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Adreia rolled her eyes at all this talk from the men.
"Pardon me, but enough is enough. Please, no more bickering about it. He's from where he's from Bradly, just let him be. And Vort, keep your nose out of trouble so no trouble will come to you. Please, just...just keep your tongues."
She sighed and ran a finger along the desing etched into the bar. She finally noticed the bag Etharion had left and slipped it in an area under the bar.
Cal walks over to ethy and taps him on the shoulder.

" ethy, temper under control please? honestly ur as bad as bradly sometimes
With all this said. Bradly gets up, takes his coat, and walks outisde in the rain. He sets down outside uder a tree. He begins to pray.
He glared at Etharion and said, ’And I would advise you for your own good not to start spreading rumors about me. Though I doubt you would find many as far north as this who would care enough to listen.’
As he looked at Etharion he thought about how much he would like to have seen him as one of their slaves in Umbar, perhaps chained to one of the boat oars of the great raiding ships. He wouldn’t dare speak to him in such a tone then’

He looked at Adreia as she spoke and said, ’Very well, I have nothing more to say to him. But I think I’m a better judge than you of how much trouble I can handle.’ This of course was hardly true. The fact that he had to leave his own people was proof enough of that. But he was young and far too prideful.

Oddly enough when Calenia spoke to Etharion, trying to keep him calm, Kilianbar turned to her and said, ’What business is it of yours lady what he does? I’m sure the two of us are able too look out for ourselves.’
As all this going on (the arguing) Ice walks on cat's paws outside and looks around. No one even notices she is gone. She walks silently through the forest, her head swimming with questions. As she walks, she pays no attention to her surroundings.

Ice walks through the pouring rain, coming upon the ruins of some sort of castle, only after she had bumped her nose on the door. Thinking that the smells and sounds inside the castle would be a lot easier on her sensitve nose and ears than the pounding rain beating down upon them, she tries to pry the door open. Unsuccessful, Ice walks the ruins, discovering that they are just a tower, not a castle.

She sees an opening large enough for her about twenty feet up one side. She leaps into a nearby tree and makes it to the window with ease. She crawls inside and sits on the on the floor under the windowsill to think.

Rolling her eyes, Cal groans.
"I' m really getting sick of explaining myself! It may not be business of mine, but Adreia said no fighting and I was trying to prevent any sort of incident before it occured. Anyway that u for ur time!"

With that said, Cal stalks angrily outside in search of Bradly and sat down quietly next to him, making sure not to disturb him.
(Nice Laurelindhe!)

"Silent you two!" Amina gave Etharion and Kilanbar a stirn look. "Arguing like children, how am I suppose to trust you two with anything when..." She suddenly stopped and her eyes swept across the inn. "One of you is missing. Your friend, I belive, Etharion. You are so busy trying to 'see' Kilanbar that you don't see the ones closest to you." She turned to Kilanbar and whispered. "And you shouldn't stick your neck out too far, I see things too."
Adreia looked at him and said nothing, her stare saying all needed to be said. She showed that enough really was enough, and to stay out of trouble.
Bradly finishing his pray. Sets back and sees Cal is by him. He smiles at her. He thjen stands up and takes off his coat and puts it on Cal's shoulders to keep her warm waly thire outisde in the rain. He then sets down and puts his arm around Cal's shoulder. "So you to got trieded of the fighting?" He saids with a smile.
Leaning her head against his shoulder Cal sighed.
"No, just sick of attempting to preventing them, and getting yelled at for it. ...I didn't disturb you did I? And thank you for the coat."

