but this will be the last time I will call upon your services.’ He had paused for a moment and continued. ’I do realize what I ask of you, but in these dark times I only dare to trust my most loyal.’

Silren over thought this moment while the rain kept on pouring down on her. It was night, she was soaked, cold and not in a good mood. She touched her dark blue woollen cape that had protected her for a while, but she needed a place to stay soon to dry her clothes before she caught a cold or even worse. She pulled the hood closer over her dark hair and her grey eyes scanned the small town swiftly. She spotted a tavern called the Silver River Tavern. For some reason it called for her. She hesitated for a moment; this was not a time to mingle with people while she still carried the message.

(I know that I don't mind! The more the merrier!)

Ice smiled, saying,

"Well, the gist of it is that the Lady Lauelindhe is looking for someone. Bradly, that guy who was bleeding all over a bit earlier, thinks he's that one, but the Lady knows he's not. She believes that the tavern's owner is the one, because the tavern has some ancient history. Whoever the 'one' is, who can stop an evil force massing power, will know the end lines to a rhyme that the Lady knows."

She finished, and leaned closer to the fire, rubbing her hands together.

Amina had wandered to the ruins of Palaris, found the hidden door and the steps leading up in the tower. From there she looked upon a old road, unguarded, overgrown with bushes and weeds, only those who knew its path would be able to follow it. The rain was pouring down.

Aminas eyes pierce trough the darkness. "Old stones of Pelaris, why do you call me here? Will the search be easier if I see it from above?"

Then she sees the traveller in the dark coat. She sensed it was a female, moving silently like one of the shadows. A ranger for sure, on hidden paths of old. Amina hurries down and follows the strangers steps and sees her watching the tavern from the shadows. With purpose she makes a sound to make the stranger aware of her presence. Grey eyes seek her out and find a pair of blue eyes looking back at her. "You come in dark times, lady of the D’nedain."
"Well met Lady Amina," Silren nodded in acknowledgement. "Is the Lady nearby? My Liege lord has tidings for her."

Silren paused, not sure if she could share her knowledge with Amina.. yet. She knew she could trust her, but Imrahil had been quite strict in his instructions. "The Night is cold and wet. And yet I do doubt to enter that tavern over there. Something is not right as if Darkness is indeed nearby. I wonder if that calls to me or the Lady herself." Silren felt how a shiver crept down her spine.
"The Darkness is indeed nearby. But this tavern also sings of hope. My lady is not alone at the moment. The rain whispers of secrets I had forgotten about this place. I can lead you to her without entering the tavern if you wish."
Silren pondered on the offer. It just did not feel right to enter. After all these years in the wild, her senses never betrayed her. There was something there, something from the past she thought long forgotten. She looked at Amina. "You have to take me to the Lady. The longer we wait, the more darkness will grow. Just show me the way."
Calenia had come to stand quietly next to Ice and waited until she was done.

"Ice, where's bradly? I haven't seen him since we got here, and if what you're saying is true, then maybe it would be best if one of us stayed with him, just in case anything happens..."
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Amarie, you are the best! Nice job! And thank you so much all of you for going along with me-this is getting good! Adreia, especially thanks to you for being such a good sport about your tavern being invaded!

