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Just one night with this fluid called Lavok and I am out of here,"

Hahaha! Brilliant! Brilliant!

*takes a bow* I am not even gonna think what kind of hang over she will have in the morning Wink Smilie But hey guys, the partay is in the basement Big Smile Smilie
How's this? I'll post soon, and I'll come up with the rules for my thread! Isn't that a good thing to do? Exploding Head Smilie Hummina I'll get to it soon
Sips his ale thinking of a new blade to make but first he must find a forge. "Does anyone know where i could find a forge around here? I would rather have a weapon if that force of evil changes his mind and comes back." he sips his ale again.
i agree that the ending was a bit lame. Next time we must coordinate ourselves better. Oh and Amarie, i had layed down some rules. I dont know exactly on which page in the Tavern, but i did. I really hope people will stop WRITING FOR OTHER CHARACTERS!!! And i also hope Rhapsody wont leave us because of that. You gota stay!! Now lets get our heads together and think of a biggerbettermorerintresting adventure and get to RPGing!!!!

A few moments before....
Etharion helped the wounded out, and then had a short rest against a tree trunk. He accepted a sip of miruvor and stood up. Looking at the old tavern he said " I am sure we shall still have to face the dark Makoa. But that could be in another time and tale. And so my friends...I am leaving you now, i have more things to do. (and i would really like if nobody tried to join me on my journey) I am headed towards the mountains of Ered Mizrin and further on to the Iron mountains. Now Drizzt, if you will, you could join me. I have heard of a old blade that might be to your liking. And after all...a warrior like you needs a proper blade. Am i right?" and so he fixed his pointy wizard hat on his head, picked up his staff, and set of on the forrest trail eastwards. On the last hill where the rest could stil see him, he turned around to wave, and to see if Drizzt was joining him....
Oh and Amarie, i had layed down some rules. I dont know exactly on which page in the Tavern, but i did.
I know, you keep mention them here and there. Which is a good thing! Don't worry, better times will come.
He looks at Etharion "I shall follow you my lord." he picks himself up and walks slowly after. His eyes constently searching the shadows around him on high alert for danger. "Where exactly are we going?" His hands are balled into fists because the realisation that his family is dead is fully taking over him.
Oh, Rhapsody, I am so sorry! I did not mean to write for you, and I of course knew that you were not out of the cellar-I absolutely read your posts, it's just that we had all discussed ending this part of the story, and as Amarie said, I only said that to find some closure so Adreia could have her tavern back, honestly. Besides, who's to say that my character wasn't simply mistaken? That happens in for the rules Etharion laid down, I am aware of them and did not want to write in your character, everyone else was ending it and I didn't want to leave you out of the quick ending-I in no way meant to direct your character in a way that was contrary to her nature, but I must say, that was an absolutely brilliant recovery, saying that you'd drink a liquid called Lavok! Good save! I strongly suggest that instead of being totally soured by this RPG to all of them, just consider that sometimes people make mistakes, with no bad intentions, and certain induviduals who have never done RPG's before online who decided to for fun, myself, shall not taint the screens of my fellow PT members with my terrible posts in an RPG thread again. I have never known the rules of ANY of these games, I just wanted to try my hand at it. Had I known I would irritate so many people over it whom I respect and enjoy as humans, then I never would have thrown my spokes into the wheel. So you don't have to give up, I will, because I am the one who started all the trouble in the first place. And for everyone's benefit, it is a good idea to post the rules of an RPG at the beginning-not half way through it, so then newcomers will not make my same mistakes. Please accept my humble apology, Rhapsody, and everyone who endured me.
Laurelindhe sweetheart, do not worry. It is solved now, but just bear in mind that there are more people in an rpg that want to write their own ending in a thread. Yeah I liked my solution too, creativity rules Wink Smilie Etharion has almost talked me into joining another rgp (he got me into this one in the first place), but I need to balance it with other rgp's (not on this board) that I have going on. Rhaps gives Laulerlindhe a kiss on her forehead and hands her a big bar of Swiss Chocolate. We are five-by-five honey.
So , apologies said/accepted. What's next?
What's next? Create a character and get into the tavern for a drink. And from there on it is up to Adreia. And go read the newly posted RP rules in the Roleplaying Guilds Wink Smilie
No harm done. No one is guilty for anything.... Now lets go to the tavern and have a mug of ale Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
(That sounds good!)

