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OOC: Sorry I've been gone so long. The first week of school kept my really busy! Can I have an update on the story, please?
"Its a place beyong beauty, its great. I can't relaly describe it to you, people think that Lorien is just fullof trees and thats it but wait till you see some of the places people built. wonderful place." Rumil grinned, tapping his sword handle.
Well wats happenned is Rumil has received news of a trapped army in Lorien, and basically we're allplanning to go rescue it by bringing another army to help atm we're all just talking..
Rue nodded as her gaze fell upon her brother's sword and smiled, "You're excited aren't you? I haven't heard you speak with such happiness in your voice in along while, it must be a wonderful place".
"Yes it is great to go back there again, most of the time I spend on the borders, which by the way are not the same as deeper within Lorien, or just travellingo outside. You'll agree with me when we get there." Rumil looked around, "You know seeing as its really late now."
Rue let a satisfied smirk appear on her face and moved back to her place on the steps, "I usually end up agreeing with you in the end, so I'll take your word for it".
Are we even allowed to leave the tavern?
Well, Adreia created it and she's coming, so it must be alright, if not another thread could be made to continue the story and let this stay just an inn.
Good time for me to pop up ^_^ I don't mind them leaving at all! This thread needs some action. And sorry for my absense, I've taken care of some things
"I can't believe you people!" Rumil said in disbelief, "We are not going to get much sleep tonight at this rate." Rumil then shrugged, "Oh well might as well stay around with you people."
Rue grinned, "So excited yet so uptight, I don't know how you get through your days". She closed her eyes and propped herself up into a comfertable position where she fell asleep.
Calin decided none of this was important to him so he fell asleep until they were ready to leave.
Rumil raised his hands up, "When I want to sleep you're all awawke, when I change my mind you all sleep." Rumil shrugged, sat down and then slumped on a table, "Now I can stay awake or sleep."
Well when you speak you are making no sense what so ever
"When you're extremely tired like I am now, then you will understand its hard to make sense." Rumil mumbled, dropping his bow on the ground nad picking it up again.
"Then go to sleep", muttered Rue, opening an eye for a moment and supressing a chuckle, "Do you really think you'll be able to save an entire army if you stay up all night?"
i bet you he does belivee this says calin as he gets up. then before anyone reacts he knocks rumil out and then goes back to sleep.

now when you get up we can actually stop talking about sleep, which i am going to be needing soon...
Adreia: Can you please just make it that we slept and then its morning so we can just get over the sleep thing?
time to start up again so whenever you are ready to start.
Cal stretched and looked around at the slumped form of her sleeping companions scattered around the tavern and grinned. I love being the first awake. Cal thought, as she went around wkaing them up in various ways until they were all open-eyed.
Rumil grumpily leaned against the wall, "Well thanks a lot Cal, how am I supposed to save an army with only 3 hours sleep?" Rumil slumped forward, his bow dropped, and when he picked up, his sword dropped, and when he picked that up, his quiver dropped. "I hate this," Rumil muttered picking up his quiver carefully.
OOC: sorry about the disapearance some things came up.

**drizzt awakens with a start not even noticing that he had dosed off his mind had put him to sleep while his body healed.** Whats going on round these parts **he asks softly to himself.**
Cal believes that she woke Calin up when he just sits up and says... I am awake, i have been awake. And sorry about knocking you out rumil but you werent gonna let anybody get to sleep and you were too high strung to get some sleep so i helped you without having to drug you.
"Well thank you for that, now I can rescue that army with one great headache." Rumil took out one of his arrows from his quiver and tested its strength, "Well, are all you people awake yet?"
well at least your mind is not foggy, and it will keep you awake and in reality. said calin as he finished packing his gear, and went to get one of his mounts.

i may bring in another mounts later.
I just back from a short vacay, can someone tell me what's happened since I left, or, since my last post?
OTher people volunteered to rescue the army, and then we went to sleep and then we just woke up
Calin comes back with his horse and the horses of the others so that they will be able to pack a whole lot faster. he then pulls out his sword and goes through a routing while sining an eerie song.

no i am not copying your old character rue. this is something completely different.
What old character?

