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Thread: What are you listening to?

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Great one, Gildor; good for u! Wink Smilie
Some ATB, though not sure which one... Could be Alice DJ, dunno!
I'll be puting some Sting back home! Smile Smilie
Blind Guardian - Imaginations From The Other Side
Domenico Scarlatti's Harpsichord Sonatas as I've rendered them on my Commodore 64 and ported to my PC.
Point me towards the Sky by Pink Floyd
nothing but annoying commercials! guess its time to turn the radio off and put in a CD; perhaps Aerosmith's Greatest Hits!
The 5th and final CD of A Canticle for Leibowitz.
Ocean Avenue by Yellowcard
I am listening to Moonlight Sonata by BattyBeety (Again!) But his time I can play all four pages of the first movement, and I'm moving on to the Second movement. (Damn, I can't sightread this bit. Too many flats)
Embryo by Pink Floyd
Right. Embryo. Weeeeiiiiiiiird. Well, again (you'd think she'd stop saying the same thign) I'm listening to myself play the pan (piano) And it's not Moonlight sonata, movement one, this time. it's movement tWO!!!!!!!!!!!!
The birds outside and the sounds of computer life.
...and the sounds of computer life

I love that sound Big Smile Smilie
Beatles - Octopus's Garden Smile Smilie
Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison, off a sixties CD I bought yesterday.
Queens of the Stone Age - First it Giveth
Right now, a local radio show that I've mentioned before in this thread called Bluesland.
Gonna listen to Dido's "Sand In My Shoes"... I really like that one!
I am listening to Crazeology by Miles Davis and John Coltrane.
Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody Wiggle Smilie Smile Smilie
Heehee. Again I am listening to myself. As usual. But this time I am not palying piano, I am playing Classical guitar. Sonata Quasi una Fantasia, by BattyBeety. (Beethoven). The same piece I'm learning for piano! Except it's harder on guitar. Specially when you're trying to read TAB and you've never tried that before. Up with proper musical notation!
I was listening to a report on this afternoon's Mount St. Helens hiccup. This time she was merely blowing off a little steam, unlike when she blew her top in May of 1980. Exploding Head Smilie

Now I'm listening to the The Tavis Smiley Show on NPR.
Therion - Morning Star
My version of Beethoven's Second Symphony in D Major, Opus 36 (1801-02) which I transcribed in 1998.
Microsoft Windows 98 - beep beep bleep.
Go grondy! Well done. IIIII'm not listening to myself for once. I'm listening to my brother and my cousin talk about boring male stuff outside (no offense, males). "Oh. I got this cool longplay record last week from the dump shop. It's got the Beatles on it. Cool, eh?" (my brother) "Yeah. Shall we listen to it? But wait! Have you come up with the passwords for your room yet? Oh! I mean.... (he looks at me) Avehay ouyay omecay puay ithway hetay asswordspaw orfay ouryay oomray etyay?" (my cousin). They're sixteen and seventeen! Sad!
Avehay ouyay omecay puay ithway hetay asswordspaw orfay ouryay oomray etyay?"
You mean there are still people who still speak Igpay Atinlay ? I remember when I was about 5 and the big kids were using it. I got really angry with them until I caught on to it. Then I also became one of the meanies with a secret language. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Some whining guy sitting next to me. School library.
Now Playing : Quicksand by Travis from the Album Travis - 12 Memories
Girl from Ipanima, Sinatra
a bit of ACDC,Aerosmith and some Middle Earth Blind Guardian songs my friend recomended me
Hm... right now nothing because my radio is being an imbecile, but it was KC and the Sunshine's Band: Boogie Man
Linkin Park - Somewhere I Belong

Back home, I'll listen to Dido's Sand In My Shoes.
Blind Guardian - The Soulforged
I keep having to listen to the modem connecting me to the net. For some reason the line keeps going dead and kicking me offline.
Therion - O Fortuna (an excellent cover)
this morning I listened to......

