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"because my lady i wish to save you and i will not let some dark foe kill us both." his rage grows and the sword glows brighter. he ponders for a moment and walks over and sits near the female and rubs her back gently to keep her from getting upset. then takes a sip of his water and asks "are there rooms here where i could rest?"
''Yes, upstairs.''
Looks up at him curiously and smiles some, then sips her own water.
Heads upstairs and finds a room and takes off his boots and gear and lays on the bed and thinks of the darkness that always seems to find him and grows angry and then flips up onto his side wishing it was warmer as he pulls the covers up overhimself and tries to get to sleep but fails and just lays there thinking.
"Here goes nothing." Laurelindhe had grabbed a small shield of her own and also a bow and quiver of arrows, as well as a scimitar she had found in the forge. She used the scimitar to hack at an area of the vines closest to Silren and Amina, and to the window. An arrow from the enemy hit her on the arm. Gradually, they began to make progress and soon saw through to the inside of the tavern.

Agreed to the rules. Just thought it would be nice to try something different since variety is the spice of harm meant. Smile Smilie
As the vines split, a greenish-black viscous goo dipped from the gashes to the ground transforming into black slug-like creatures which writhed around gathering more and more. Soon the ground was covered in them and they wriggled and crawled around the feet of those trying to destroy the vines. They left a foul slime which stuck to boots and trousers, festering and digesting whatever it touched.
Silren frowned when the goo tried to crawl up her boots. " Those pesky creatures. I suggested oil but .. oh well," She thought. "Ok, back away you all and cover your face." She waited for the others who immediately complied to her request and lowered her torch. With efficiency she burnt the goo at their feet while she shielded her face with her cape against the poisenous smell.

Etharion: agreed to the rules Smile Smilie
Calenia sits next to Bradly until the others return and then joins in the attempt to break back into the inn. She crinkles her nose at the disgusting smell and goo the vines are giving off, and sighs in relief when the order to back away comes. Cal is still confused about the whole ordeal with Him, but decides to ask for more information at a more convenient time. After the goo is burned off, the air is filled with the putrid smell of it burning and Cal gags, but continues to hack away.
The fumes from the goo began to make Laurelindhe dizzy as they all tried desperately to free the tavern from the vines and slugs. A shuddering of the ground sent her onto her rear and she watched as a large crack in the ground opened up before their eyes between the tavern and the outlying village, gradually growing in size. She felt the end coming.
It started to rain heavily. The vines shrivelled and sunk back into the ground. The ash mixed with the mud. Only the gaping split in the earth remained.

In astonishment, Cal stumbled back and tripped over Bradly, as the vines disappeared. She fell on her butt, but made no attempt to stand up. She was trying to make sense of what had just happened.

"Whoops, sorry Bradly. Um, any clue what just happened anyone? Let's go inside and see how Adreia and the newcomer are faring."
Wakes up not even realising he had fallen asleep he gets his feet back into his boots and while laceing them up notices there arn't vines covvering the windows of his room anymore. He grabs his gear and heads back downstairs looking for the beautiful female he had been talking to before he went to sleep.
Ice fingers the hilt of her golden sword, almost lovingly. She caresses the handle, and weird noise comes to her ears. When she takes her hands off her sword, the noise stops. Hmm, she thought, that's never happened before. Ice shakes her head, and mechanically picks through the weapons.

Her fingertips brushed the hilt of a long sword. It looks plain, until she lays her hands on it. Glowing a dark blue, Ice lifts the sword out from under the pile of weapons it was under. She holds it, and suddenly even her beautiful golden Tathelis seems pale in comparison. Ice swings the sword back and forth, it seems to cut the air like butter. She smiles, this was the sword for her, it called to her. She slid it into the sheath hanging on her back, which suddenly seems not good enough for her new sword.

She digs through the piles of stuff some more, and comes up with a pure black sheath, with fine, white lines etched across it. She slips it onto her back, sides the sword in; it fits perfect, and follows the others back to tavern.

Etharion watched as the others picked their weapons huridlly. He took nothing from the forge. Shields and armor would just get in the way for him. He saw Ice picking a beautiful sword and then hurried with the others to the tavern. When they began hacking the vines and the goo started he covered his face with his robe and slashed on with his bastard sword. "This excrement from the vines is disgusting. And it is so acidic!! These were new boots!" finnaly they managed to open a small hole, just as the rain began. He held the vines up with his staff and shouted over the rain "Quickley!! Get in, before it closes!!! Hurry!!"
O me o my, I think this thread is moving abit too fast for me, and although I would have liked to help out as Vee's evil underling, I don't think I can. Sorry guys!