Cal watches the rain in silence.
Laurelindhe had crept beneath the north window of the tavern. Her wound was on the mend, and she felt her strength returning to her. As she searched for signs of the assasin, she noticed a man and woman just outside the door, under a tree. They were leaning on each other, almost lovingly. She recognized them to be two of the people that had been inside during all of the chaos. She longed to speak to them, to tell them she was sorry for the disruption of their nice evening and that she was unharmed, and she needed to contact Amina. But to risk the safety of both herself and the strangers at this time was foolish, so she waited to catch a glimpse of Amina leaving the tavern. By now, the night had grown late, and the chill of morning grew close. As far as she could tell, everyone who had been present in the ruckus was accounted for, all except the one called Ice. Laurelindhe sought for her with her mind, and found her perched upon the ruins of Palaris, the tower of the guards of the village of Silver River, from long ages past. What she was doing was unclear to Laurelindhe, but whatever it was, it held some significance, she thought. But time was passing quickly, and against her wishes, she feared there would be other disruptions of this quaint place unless she carried out her duties.
Bradly saids softly"No you dont." He then sees a elf by the window of the tavern. He knows who it is but dosent go to her. He listens to hear for a person. He hears sameone in the woods. He then hears there bow. He jumps up and pulls his sword. He runs into the woods. He cuts the person but dosent get a good look. But the person drop his bow and arrows. Bradly takes them.
Startled, Cal jumps to her feet.
"Bradly?! What's going on ?! um, where'd you go?"
Cal knows she promised Bradly she wouldn't fight, but she lowers her hand down to the whips handle just in case.
"Enough of the children talk." he said to the barkeeper.he then said to Killian "Cal is a old friend of mine, she can speak when she wants. And you shouldnt speak so...disrespectingly. I walked on these plains before your greatgreatgreatgrandfather was even born.Anyway i think i could still beat you." he said with a grin. "But to tell the truth i like you. You have a spark. Not all pirates are evil cutthroats. I had a pirate for a friend.......but that was long ago, in a diffrent time and place." he said sadly." But he was mortal, and his bones now lie cold for many hundred years. Forgive me for my intrest in your background. If so, ill not mention it again."
Ice looks up from her place on the floor in the ruins. She felt someone was looking for her, but she sense where they were. She shrugged it off and decided to explore these ruins. Always find interesting things in ruins... she told herself.

Bradly walks back to Cal with the bow and arrows in his hands. "If found the assassin but I dont get a good look at him. He drop those when i cut him in the arm." He gets Cal's hand and pulls her down under the tree again. "He is still out there. I know of it." He looks at the bow it is built for a assassin. on it the words said Never Fail Me.
Adreia shifted her gaze and looked at him blankly, controlling her rage.
"Pardon me," she said. "You have no business telling me what to do, especially in my inn. Please, do not upset me or anyone else."
"Are you talking to me?" asked Etharion, with a blank expression over his face. "Because if so, i am not >upseting< anyone. And i was simply asking you or anyone else to stop calling this children talk. That annoys me greatly."
Adreia nodded.
"My apologies then. Would you like anything?"
"So that's where you went. I wonder who the asassain wasn't supposed to fail....Hmmm, maybe we should go inside, unless you'd rather not."
Amina felt a chill down her back. She knew what that meant. Since she was searching for the One, she had her mind open to listen to what peoples souls could tell her, in and around the tavern. And also she was listening for Lady Laurelindhe, still hoping she was alive. Sometimes she could hear the souls clearly, often they were hard to hear. Her lady had always been a lot better at that then she was. When someone was murdered however, the soul let out a cry as it left the body, a cry Amina could hear and feel quite well.