Janis Joplin
Joan Baez
Gregorian Chants
Blind Guardian
Alan Parsons Project
Linkin park's The Beat and Robert Horton's Weekly Movie Tips'.
LOTR: The Return of the King Movie Soundtrack
Right now I’m listening to the sounds of my cat purring while he’s sitting in my lap. I must say he’s making it difficult for me to type, plus I was about to get up to go do some other things, but he just will not take no for an answer right now! Bah, just got some cat hair in my keyboard!
Cat Smilie
Puddy tats! They are mean to my wabs! Oh, well. One of my wabs beat up a puddy tat, so that's okay. (Wabs are wabbits [in this post anyway])

I am listening to everyone in my Music class trying to play the guitar and almost succeeding
Just like 5 minutes ago I listened to my Japanese rock C.D. called Gackt. I have no idea what they're singing but I like the electric guitar and the catchy beats! (I think they can play guitar a little better than the students in your class, Loni. Orc Grinning Smilie Just a thought).
Hahaha. Petruschka is REALLY good at guitar. She's SOOOOOOO good. But I"m getting real good! Soon, soon..... Next week, perhaps. But the others are just playing around. Well, I'm listening to some really weird beeps from another computer in this computer room. But now I'm listening to my friend Snowgum. She's on planet-tlkien too. you'll see her posts soon. She's in my class. Alas, can only boast three posts, but she will grow! (No, my little baby's grown up....) So when you see her round, say hi!!!!!
Seether- Disclaimer II
Yesterday I was subject to a very painful and harsh break-up with one of my best friends and lovers, so I'm indulging myself in sad, heartbreaking love songs, but I have my "I Will Survive" cd handy for when he comes to pick up his box of stuff Big Smile Smilie
Ha Ha Ha Smilie Good choice!!!
Well, now, I'm listening to the sounds of my PC humming to itself. No one else is up but me. IT's almost ten o' clock but it's also Saturday. Soon I'll have to revise for my exams!!!! STINKYWABS!!!!
Just finished listening to some of my favorite Beethoven piano sonatas performed by the wonderful Mr. Garrick Ohlsson, Grande Sonate Pathetique, Op. 13, Sonata in C-Sharp Minor, Op. 27, No.2 (’Moonlight’), and Sonata in C Major, Op.53 (’Waldstein’)!
Elf Smilie
How do Garrick Ohlsson's Beethoven renditions compare to those of our Loni? Wiggle Smilie

I'm listening to NPR's All Things Considered ; however, my station is having one of their semi-annual pledge-breaks. Can you say 543-9595 and 1-800-NPR-KUOW which are their pledge telephone numbers. Very Mad Smilie
I hate pledge drives, PBS ( a television company to those outside the US) does them 3 or 4 times a year, it kind of makes me want to call them up and offer them 10 cents.

Not much noise now, computer and keyboard sounds for the most part.
I know to my fellow U.S. citizens, the band I am about to plug may be a very well-kept secret. I am also aware that to all of you lucky U.K. types that are blessed with far superior music, as far as rock goes(opinion only, but true), you may have known about these guys for awhile, but here goes:

Right now, I am listening to the most fantastic band I've heard in years!
The name of the band is British Sea Power, and the name of the album(CD, sorry) is The Decline of British Sea Power. This is great!!!!!!!
Has anyone else heard of them and/or like them?
They are very Bowie-esque, but I hear a lot of Echo&The Bunnymen, Bauhaus and the Cure in there, as well as the more experimental Beatles and even a bit of Lou Reed thrown in for good measure. I'm sorry if I'm going on, but if you haven't heard THE WHOLE ALBUM, please do so for the greater good.

****This has been a public service announcement.**** Thank you. Wink Smilie
You guys are probably gonna hate me cuz i listen to mostly RAP. I'd name a few off but you're probably not too intrested. Smile Smilie
Naw, there indubitably is at least one other RAP fan out there in cyberland.
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