Adreia stumbled along still, hoping all the crap chaos was over. She stumbled into someone with a sorry, then continued on into a tree.
Silren sat there for hours but now she could no longer ignore his call. She got back to her feet and gathered her belongings. She looked around once more and left the basement. Still there was no noise in the Tavern and she left the building the same route she had arrived: through the backdoor.

She whistled and within a minute her brave horse arrived. Thank goodness it had stopped raining and with stiffness she mounted her horse. She concentrated once more to the message that called her and turned her horse North leaving the small town Silver River and his Tavern behind.

~*~*~ *~ This character has left this rpg ~*~*~ *~
Etharion was on a nearby hill, thinking, when he saw Silren ride of. He looek after her until he could see her no more, "Farewell Silren. Until we next meet." he said with a smile.
Drizzt is standing in the shadows behind Etharion. "My lord ye mentioned something about a new sword for this humble warrior?" his eyes dart around the shadows that feel like home to him these days.

he sees a bit of movement in the distance off in front of Etharion and frowns.
A dark figure steps out from the shadows.

i read i have to do this so here goes...

Name: Renor Darthirii Arisa
Race: Elf
Homeland: Currently residing Lothlorien.
Gender: Male
Age: 1,983
Physical Appearence: Tall, slender, blue eyes, long white hair, wearing black elven archer's helmet, black gorget, black elf robes, a black velvet cloak, black boots with black greaves and black vambraces. (he likes black)
Skills: A master archer, he never misses his target. Uses two short black elven swords. Knows some elven magic, but his main ability is being able to blend in to his surroundings.
Special Items: He wears a ring of silver with an amber stone mounted on it and it has elven writing either side of the gem. He doesn't know why he has it.
Background: Not much is known about him, except he is the son of an elven Princess who has left these shores.
Hy Renor Arisa! You know, when i started coming here i always writed that i came from the same world you have now came from. You know which one. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie . The world where the sprawling underdark lies beneath, and above the Sword coast, Candelkeep, Neverwinter and Icewind dale. But this is Middle Earth. And here, alas, there are no drows, and no Underdark. Here the great deeds of Drizzt dro Urden are unsung. So you might want to change your story. This is just my observation with which im trying to help. But you decide what to do. And welcome to PT. Happy Elf Smilie ( The Drizzt who posts here is not the Drizzt from Fhaerun. He is a ordinary elf.)

Etharion turned to Drizzt. "Yes. We shall be going at once." and he turned on the spot and stroded down in the forest.
a warm welcome to Renor! Big Smile Smilie
Seeing Eth about to leave the tavern, Cal hurried to his side to wish him farewell.

"Hey Eth, trying to leave without saying good-bye? Cuz if you were, you've just failed.:P It was nice seeing you, good luck and health to you wherever it is that you're headed to now."

Cal hugged Eth and turned to the strange elf.

" I still don't know your name, or who you are, but best wishes. You are in good hands, and I'll let you two leave now, though I would like to know your name, if you please."
Hmmm I guess i have to post my person
Name: Tathea kyra Celebrindal (Nick: Tiger)
Race: Human (Half elf)
Homeland: Residing wherever she is at the moment.
Age: 13
Physical Appearence: Short Skinny almost emacitad. she wears a simple black gown with a large sword (Ireth) across her back. I do not wear shoes. brown/green eyes deep reddish/burdgandy hair witch falls about halfway down my back is always kept up.
Skills: She has advanced knowladge with swords and other forms of weponrey. A Medium knowladge of magic spells, and A great passion to keep all others around her alive without caring for her self.
Special Items: the sword is a sword of light,
Background: she was trained to be a preistess (Gildors daughter) and when she found out that her dad wanted she to become evil and serve Big Bad she left never to return. When she came to get her sword gilly was there i barely excaped with my life and lost my father. I was looking for him so i could Kill him and BB, But I have since given up
Great timing Aragorn_Estel and Renor Arisa Thumbs Up Smilie
Well Big Bad and the priest have left this place a few pages ago, but the lovely Adreias tavern is open if you are thirsty, hungry and need a place to stay for the night.
Oh really? It's not really ''lovely'' anymore, especially after all that damage. :P just playin'--danke for that compliment
Whew! Been awhile since I last visited PT, well, not a long while, but still a few days... I had a major family tragedy and I would appreciate it immensely if no one mentions a dachshund, weenie dog, or their pet in general, as that was the tragedy, and I still feel like like **** about it. Anyways, here is my next post.