She ran to the exit before anyone could stop her, and hurried outside.
The assasin had been struck by Lord Bradly's arrow, slicing him pretty badly. He had decidied to rest for a moment, after he had gotten out of range of his pursuer, thinking it was safe. Little did he know that Laurelindhe had spotted Bradly running off and had quickly followed him, unseen to any. She had found the sniper's quiver of arrows not far from the start of the pursuit-Bradly must have been a very good shot to have gotten his mark so fast. She picked up the quiver to examine it. It had strange markings in another tongue, but she recognized it to be from a region far to the south. She jumped out of the path and into a bush as Bradly gave up his pursuit and went back to the tavern; she was not ready to reveal herself yet. A short distance further on she heard mutterings of some kind in another language, and she knew she had found the assasin. She circled round his area, came up from behind him, and held one of her own arrows to his head.
"You will take me to your master or you will not see your land again."
He rose in defense, ready to attack her, but one warning shot from Laurelindhe humbled him some. "Who are you, assasin?" She implored of him.
" I servant of the Makoa, one you call Him." The small man answered in very bad Common speech.
"What is your name?" She asked.
"Denmano Ikthaibur. I die, no tell none."
"Are you threatening me with your silence? We elves have our own way of making you talk. Come, Denmano. You will now lead me to your Makoa, and on the way, I shall mend your wound, for when you are done with your job of leading me to Him, he shall likely have far better plans for you than I could for your failure." The man began to sob as she bound his hands and gagged him, but Laurelindhe was much stronger than the man and made easy work of overtaking him. He reluctuntantly began to lead her away from the tavern, and all she could think about was Amina-how could she let her know she was alive?
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Bradly looks at Cal and saids "Sure lets go inside." As Bradlt begins to get up he hears the lady talking. He knows she found the assassin but he dosent want to see him yet.
(If it's okay, I ultimately wanted to make Adreia and her tavern the very center of the story, but I seriously wanted all of you to add whatever you wanted to the mix. It's fun to hear all of our ideas blended into one. Is that okay? Adreia, it's your tavern, I do not want to disrespect it, so you make the call!)
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Adreia rubbed her temples, a headache developed from the noise in the tavern. She wondered if it would ever calm down in here. By the looks of it, she thought it wouldn't. Adreia poured herself a small glass of wine and drank it down. She sighed, wondering how this utter havoc was brought to her tavern.

"Only me,'' she told herself. ''Only me...''
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Ice wandered about the ruins. The place was huge. She had barely covered half of it when she heard talking nearby. Ice ran back to her window, leapt out, and landed lightly on her feet on the ground. She followed the talking and saw the lady she thought had been killed by an arrow. She sensed that the man she was with was the one who shot her. Ice crouched quietly in the undergrowth, watching the two's conversation. As they walked away, Ice felt compelled to go back to the ruins...

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Cal noticed Bradly pause and get a strange look on his face, but decided it might be best not to mention it, but just wait until the right time.
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Etharion was still in the Inn, having fun with himself.
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Amina stood outside as Barly and Cal walked back inside, she barly noticed them as she searched for the source of the scream she had heard in her mind. She frowned a bit as she recognized it not as a "I got killed" cry, but as a "I will be killed" cry. But it was fear of dying, just the same. And it was obviously a human, to sort the different races from each other was fairly easy. Lady Laurelindhe had trained her, but she needed to practice more.

Then she felt something. A call for her! Strange how these things worked, you could try your hardest to call for someone like that and not succeed, and then you heart would suddenly do it for you. It was a gift only the Mistress truly posessed. Aminas heart sang in reply. "My Lady? My Lady!" But to others she would appear only to be lost in thoughts. Which, of course, would be quite close to the truth.

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Bradly hears same more. He turns to Cal and saids "Tell Eth to be ready for samething ok?" With that said Bradly runs into the woods and follows the sound. He sees Ice on the ground but dosent pay much to her. He sees the lady he has been knowing she wasnt died. Bradlt then sees the assassin. Bradly gets mad as he walks in frout of him. "You try to kill me when you was in the woods and i was outside. I ask you why?" He looks at the lady then to the assassin as he dark red eyes glow darker.
(Bradly, I'm not on the ground, I'm in the ruins...)

