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**Drizzt staggers into the inn bleeding badly from a wound in his stomach before he makes it half way to the beautiful female that he left behind before he passes out his head slamming into a table on his way down. As he falls his sword falls from it's sheath and it is in four peices.**
The door to tavern swings open ominously. For a while, no one is there. Then, all of a sudden, a dark, hooded figure appears in the doorway. The shape is vaguely female, her features and race are even unknown.
Two small bumps are visible through the fabric of the cowl on her head. As she turns her head back to look behind, the obsidian hilt of a long, two-handed sword is seen from where it is strapped vertically across her back. She makes not a sound as she walks inside.
As she closes the door behind her, the light inside the tavern reveals the dark grey, almost black shading to her tattered cloak.
Throwing back to the hood of her cloak, the figure is revealed... Icefangs! "Hey Adreia! Long time no see, eh?" she says happily, and heads towards the front bar.

Drizzt is still laying on the floor loseng his lifes blood all over the floor his broken sword next to him and his eyes are glased over.
Ice turns back towards the door, her mouth open , as is she were about to say something. Suddenly she sees the heavily injured drow lying on the floor.

Ice rushes over to him and gently picks him up; she then turns and lays him carefully on a table. Slinging her bag off her back, Ice reaches inside and grabs some bandages. She begins to wrap his wounds, all the while whispering in a strange language. Little drops of sweat begin to bead on her brow, as she holds her hands over the dark elf, a few inches above his wounds, her words becoming louder, though still indecipherable(i wonder if I spelled that right?). A soft bluish glow comes from her fingers and flows into the wounds, slowing and finally stopping the blood flow.

She then grabs some more bandages wraps them on some of his more minor injuries.

Ice sighs, proud that she has at least the elf, then sits down in a chair beside the table, panting slightly; lately using her magic, even a little bit, has been taking a lot out of her.

Drizzt comes to and stands slowly then falls heavaly into a chair. He studdies his broken sword with a pained look on his face. "Well it would apear that I am in need of a new sword yet again. " He leans back in the chair and looks around and thinks "Man buissness has gotten slow around here."
Ice shrugs away her tiredness (heh hehe...) and nods. She stands and picks up her dropped bag, stuffing a few large dusty-looking books back inside it and ties it closed.

She looks at the drow she just saved and smiles slightly, "And who might you be?"

Back, back, back and having a totally great weekend. Big Smile Smilie

Cal bounces in, waves to Drizzt and Ice then spots Adreia and hugs her. "I'm back to tormet all or you again. Did ya miss me? You look like you had another run in with Death, Drizzt, what happened?"
Ice waves to Cal. "I guess I wasn't missed by even my closest friends..." she mutters and slumps down in the chair.

Nice to see you back, Arwen!

Adreia wakes up from a nap she was having upstairs and goes downstairs, a quizzical look on her face.
"What's going on?"

Sorry I havne't been on, hehe.
Cal spots Ice for the first time, grins then lets out an excited whoop as she tackles Ice.
"Hullo, how are u Ice?! Sorry I didn't notise you before, I'm sorta outta it."
woah its been sometime since I've been on. Adreia, can I join this?'
Ice grunts as Cal leaps at her, falling back to the floor. Icey wraps the elf in a tight hug and struggles to her feet. "It's okay Cal, I've been out of it, too recently." She hugs Cal once more and looks her over. "How've you been, my friend?"

lol, Haldir, of course you can join! Big Smile Smilie we'd love to have ya aboard.

Cal smiled, and shook her head.
" I've been doing quite well. Off getting in little bouts of trouble here and there, but enjoying myself. How about you, been through any other adventures lately?"
k heres my bio
Name; Rumil
Gender; Male
Appearance; Typical Elven Armour, cloak
weapons; One Elven Sword, bow and arrows
Race; Elf
Age; 129

write something later, I'm suffering a severe case of riters block!
Suddenly, a tall, glowing figure slips through the front door and walks to a nearby table. Her strides seem to glide her across the floor. She is hooded, and an Elf, seeming to be from Rivendell. Her hair is very long and silver; her glowing face hidden behing her cloak.
She notices people begining to stare, so she removes her hood to reveal her brilliant face and crown of silver.
"Aiya, mellonea. Essenya na Celebrian." she says politely in Elvish.
She notices looks of confusion, so she adds, "Hello, my friends. My name is Celebrian."
Then, she gazed around the room mysteriously, looking as though she was reading people's minds. "You are all wondering why an Elf from Rivendell is here..."
In reply to Calenia question, Ice shakes her head, saying, "Nah, sadly the only trouble I've been into was a small row with a dragon which resulted in the roasting of my back. I now have a scar that someone told is shaped like an 'angry mongoose', whatever that is..."
Icey grins and then turns and notices the very formally dressed elf standing the tavern. She leans near Cal's ear, "Wonder what this one's doing here?" she whispered.