Rue stepped outside and whistled sharply, a moment later her own mount joined them, she walked over with a smile and pulled some carrots from her pocket. "There we go", she said happily.
here i will copy and paste the bio.

Race-Northern Punja rougue
Appearance-Long, braided blood red hair, green eyes, tanned skin
Clothing- Gray and black mercenary garb, face covered by oversized hood and robes
Weapons-Throwing knives, daggers, broadsword,cwellen
Trade-Assassin Sword-Dancer
Apprenticing the Druidic arts from Walker Boh & Ahren Elessidel
Homeland- Desert-Punja
Sword- Jivatma( Northern soul sucking sword, when keyed) Holds power of the northern banshee storms
Ability-Wishsong (Terry Brooks's)
Elements- Air & ice
Personality-Serious, cold, moody
History- Unknown
Oh, from the RP War! Now I remember... Yeah, I added her song when it appeared magic was a must.
oh lol i though i had seen it before on here. oh well. anyways enough of the ooc.
Rumil walked out and whistled. His mount appearred, then he whispered a few elveishwords to it. "So", Rumil turnned, spinning his sword, "When are the other sleepheads ging to wake?"
Stumbling outside, with a hand clutched to her head, Icey sighed and leaned against the doorframe. " Ah, good morning guys! Truly I don't remember what happened late last night, though I do not know why. I remember I stopped trying to get drunk early on," she said and shook her head to clear it.

Seeing the others calling to horses or getting on horses and stuff, she groaned and let go of the doorfacing. Knealing down, Ice lifts her head to the early morning sky and lets out a long, high-pitched howl. An answering howl comes back to her a few minutes later, followed by a few short neighing sounds. It seemed in response to those sounds Ice's brow bunched up and she rolled her eyes, saying, "Oi! You great oaf, get over here, now! I've not the time for your uselessness!"

Suddenly a tall black stallion came running towards her and didn't stop. Ice, knowing the horse too well, stayed stock-still. The horse's muscles rippled across its pure black hide as it skidding to a stop right in front of Icey and whinied happily.

"Ah yes, good morning to you, too," she said, angrily. The horse pawed the ground at her feet and nudged her shoulder, looking at her with its great green eyes. Glancing up at the stallion, Icey cried, "Aww... I can't stay mad at you, Taurnil. Come 'ere!" she wrapped her arms around the horse's neck and vaulted to its bare back.

The horse neighed softly. "Where've we to go, you ask?" Taurnil nodded his head up and down. "Well, we go to, um...let's just put it this way, we go to battle," she replied rubbing the horse's neck.

[Mee-sa loves ze horsey!]
as people are still mountig up. calin marks a part of a near by buildingf. he then starts his horse galloping around the building meanwhile he is firing arrow at the mark.
Rumil mounted his horse and then turnned to the others, "Come on everyone, we don't have all day." The an elf messenger rode up, said some words to Rumil who nodded, then went away. "Alright everyone, Cal, your kinsmen have managed to retreat safely except three who are being held prisoner. So if I were you I would hurry."
as calin hears this he goes and pulls out the arrows from the wall and then rides up next to Rumil.
"Well, let's get going then", said Rue smiling, "Time is life, right?" She strapped her bota back on her saddle and shifted impatiently.
OOC: My apologies to everyone, for being gone all the time, but I am so busy with school! I probably won't be online until next time I get vacation, so I give my permission to anyone in the RPG to control my character for a while, if anyone wants to. I hope the story continues to be successful!
~ Celebrian
Calin sets his horse off towards the gate figuring everyone else will follow.
Icey grinned as she bent low and whispered in the horse's ear; it neighed and pawed the ground, seeming to smile as well. Reaching up and rubbing Taurnil's head, Ice sighed. It'd been so long since she found the great horse. She leaned low once more and rested her head on Taurnil's neck, whispering to him softly. Taurnil backed up a step and then turned and nuzzled the top of Ice's head; his breath moving her blue and red hair.

Drizzt steps out of the inn his wounds healed at long last and he picks up the faint traces of the companions leaving even though it was so long ago and he follows looking for the beautiful female he had spoken to so many times before.
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