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Andrea peeks her drunken head up from under the table and glances about the Inn. Adreia smiles at her sweetly. "Can I get you another pint of rum miss?"
"You bet you can... an' make it two please!"
Kilianbar listened to Etharion with annoyance. He finally said,

’The word they use in Gondor in Corsair rather than pirate and I wish you to do the same. It is a way of acknowledging a particular people rather than their practices. Some of those in Umbar still hold old grievances against Gondor and consider the raids to be small battles rather than pirate raids. If you will speak to me with respect I might aswer your questions. And I wonder how you judge an evil cutthroat from a noble warrior. I suspect you have an interesting way of weighing the virtues of a man.’

He thought about Umbar where the practice of slavery was common, and blood sacrifices were offered to Melkor. Those who held the highest places of honor got there not from any great virtues, but from cunning, and being able to wield power over others. He thought it was strange that this elf might see something in him, a native of Umbar, that would cause him to say he liked him. In some ways this disturbed him because it was so unexpected. He really didn’t know what to think of Etharion now.

He looked towards the door and said, ’The others must have found something of interest out there for they haven’t come back. It seems this place will soon be empty.’
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As she began to follow the man who was sent to kill her, she instantly felt Amina's call. "I am here and all is well-find me", then Bradly and Cal came upon them and Laurelindhe sensed that Ice was not far.
Laurelindhe was gladdened by their willingness to help, but still feared for their safety.
"I am allowing this mortal slime to live in exchange for his honesty in leading me to Him that hunts the One." ,she told the others as she tightened her grip on the ropes holding the failed assasin. He began to curse in his tongue and spit at them, so she replaced his gag.
"We have never properly met, and for that, I am deeply sorry. I am Laurelindhe Ilmarin from the secret realm of Massar-en-Aryssan, beyond the Eastern Sea. I am only at your service." She bowed to Bradly and to Cal and Ice, who had come out of hiding. "Please tell me more of yourselves, if you will, then I will clarify what has happened here and why you all got accidentally involved. And thank you all for your kindness to a stranger." Then Laurelindhe turned all of her mental concentration to bringing Amina to her.
Cal smiles at Laurelindhe.

"I must go do something quickly for Bradly, but I will tell whatever they can't about me when I return."

Without waiting for a reply, Cal quickly, but cautiously ran back to the inn, burst throught the door, and ran up to Ethy, tapping him on the shoulder.

"Ummm, Ethy, hope I'm not interuptting u or anything but Bradly says to be prepared for something and we just found the lady we thought had died in the woods with the asassain and in case anything happens you might want to come back with me."

She glares at the stranger who was rather rude to her earlier, and then her faces softens.

"Because of the urgency of this, I'll ignore your earlier rudness until this is over. You may join Ethy, me and the others if you wish."
He looked back at Cal and said,

’I see no reason why I should come. No one brought me here, I came of my own choosing. It’s understandable in the case of you two. You are both elves so playing around with dangerous magic for no apparent reason comes naturally to you I suspect. But so far the elf girl who was shot, and her servant have both refused to offer an explanation for these strange happenings.’

He leaned towards the two of them and said very seriously,

’Have either of you two noticed that they avoid all our questions very skillfully? They go on and on about how they will tell us things, but they have yet to tell us anything. For all we know the archer is a noble youth who is trying to kill of two very wicked individuals. They are both beautiful I admit. But beauty and goodness do not necessarily always go together. No, go and act rashly if you must, but until I know more I don’t intend to lend any serious aid to them.’

He looked at Etharion and said, ’I would at least expect someone with your wisdom ad years to see the reason behind my words, but do as you feel you must.’
"Hah!" Etharion yelled."Thats so right, noble corsair/pirate. But id never have half my power if i didnt act rashly! And dont worry, i talk in the same way as the two lady's. Its always better to keep everyone in the dark until your sure you can trust them. Thats what i would do." he said with a wink. he then got up seeing that now really EVERYONE was somewhere else. He steped out of the Inn looked around in the dark and headed straight towards the place where the rest were gathering.
Ice bowed low to the Lady Laurelindhe. "My name is Icelia, but my friends, and you as well, can call me Icefangs," she said, bowing again so her hair brushed the ground.