Laurelindhe had been in the attic with Adreia, examining all of the old paperwork and chests full of old memorabilia from the tavern's long past. So far, nothing shed any light on the whereabouts of the one they sought. Then, at the bottom of the last chest, there was a large, black leather-bound book, seemingly as old as Laurelindhe herself, well over five hundred years. The script on the front was strange; a forgotten dialect of the ancestors, no doubt. As she opened it, she felt a rush of wind and found herself and Adreia in the same room, only it was set up differently. "What in the name of Iluvitar has happened? Oh, no." She instantly knew that they had been whisked back in time. "We are not safe here. We must get out of this building and into the open now. Be ready, Miss Adreia!" Laurelindhe kicked open the door to the attic, where on the other side a man sat on a chair, sword drawn. He tried to rise, but Laurelindhe had been ready with her blade and killed him with one clean swipe. "We have come to His time, when this place was his temple. I will explain later, for now we must keep moving." She said to the scared Adreia. Laurelindhe then got several mental messages at once; one of Bradly perched upon a stone in the ruins of Palaris, with a shadow entrancing him, another of Amina tracking his whereabouts and her meeting with the prophecized messenger and then of her trying to contact her. Then she got the overwhelming sense of darkness and knew that He was with Bradly, and that everyone was in great danger, especially the messenger. Because she was so far away from them, she could not send her own message back nor project she and Adreia there. She felt certain that if she could not get them out of the building, book in hand, that they would not make it out of this age alive. So as they began to descend the many flights of stairs, they readied themselves for whatever they may meet below.
Etharion said "Maybe i should go and look for Bradly. is very stange to me as well" he said.
OK - I wanna be the baddie! Someone give me a brief idea of what's going on... in the meantime here is a post... hope it's Ok and fits alright........

He stirred and awoke and stretched out his dark fingers. He had slept for many ages and there was little he could feel that was familiar. There were newcomers here; he could feel their minds. Fear, confusion and determination...... what was this intrusion? He stretched further.... these interlopers were connected..... to whom? To what? Something beyond this place. He sought to find the answers within their minds but they were stronger than the simple folk who's minds he had fed upon in his temple when the race of Men was still young.

Are these the ones the prophecies spoke of?
(Yes! Welcome aboard, Vee! That post was a great start, if you were to date it ten years ago, because the villian here has been incarnate for that long. Also, there is a dark and menacing presence speaking to Bradly at the it you? For a background on the evil one, please refer to pages ten, thirteen, and fifteen of this thread. I would give you more of a summary on Him, but I don't have that long to be on the computer right now.

Does anyone have anything else to add?)

As Laurelindhe and Adreia descended the staircases, one after another, they found armed guards on the other side of each door, and one room filled with at least ten foreign soldiers of some kind. Adreia had her share of swordplay after Laurelindhe killed one of the men and took his sword. They were on the second floor, nearing the last stair, when the secret of their passing was discovered by the whole place. Swarms of trained servants began to assail them and it became most impossible for only two to handle. Thinking quickly, Laurelindhe closed her eyes and pictured she and Adreia outside of the tavern, which transported them there. They were just outside the gate of the tavern. She opened the book to try and get them back to their own time, and as she did, she looked up in time to meet His gaze. He had seen them. Then they were back to real time, back inside of the familiar attic. "That is the last time I will ever attempt to find answers in a book that is in a language I do not know." Laurelindhe comforted Adreia, threw the book back into the chest, and ran down all the flights of stairs to make her way to the place that she had seen in her vision.
(It's no problem, and welcome aboard, you two! Great posts!)

Adreia smiled walking up the stairs.
''It indeed is nothing. You aren't in my debt at all.''
She descended up into the attic and led her to some books, sitting on an old shelf.
''Here they are.''
She blew the dust off them and stood out of the way.

Oh no-maybe I have gotten ahead of you a bit, Adreia. I had you whisked away into the past with you want me to fix it?
Bradly looks at the shadow with a deep look. "You look like you could be Him." Just the the shadow turns human and pulls a sword. In deed i am Him. Bradly jumps back and pulls out his sword. Him runs at bradly knocking him down. Bradly cuts Him legs up. But they are heal at once. Bradly gets cut in the creast and then in the right leg. He yells in pain that can be hear all the way back to the tavern. Bradly howls like a wolf and a pack of wolves came to his side. The wolves attack Him but dosent do much damage. Bradly is cut again in the arms. Bradly falls to his knees. He yells again in pain. Him saids, " if you are the one then you could kill me now tell me who is the one." Bradly gets up. The creaters of the land came to his side. Bradly looks at Him and saids in a wisper a word or two. Then the creaters power gos to Bradly and makes a new swords and armor around him.
Welcome Vee, I've already said that in chat but what the hey. And welcome Rhapsody.