Seeing all the chaos about her in the tavern, Andrea scurries away unseen and runs far, far away from the town of Silver River.
Sees that the female is nolonger around and frowns and sits down with a glass of water and feels all sorts of lonely. "where did you go my fair lady?" sips his water and looks around at the devistation in the tavern. "I should help put this all strait if only i knew who i was." finishes his water and walks over and starts righting tables and chairs and cleaning up broken glass and wood.
They had retreated after the rain began, and Laurelindhe was standing under a tree outside the tavern with Silren and Amina, Calenia and Bradly behind them. Etharion was telling someone to get in. Everything was so hazy. She was tired. It had been a very long couple of days. Her eyes closed as she leaned against the tree, silence lulling her. Then she heard a strange sound, almost inperceptable to the ear. What was it? Then she looked around and thought the origin of the sound was Icelia. Laurelindhe was skilled at feeling people's soul when they were present, and somehow Icelia felt different, and she looked it, too. Laurelindhe wondered at this. What was so different?
Amina saw where her ladies eyes went. "She picked the right sword, my lady. It could be a coincidence. Time will tell..." She leaned her head back, glad for a little rest. She knew she had to enjoy it while it lasted. That large crack in the ground was obviously bad news. But the elf maiden choosing the sword of the One, once hanging by her Mistress side; that was good news.
Silren was dead beat and lowered herself to the ground, bracing her back against the tree. After a long ride of 3 weeks and an evening of fighting.. she was dead beat. The darkness still probed her mind. At this moment she would given anything for a warm bed or a comfortable place next to a fireside. But the Lady had not dismissed her yet now that she had done what Imrahil had asked her to do. All she could do now was awaiting further instructions.
Hey everyone, um, aren't we supposed to be going into the inn? Just wondering....
Yessssss.... go into the tavern...... into the tavern........ go now........ into the tavern.....
Laurelindhe guessed Silren's mind now that all was quiet. "Silren. I know your body and soul longs for the rest and comforts of home that you much deserve. Imrahil will be most pleased to know that your message was delivered safely and that you have aided greatly here. I will call your duty fulfilled. Please, go and find yourself a room in the tavern to sleep in for awhile, we shall keep things under control here. I am very glad to have fought along side you, friend." Laurelindhe bowed to her. "A true lady of the Dunedain."

"I am sure you are also tired, Amina. Let us go into the tavern ourselves and perhaps ask a good mug form Adreia, if she'll have us! But let us be on our guard." They got up from their spots near the tree out front of the tavern, and Laurelindhe was telling Amina softly that she had wondered much the same thing: could Icelia be the One?
Silren sighed and was pleased to be relieved of further duties. She watched how the others walked towards the tavern and decided to stay put for a while. Her side hurt and she knew she was wounded there. Just for a few more moments and then she would decide on what to do next. Still that tavern had a certain darkness over it... If there was one thing for sure: she would not enter it for her own sake. Maybe the stables next to it would be a better place. She scrambled up and slowly walked over there.
Close to the base of the tavern the ground boiled and, like a shroud a black oily sheet rose up all around the building, engulfing it.

The oilyness hardened and took on a strange appearance - a huge jagged building of stone with towers reaching high into the sky. There were no windows and the building had an air of evil about it.
Ice glanced around at the massive pile of vines strayed across the ground her. She slung off her cloak, where the acidic goo inside the worms had eaten through. Grinning, she whiped the blade of her new sword with her cloak, then pulled an extra cloak out of her bag and put it on. She slid the beautiful black sword back into its sheath and walked inside the tavern. Standing near the door beside the Lady Laurelindhe, Ice surveyed the tavern, looking round to make sure no more vines were inside.

Ice jumped and drew her sword as the black crud engulfed the inn. She ran to door, too late, it seems, for it was already covered with the black stuff. "What are we to do, now, if I may ask the opinion of the Lady?" she asked, turning to Laurelindhe.