"I have no idea," Cal whispered back. "Though I would like to find out. From the looks of it, she's never left Rivendell, but I could be mistaken. Not many elves outside of Rivendell or Lorien use Elvish as the first language. And I have no idea what an angry mongoose is either." Cal continued, laughing lightly.

(looks down) LOL, post # 666. ;P
"I am here seeking..." she said magically, "a good time!" She flashed a big smile, approaching the table at which Arwen is sitting. "I've been so serious lately, due to the death of Turin Turambar. He was a good friend of mine, you know. Yes, I know what your thinking, I don't look my age. But anyway, I really need to get out more. Is there anything to do around here thats's fun?" She sat down on a nearby stool and looked Arwen over curiously. She hadn't seen anyone so light-hearted in a long while.
The door openned, and a tall elf strode in. His face held unmistakable grimness, and exhaustion. As Rumil looked around, his expression changing to a slight hint of a smile as he saw Cal and sat down at her table. "Cal, It has been a long time since I saw you. Don't mind if I sit here do you?"
Celebrian looked at him curiously. "I don't believe we've met," she said charmingly to the handsome elf that had just sat down at the table. She introduced herself in Elvish, "Essenya na Celebrian," and put her hand over her heart in respect for a fellow elf-kind. She was hoping to get a dashing response from someone so attractive, but then she realized the unpleasant look on his face.
"Of course I don't mind, dear friend," She replied hugging Rumil. "I'd like you to meet Celebrian, the fun-seeking elf from Rivendell. Have a seat and tell us more about yerself, Celebrian."
"Well, as I have already told you, I am just getting over the death of Turin Turambar, who was a close friend of mine." (tears now came to her eyes, then faded away.) "It's been quite some time since his death now, and I'm trying to start, well, I could say, a new life," she said, glancing over at Rumil. "For the last few years, I've been wandering all about Middle Earth. The decent places, that is. I find the Shire quite amusing, but that's just me. My husband, Landirion, also died, but in the Nirnaeth Arnoediad quite some time ago. He was a fine, handsome elf, and I was very much in love with him." She said this with a very stern face.
"Anyway," she seemed to snap out of her serious mood, "I've travelled a long way, and I think this is the place I would like to stay. It's very nice here. Plus, I'm looking for some good fun." She smiled broadly at Rumil, and met his eyes with her own. She tried to read what he was thinking, but his mind seemed to be closed, as though he was behind a locked door...
Cal punched Rumil lightly on the shoulder. "Lighten up, mate. We're supposed to be showing Celebrian how to have a good time. Where's Adreia? I'll go get some drinks, what does everyone want?"
"I'd like a pint of... well, what is you all drink around here?" Celebrian asked with slight anticipation. She'd tried many different ales in the past few years, with not many of them coming to her liking.
"What is your finest wine?" She did, however, come to like a few various types of wines.
"I'll have some ale, the best this place has got, thanks Cal" Rumil tried to pleasantly say and as he did looked at Celebrian, "Have I seen you before?" Then he shook his head, mumbling apologies, "Sorry, I shouldn't have said that, i was out of my place." Rumil put his head in his hands, "Lately all the fighting and battles I've been through is really driving me insane. I really wish one day this world will be cleansd of evil." then he apologitically looked at Celebrian, "I am Rumil of Lorien."
"It's a pleasure to have met you, Rumil." she smiled at him sincerely. "It seems that this string of battles are never ending. I was in a few myself," she looked down at her hands on the table,which were concealed by her long cloak, "but I try not to speak of it. It brings a heavy pain upon my heart." Celebrian looked up at him through teary eyes. She brought her left hand to her face to wipe away the tears, and there, on her ring finger, she bore a piece of jewelry that seemed to glow. It was a ring, called Nenya; the Elven Ring of Water; the Ring of Adament. When she noticed Rumil gazing at the ring on her hand, she quickly covered it with her cloak and avoided meeting his eyes.
Cal nodded and stood up. "What about you, Ice? Want anything while I'm up?" Cal stretched, craking her back and smiled.
"Cal I'll have two cups thanks instead of one thanks," Rumil wearily slumped down, exhaustion beginning to heavily affect him a bit, but maintained a small smile.
"Of course, Haldir. Though from the haggard look on your face, you could do with a bit more sustenance other than wine," Cal said, notising her friend's apparent exhaustion for the first time.
"Well, you know me, always fighting fighting fighting. Our last campaign has been against those annoying goblin pests on the mountains next to Lorien." Rumil then checked himself, "Enough on me, how are you doing?"
"Absolutely wonderful. I've just returned here, right before you as a matter of fact. Been off getting myself in trouble as usual. I'm in the mood for a new adventure, preferably one somewhere I haven't been before so if you hear of one, let me know."
"Sorry for interupting, but I would definately be interested in an adventure as well." said Celebrian boldly, and she took a sip of her drink.
okay, I have to leave until monday for a family reunion, but I'll get on if i get a chance. so feel free to keep my character alive and moving, just don't make her do anything incredibly stupid or out of the ordinary.
okay, i'll make sure nobody does anything too bad! Smile Smilie
Rumil shook his head, "Adventures, when are you all going to stop going on them. Me? I'm tired of adventuring, I've had enough action. Don't you both ever get sick of those? If you want you could be a forward scout in the Lorien army, but thats just a suggestion. Plenty of adventure, explore unknown mountains, deal with nasty goblins, oh and maybe there might be some leftover orcs."
A wind rushes by......... Etharion still keeps track of your adventures...and he is happy to see old friends still here...
"I'm interested in adventures," said Celebrian, looking up into Rumil's eyes, "but I don't find the army as being a pleasant one." Her face seemed to glower when she said the word "army". She peered out over the crowd. "I'm looking for a good time, not a time filled with war and fighting. I'd enjoy going on a long journey to an exciting place, and I also would like to meet someone to spend the journey with." Celebrian looked back to Rumil, and her eyes seemed to flash. She once again tried to read his thoughts, but she couldn't seem to get past a certain barrier in his mind.
Rumil smiled and nodded to the other people inthe inn. "I'm sure in this place, you'll find plenty of adventurous types. Or you could simply go with Cal. As I aid before ,I adventurings not for me. Tactics, strategy, discipline, and courage are the sorts of things I'm looking for, adventures break all those 'rules' . So I'm staying as a soldier."
Alright peeps, I'm back!!!!! and we all miss u tons Ethy! Sad Smilie