Amina had with Silrens help opened a blocked door in the back of the tavern and where now on their way up the stairs. Suddenly Amina stopped. "Something is wrong. My Lady isn't here anymore. But still I feel her.. Like a memory." She had a puzzled, thoughtful look on her face. Her head slightly tilted to the side, trying to sort the vibes she picked up. She looked up towards the attic. "Now she is back, something strange happend up there..." Then a chill ran down her spine. "He is here. We must hurry."
(thanks guys for the warm welcome, let's hope they don't kill the messenger)

Silren reacted quickly and unsheathed her sword. "Amina, whatever happens, stay behind me." She ran pass Amina up the stairs as fast a she could, suppressing the fear that arose in her. This was not good, not good at all...
He paused in his searching. Whoever it was had gone and there was little left of their presence for Him to grasp onto but it was enough. He sniffed and caught the scent as they fled. He would remember it.

Growing stronger He drew upon the skeins of evil which emanated from His being, making contact with those evil things He had sent out into the world searching for the one He must destroy. Some of his servants had grown strong in evil during His slumber. He searched again but this time for His own servants, seeing through their eyes. Then He found what He was looking for. The smells were faint but similar. He increased his connection through to His servant. "Not now" He hissed. His servant obeyed and in the Silver River Tavern Bradly was left fighting a wisp of smoke as the demon dissolved before him and disappeared leaving no trace other than a foul smell.
Bradly looks around the tower for the shadow.
(I heard you all needed a villian, and since I know the basics and I'm in the tavern, I'll gladly volunteer. But could someone PM me the overall plot/ story line in case I haven't quite got it all)
Laurelindhe ran to all of those she had seen in her vision, feeling a strong sense of dark power ahead. She began to chant softly,
"You hold no power here. You must leave now."
She ran softly uphill towards the old tower, wary of the presence, but continuing her chant.
"I call up the power of She who is the first One, my Mistress, I call upon the strength of Iluvitar, and the good will of all the Free Peoples. Aide me now."
Laurelindhe seemed to faintly glow, and as she rounded the curve to the spot that she had forseen, Amina and(sorry, got booted offline!) Silren met her, swords drawn.
"He is here. I can feel him. Silren." Laurelindhe bowed deeply. "I am honored to meet you at last. The time must truly be near at hand. We shall speak not of your message here or now." She whispered to the warrior messenger.
"Amina." She hugged her. "I am relieved to see you. You know that which happened in the attic, don't you? He saw me. We cannot run any longer, I'm afraid. This is what we trained for. If you will, please find all willing folk in and around the tavern who can be ready as well. Meet here as soon as possible, and good luck. Silren, we must go at once. If you please."

(Andrea, we will gladly accept more villians, let your evil genius shine! For plot info. refer to pages 10-on.)
Bradly looks at Vee. Bradly pulls his sword in frout himself. He runs at vee. Bradly cuts at Vee's chest. The his legs then his arms. Yelling at the sametime.
(Um, Bradly, I think that the demon you fought was His servant, and I doubt that Vee will go by Vee in this thread...)

Ice glanced around the tavern. An odd howl echoed in her ears. She looked up and realized who the howl is coming from. "I wonder if he even knows what he's saying..." she muttered and jumped up. The howl came from the tower.

She poked Eth in his shoulder, interrupting him from his conversation with, someone (I can't remember...) and he turned around with a very comical look on his face. "Eth, there is something going on in the tower that I was in during your's and Kilian's argument. I'm sure what it is, or even who's involved, but I do know that-" she turned to Cal. "Our slightly odd friend Bradly is there. I'm under the impression that we could all be of some assistance," she said.