Adreia tiptoed back to the bar, after looking out the window. She sighed a little and waited for the others to come inside.
Silren stared baffled at the changed appearance of the tavern. For a moment she questioned herself if she should leave this place or fight this ancient evil in front of her.. What she knew for sure was that she needed to sit down. Just for a moment. Her hand touched her wound and realized that she needed to treat it fast. She rounded the corner and found a dry spot in the stables and took care of that nasty gash.
As Silren finished bandaging his wounds she heard a noise. As she turned back she saw a little figure in a great distance. A rider was coming towards the tavern...
Silren switly got back on her feet and was relieved to see a familair face from old times. In these troubled days she was glad that he came, but did he realize what would await him or them for that matter? She left the stables and awaited his arrival with a mixture of gladness and concern.
Amina had said no to join her lady and the others. Though a nice glass of wine sounded oh so tempting, she really didn't want to be inside His former temple. She wouldn't be able to relax there. She would only go if she had too.

She watched Silren head towards the stables. She wondered if she should follow and see if she needed anything, when the ground suddenly began to bubble and she watched the tavern become captured insided the dark building. "Oh no.."
As the rider came close , Silren could see the picture clearer. It was a man dressed all black on a dark mare. Silren couldn't see neither his eyes nor his face.
The man in cloaks stopped when he came in front of the woman, and got down from his horse. He whispered a few words to his mare, and the steed went straight to the stables.Then he turned to Silren and spoke with voice that came from deep;

"So here i am, I hope you have a good reason to summon me. My kind doesn't like to be disturbed with the problems of the weak ones. What do you want?"

"Evil from old times has been stirred and has come to the surface. You know I would not call upon thee if I did not see any need." Silren bowed her head in respect.

"I am honoured that you heeded my call, Ancient one." Silren could not hide her smile and for the first time this evening she felt a spark of hope again.
Wraps his fingers around the hilt of his sword and looks around feeling out of place surrounded by all these people. lets out a small growl to ward off the weak that would pester him and heads over to a table in the shadows to think.
The cloaked man shaked his head slowly, and began to talk with his deep voice again;

"I sensed something great arising lately. I should have known you were involved."

A slight smile appeared on the strangers face, though it couldn't be seen by anyone.The man then turned to the tavern and stood still for a few minutes. The smile had faded away, and he was serious again.

" has an ancient evil inside..." Then he turned back to Silren ;

"I sense more of the weak ones, who else is here?"
Adreia poured herself a glass of water and drank it down at once. She kept refilling it, each time with a different drink.
"The Great Lady Laurelindhe is inside, followed by Etharion, Icefangs. I believe that the innkeeper is inside as well and most likely some clients as well. Lady Amina is still outside, so is the elfmaiden Calina and the warrior Bradley. I have felt the presence of darkness ever I moved closer to this tavern. It tries to probe my mind, requesting entrance with deceit. So far I have not given in because he wants more then I am willing to give. We both know what he wants and gain access to." Silren paused for a moment.

"I do fear for this village. We both have seen this before. Although I have been released from my duties, it still feels wrong to turn my back on it. So pray tell Ancient one, will you assist me?"
The dark man talked to himself with a very low sound, hard to hear even for such an experienced ranger as Silren
"Hrrrmmm.... The Imprisoned One has never had interest for the weaklings before... I wonder what it has in his thoughts..."
Then he started to talk with a voice high enough for Silren to hear;
"So we have Lady Amina here, do we? Go get her, i'll be waiting here for you two, then we can go in."

Then he blew a strange whistle, right after the whistle, the mare came out of the stable running. The cloaked man put his hand on the mare and whispered to its ear as Silren left to find Lady Amina.
"Yes My Lord." Silren nodded in acknowledgement and ran away to where she last had seen Amina. She rounded the corner and ran across the court towards Amina ignoring the stabbing pain that raged through her body.

"My lady Amina, I need you at the stables. Help has arrived. Please do not ask question, but follow me."
Amina followed Silren without questioning. While they hurried to the stables, Amina noticed Silrens wound and felt a bit concerned. Then she became aware of a presence. "Curse my untrained mind" she thought "I should have heard him earlier."