Coming near the tavern, a shadowy, dripping wet figure is seen. The person is soaked near to the bone and shivering slightly. She walks to the tavern, flings open the door, and then Ice stumbles over to the now restored tavern's warm fire. She throws her cloak to the floor, and sits, warming her back by the fire.

*bows slightly, his face is hidden by his hood*
I am Renor Arisa of Lothlorien. At your service.
Aw Ice that sucks. Well, welcome back. And if you need us, we're here for you.
Adreia looks over to Renor and curties in turn.
"Welcome. I'm...I'm...Adreia..."
She then passes out at his feet.
Ice, I am so sorry to hear that..... I am wondering what Adreia will do when she sees the damaged barrel in the basement Wink Smilie Cool Smilie
Oh boy........ Dunce Smilie Pixie Smilie
Etharion said to Cal "Well, i ought have known i couldnt escape you." Elf With a Big Grin Smilie "But now i must be going. I too wish you the best until we meet again maybe. Goodbye:"

And for now Etharion is gone from the tavern. Im planing on keeping him away just until i start another RPG, but i cant seem to start it!!! wont be long.

PS-sorry about your weener Ice.
Drizzt is still closely following eth... from the shadows movving without a sound. His heart achs now that he knows the truth about himself.
just until i start another RPG

Interesting, interesting...
PS-sorry about your weener Ice.

Hey! Icey said you weren't suppose to mention the w-word!
I'm sorry too Icey. Sad Smilie
Oh Ice, we'll be here for you! *hugs*
Adreia - I would advise you to set a quest/adventure/theme/goal/whatever so that people know what they are supposed to be doing. Otherwise you may find them starting an adventure of their own.
Alright, I'll get to it soon
Good advice, we are just yapping away here, 'cause we don't know what to do.
Okay, so this is how it goes-
Goal is:
To have as much peace as possilbe. An adventure to happen is cleaning up this place
Har har har!!! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie Thats a epic adventure!!
I think the epic warriors will have quite an adventure drinking the barrel that Silren bashed Wink Smilie
Eth? Where is the e-mail or do you want me to? NP either way. Big Smile Smilie
Thanks you guys, I feel better already. Later I'll give you guys a link to his picture, I just hadn't had the chance to scan one yet. But seriously, thanks to all you, you're really helping me get through this.

Puppy Smilie (snaps to you, Cocoa... Sad Smilie )

Ice, honey, it's no problem. Don't worry, we'll be here for you with a cyber shoulder you can cry on. Awkay that'd be cool! Big Smile Smilie
Well i can safely say that i have not had many women fall at my feet before....
*the dark robed figure sits at a table and takes out a knife to carve his name in the tabletop*
Adreia shakily got up and staggered after him.
"Excuse me, carving the tables..."
She collapses again, this time into him lap, then passes out again.
*he takes the knife and slips it in it's sheath and places a hand on her forehead*
Adreia rolls over some, laying in his lap still, but leaning into his stomach.
"No more...orcs please...have some ale and a"
*he places a hand on her head and starts to chant in elvish. with the other hand he motions to the barkeep for an ale*
You seem to be having a good time. I wont bother you.....
time is time. it is not always good. when it is we must enjoy it in company.
*hands her an ale*
Adreia gulped from the ale before looking up at this person, obviously drunk.
"You know, there are many people in this world. They're know? What's the difference? We're all different, so doesn't that mean we're all the same? I dunno anymore."

(Ethy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll get you for that Very Mad Smilie )
*raises his tankard slightly in agreement*
*he then lowers his hood to reveal long flowing white hair and a silver elven crown*
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