Bradly bows then saids"Im Lord Bradly but my friends and you can call me Bradly. I have the power of animals plus more i dont know of. Im was a king of a village of barbarians and mages we live in peace." He then turns and waits for Cal to came back.
Adreia smiled again and poured two more pints of rum, then gave them to Andrea.

"Here you are Miss. Enjoy!"

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Amina had hurried to her ladys side. She smiled at the others, glad that lady Laurelindhe was alright and glad to have found so many friendly people. There hadn't been too many of those around where they had been before.

While they talked she took a closer look at the assasin. He hissed at her. He was a proud man, even when tided up in captivity. She tilted her head a bit and squinted her eyes as she studied his eyes and then said in his own tounge. "I am glad you failed, but I am sadened by the path you have chosen for your life."
Turning back to the stranger she sighed.

"Be as hardheaded as you wish, but did it ever occur to you that they might actually answer your questions now? Or that by talking with them you might actually figure something more out?! If you still don't want to come I understand, but I think it might do you some good. Besides, they won't tell me anything yet, maybe they'll feel different about talking to you."

She turned back around to Ethy.

"HEY ETHY! I'm not sure exactly how you magically know where to go so if you'll wait for a second for me I am coming back with you...or not."

Facing the stranger she asked him one last time if he would like to come.
Etharion walked over to the group and said " Sorry im late. M'lady." he bowed.
Having Amina back by her side comforted her greatly, and the eagerness of her newly acquainted companions lightened her heart, but Laurelindhe knew now was the time to tell everyone what was really going on.
"My friends, I thank you for your interest in our quest and I am most humbled to meet you. It has been many long years since I have met with comparable kindness. This is as it stands: over two hundred years ago, the tavern which we were all in last eve was a kind of temple for a secret order of induviduals who worshipped the "Maker" or Makoa in the Southern tongue. This "Maker" had gone by many different names in ages past, and was a great wizard or powerful being of some kind, turned evil. He had many followers at that time and the beautiful city of Silver River became overrun with his servants, which drove out the townsfolk and destroyed the city itself. The Maker, which his servants called him because he made them wealthy and respected, was gaining power rapidly, when he met with a roadblock.
"There was born in that time the One who was destined to fulfill the prophecy, who was said to be reborn again and again until down through the ages, they would triumph over Him and destroy Him for all eternity. In that time, the One had been born a female elf unto a very prominent family in my realm, and as she grew, she became regarded as The Mistress, for she knew and saw all and was the undoer of all things evil. I myself and Amina were her students, and she trained us for the day that the High King would send us to find her once more, in this cycle of life, for The Mistress herself was murdered by an assasin of his not long ago, about twenty-six years ago. She of course has been reborn, as He has returned also, and we have been informed that the One has been here all the time, in the very same village that He comes from. The only thing is, we do not know what form or race the One takes this time, so we are here to find them. For you see, He can only be destroyed in the place that He is bound to, and his spirit is bound to the tavern by the prophecy. Bradly, I hope that explains the symbol you saw in your blood-he was testing you to see if you were the One, for if you had been, your spilled blood inside the tavern would have broken the prophecy and freed Him eternally.
" We must find the One before he does. Do any of you know the last lines of this verse?:

"He that was broken many times will come again,
bearing the countenance of a man, from a far Southern land.
If he kills the One who is his demise,
then blood shall rain down from the skies and all good shall die.
But if in the House where evil was born, He is met with the One,..."

"Those are the only known lines of the Prophecy. The One will know the last two lines, and when spoken in the tavern in His presence, he shall dissolve and finally disappear forever."

Laurelindhe scanned the faces of her companions, looking for a trace of recognition in their eyes. There was so much more to tell them, but she felt time was growing shorter.

"Let us speak to the Lady Adreia, she may know more than she lets on about the tavern's past."
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