"I like the kind of help you bring, my friend" she said to Silren.
Laurelindhe looked at Icelia. "I know who you are, and this is the time, my dear. He is only trying to distract us now. We must find the room." Laurelindhe ushered Ice through the tavern towards the first flight of stairs. "Why have you told no one? You were so familiar somehow...then you knew to go to the tower, where you knew His power was weaker because it was farther from the temple. Then you were unscathed by the orcs and vines and ooze. And then the sword...Amina is the one who sensed it. This way. We must hurry."Icelia followed her upstairs. Laurelindhe thought of Amina's potential to fill her position and thought that it was time to retire soon after this was all over. She felt old and past her use, and Amina was only now reaching her prime. As she was mulling this over, she did not know that her foresight had failed to show her the arrival of the dark rider.
Inside the now fully formed temple exterior, strange powers were at work. What had been a homely country tavern was now a dark and menacing cavernous room. The upper floors had disappeared, replaced with arched ceilings that stretched upwards until they disappeared into the blackness that hung like a thick fog above those gathered inside.

Around the walls were huge stone carvings of grotesque beast-heads. Runes and other magical sigla were etched into the black stone of the walls. Some of these runes glowed faintly in the dark, giving the only light.

The floor was polished and as black as the walls.

A figure walked towards them, seemingly from nowhere. He wore a priests robes, all black except for runes woven in silver which caught what light there was and shimmered as he moved. The hood was lowered and as he approached them he opened his arms and smiled.

Stays in the shadows watching the beautiful woman and thinking of his missing past. "Who am I?" growls and brushes his fingers over the hilt of his sword thinking of battles he had faught in the search for his past but nothing has help and he still doesn't know who he is.
As the priest smiled the walls of the temple glowed red hot. Those that were outside the temple could see the dark walls glowing with an evil eerie redness.
A figure walked towards them, seemingly from nowhere. He wore a priests robes, all black except for runes woven in silver which caught what light there was and shimmered as he moved. The hood was lowered and as he approached them he opened his arms and smiled.


Gildor - this is for you - you can be the priest but you have to post something!!!!!
As Silren and Amina were talking , they felt a slight earthquake.
Silren held Amina's arm;
"It'd be wise to go to the ancient one"

Amina nodded and the two rushed towards the temple. As they came close enough,enough to the sight of entrance, they saw the dark figure standing there, talking to it's mare. Then it let go of the mare, and the steed started to run away with haste. They kept coming closer and saw the dark man looking at the black temple walls.

"It has begun." said the deep voice and turned to Amina and Silren " Your destiny awaits you in these walls, will you go after it, or run away from it?"
Silren stared at the man and fought her inner feelings. 'What could she do? She could not just walk away and leave these people to their fates now could she? And yet it seemed so easy. Oh Illuvatar, please guide me.'

She closed her eyes for a moment and prayed to Eru. Silren resigned her fate to the heavens and said: "Aye, My Lord, I am with you. To the end."
Beautiful avatar, Rhapsody! And very nice to have you aboard, Asteroth! Great character!

Laurelindhe and Icelia had found the preist and heard his welcome. But something wasn't right, they could feel it. The buiding had a different air to it somehow...they had no idea of the tranformation done to the outside. What's more, Laurelindhe had no memory of this room from her trip into the tavern with Adreia.

"If you are the Appointed will answer us three questions." Laurelindhe said, her sword unsheathed. "And you will not come one step closer. There are ways of pain that you do not know that you will quickly learn if you are false." She grabbed onto Icelia and held her behind her, ready to die defending The One. At this moment, she knew that the cavalry had arrived, the Ancient One.
Etharion was with the rest inside the now changed and dark tavern. The energies in this place were released he could sense, and something else....someone new. This whole place was like a open book to him with all the magic around, but he wasnt from this place so most of it was strange to him. Nevertheles, he was suprised at Laurelindhe's reaction towards Ice. " Ice? Whats going on here? What is she talking about?" then he suddenly though... "Who are you?" The dark temple was shifting and shapeing in front of their eyes, its evil more powerfull every second, and the priest just stood there, silent...........
And smiling. "Welcome, welcome to the temple of my Master... Yes Laurelindhe, I shall answer some of your questions. Now now, don't look to surprised, I know all your names, my Master has given me some powers." The priest smiled. "And killing me will not solve your problems either, you may even try." The priest bursts out in evil laughter.

The voice boomed from the darkness.

The priest smiled.... He looked at Etharion, who took a step forwards. "What's happening?" Etharion said. "Why am I walking?!" Etharion tried to resist, but it didn't work. Suddenly, an altar rised from the ground. It looked old, and an eerie power was inside it. The priest walked to the altar, and picked up a dagger. Etharion still walked slowly forwards, deeper inside the temple.
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