Ice shouldered the bag she had flung to the floor a while ago, and turned to Kilian. "I can tell if someone is a good fighter when I see one, and I believe that you, good sir, are a good fighter. Perhaps you'd like to help?" she asked.

Laurelindhe and Silren moved swiftly, speaking in hushed tones. They found a glen almost a mile away from the tavern. Here they exchanged information warily, for the enemy was on the prowl and the two of them alone could not overtake a small army. Laurelindhe wondered how many of His servants were here in the village of Silver River, awaiting the Appointed Hour...then they, too heard the odd howl, and Silren led them away.
Meanwhile Kilian had been speaking to the bound assassin, also known as Denmano Ikthaibur, that Laurelindhe had brought in. He spoke with him in hushed tones as well as in the language of the Easterlings so that the others could not understand them.

As Ice spoke to him he rose and looking at her he said,

’Well my dear strange one, I do know a thing or two about fighting, but there are a few obstacles here. Number one, I only carry a knife. It is hardly the right kind of weapon to fight a god or demon with. And number two, I have heard the one these women are fighting against is known my the name of Makoa. Once this was a temple to him. I recognized it as such soon after entering because we have similar ones in the land I come from far to the south. Also in my land the one who goes by the name Makoa is worshiped as a god. When I swore allegiance to my king there I also swore to never raise my hand against our temple gods. My personal feelings or beliefs here are of no importance. An oath is an oath. Besides, I have no loyalty to those elf girls.’

He laughed a little and added, ’If they wanted to find out some information perhaps they should have asked a real southerner instead of people around here. But by this point it is probably a little late. So I suggest you run and join your friends now and fight till the end.’
Silren sheathed her short and curtsied for the Great Lady. Although their paths had crossed in the past, Silren never forgot who she was and treated her with the outmost respect. She waited patiently when the Lady finished her lines and spoke: ’I agree My Lady, what I do have to deliver cannot be spoken here."

As requested she led the way downstairs and scanned the area with her eyes fro anything suspicious but found none.. yet. She quickly glanced over the group and noticed that Amina was at the rear, protecting the Lady from behind. Silren had spotted a glen a mile down the road and moved fast. The more the group walked away from the village the more the dark pressure on Silren's mind seemed to wane, but it yet not wanted to loose its grip on her. It was if it knew she was the message.

Once they arrived Lady Laurelindhe touched her arm, removing the shadow that had haunted her. Relieved that it had gone for the moment Silren delivered the message:

"Umbar is stirring, a man who hides between a mask is nearby
One cannot trust him and yet we must
For He will arise and he will know no mercy
Accept the service of the one who is most loyal to me
Once her task is done, set her free"

Silren was puzzled about the line Imrahil had told her and instructed her to remember. Was her task done now or was this just the beginning. She felt bereft of her hope of her own home and fireside and yet complied, as she always would do, being in the service of Arnor and Gondor for many years.
"Even if people worship him as a god, it doesn't mean hi IS a god." Amina had entered the tavern and heard what Killian said. "People worshiped him because he made them, because of fear. Men are easily fooled. In time they began to believe he was a god, a nice way of insuring they wouldn't dare to fight back. Powerful he is indeed. But he can be beaten."

She went closer to Kilianbar with a challenging look. "You swore your oath under a false name, Vort Preshnick. Yes I know your name. I travel a lot and I see a lot in peoples hearts. Have you not been controlled by fear long enough? But if you want to keep running, then by all means do." She looked down at the assassin and spoke to him in the tongue of the Easterlings like she had done earlier. "What will you do, Denmano Ikthaibur, assassin of Makoa? Will you stand and fight or will you run and hide? Death will find you, you know this. But how it will find you is up to you."

She looked out over the tavern. "Now is the time to flee or fight. Weapons I can give you. Courage you must find in yourselves."

(psst, Amina was told to go find people in and aroudn the tavern, Silren and Laurelindhe are on their own. For now at least.)
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