Cal shook her head and took a deep drink. "How about some work as a mercenary of sorts? Know of any rich, hatred-filled people looking for one?"
Ice shook her head to clear her sudden exhaustion. She glanced up to see two elves she didn't recognize sitting at the table across from her. She puts on a wide grin and stands, holding out her slightly-scarred and bandaged hand to female elf. "I'm sorry I did not introduce myself earlier, recently I've just been sick and tired all the time and-nevermind that, I'm Icefangs, you can call me Ice or Icey."
She turned and glanced at the male elf and held out her other hand, "You both may call me Ice, and what's this I hear of adventure?"

Rumil shook Icefangs hand, "I'm Rumil of Lorien." He turnned to Cal, "As an answer to your question. I rarely meet any bad people and get to know them, but I do know a warlord from southern Harad, I met when I was an ambasadar for Lorien at a meeting in Gondor. Perhaps, you may want to be hired by him?" he looked at Cal and Celebrian, "Both of you?", confused he turned as well to Icefangs, "All of you?"
While Rumil was explaining his meeting with a Harad warlord, Celebrian held out her (un-ringed)right hand and said, "Pleasure to meet you Icey. I am Celebrian of Rivendell." Then she turned to Rumil. "Wait. A warlord? You're asking us to be under the rule of a warlord? Isn't that, like, suicide?" she said with an odd sort of sarcasm. "I'd rather be wedded to a Warg..." she mumbled with a slight laugh, and she looked at Cal. "What do you think?"
"Firstly, I think there was a slight miscommunication. Haldir simply meant that there was a job opening under him. And I have yet to be under the rule of anyone, so that doesn't really prove an issue"
"Well that's good news..." she said, relieved. She looked at Rumil, "Sorry about that. I misunderstood. Go on with the details then." She nodded at him and took a sip of her ale. Then she gazed at him, waiting for him to continue with his description of the avdenture...
Ice shoves her hands into the pockets of her trousers and glances at Cal. "What'dya say, my dear friend? About this new adventure, I mean..."

"depends on the pay and conditions. Are you up to it?" Cal asked, glancing around, and toying with the worn handle of her whip.
Celebrian shifted her eyes to Icey, then to Cal. "Well, if you are all in, then I'm in." Then she tok a breath and added, "Only if there isn't too much war..." Then she thought to herself, I know I'm thinking ahead, but I have a great name for us: The Fellowship of the Ring! It's so original! She didn't want anyone to laugh at that declaration, so she decided to keep it to herself...
Rumil grinned, "Oh you'll find the pay extremely good, however the work he gives you would be difficult, very difficult. Well obviously you have to do fighting, like trying to destroy a savage nomadic tribe of Mumakil riding rebels, or going more south than you could have ever dreamed and facing what lies there. You might even have to go out to sea." Rumil shrugged, "Conditions, there are no conditions. Thats about all I think."
"sounds like my sort of adventure, especially if the pay is good. How about you, Ice, celebrian?" Cal asked grinning.
"Well, when you say the pay is good," Celebrian realized that maybe this wouldn't be such a bad idea after all, "then maybe it'll be okay. But there better be plenty of dangerous excitement..." She took a chug of her ale, emptying the mug, and looked up at Rumil. "I'm in!"
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