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Thread: What are you listening to?

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Was listening to: The Crystal Ship-The The Four Seasons-Vivaldi....what can I say, I like all types of music( with only a few exceptions).
oh Mandy by The Spinto Band
"Concerning Hobbits" from the soundtrack The Fellowship of the Rings
Open Source live online via where they are discussing the dispute between Georgia and Russia.
treat her like a lady by celine dion.
Halloween Soundtrack- Scarey Sounds
EFY 2004 CD
Tornado of Souls-Megadeth
Some Irish music : Clancy Brothers & Lou Killen: "The boys won't leave the girls alone" - and why should they do such a foolish thing??!!! Elf Smilie Winking Smilie Angel Smilie
I Write Sins Not Tradgedies - By Panic! at the Disco - Don'tcha just love em.......
no not really, but I do like kashmir-zepelin
hehehe, I do adore Panic! loss =D

I'm listening to Halloween from the Nightmare Before Xmas movie.
Some Norwegian poet has told us that "There nothing as silent as falling snow". Angry Elf Smilie Whatever as I've tried to tell you; my fellow Planetariens; I AM NOT READY FOR SNOW THIS YEAR! So Angry Smilie That is why, I presume, I hear every crackling snowflake this evening. Snowman Smilie Jumping Flame Smilie Snowman Smilie I am listening to falling snow; and I am not ready for it!!
Raffy: Add 'the weather' to 'death and taxes' as permanent things we will always have and which we can do nothing about. That said, I suggest you just pull on your long-johns, pour yourself a hot buttered rum and wait for spring. Of course here in the Puget Sound area, we seldom get more than an inch or two of snow on the ground unless we head into the mountains. I've never seen more than a a foot's worth where I live and it usually leaves within two weeks. But 10’F here feels colder than 20’F below zero where I grew up in Eastern Washington and I walked to grade school one day when it was 36’F below zero and we had snow 3 feet deep on the ground and drifting. Snowman Smilie

What is the hottest weather you have encountered?

Oops, wrong thread again, Oh well! Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie

I'm getting ready to listen to Open Source as soon as the hourly news is over at
Add 'the weather' to 'death and taxes' as permanent things we will always have and which we can do nothing about.

At least death only comes once!

Btw, why are you fellas still using Fahrenheit?! Use Kelvin, like the rest of the world! :-P
We will probably switch after the Chinese call in their markers and finish bankrupting us. Meanwhile we could use Rankin instead of Fahrenheit, that would be an easier conversion. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

I'm listening to the CPU's cooling fan and my fluorescent lights.
Haha! weather...sorry...I'm in Utah right now, and I'm just watching the snow inch down the mountains. It's really funny, though- my roommate has never had snow. She's been in it, but that implies a three hour drive up to the ski slopes. That's what Ilove about a college campus- all the newbies. I know a girl who'd never seen fireflies until I couaght one for her when we were visiting a campus in Illinois...

I'm listening to ...uhm.. Spring Creek, by Philip Aaberg.
I'm listening to JAN WERNER (he died just a few weeks ago only 30 years old )one of Norways biggest/strongest voices (my opinion) WONDERCHILD
I'm multi-tasking....I 've got a cold rain hitting the windows and listening to a cool, old school sounding rock band out of York,PA called "Halestorm"(check them out on myspace or at:halestormrocks@msn).My fave: "It's Not You".....
Fresh Air with Terry Gross radio program via
Listening to an all time fave of mine-"A little Night Music"-Mozart( preformed by Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields).
"incomplete" by BSB...uhh LURVVE that song
"tiny dancer" by Elton John
i love tiny dancer, I was listening to locomotive breath-jethro tull but now tiny dancer-elton john
Oooo...I luv Jethro Tull-great choice! Ok, I gotta find"Thick as a Brick".
Bryan Adams - Summer of 69
Fresh Air with Terry Gross via NPR and
was listening to cross eyed marry, now, some santana
NPR's hourly five minutes of news including the election wrap-up:

Currently, it looks like the US Senate will have a 50-50 split; though the Virginia race may shift it 51-49 in favor of the Democratic Party, who have regained control over the House of Representatives after twelve years of Republican rule.

Robert Gates to replace Rumsfeld as Secretary of Defence’much applause’and we only have to endure twenty-six more months under the Shrub’low groan’and now a word from our local stations.....
Piano Man by Billy Joel- definitely one of my fav songs of all time.
while my guitar gently weeps
My rendition of Vivaldi's Guitar Concerto in D Major, RV 93 via Sidplay2/w win32. In March of 2003 I entered the guitar and string orchestra parts from the written score into my Commodore 64/128 for Six-Voice Stereo playback and then ported it to my PC.
The sound of silence in the night
scar tissue-RHCP
The soundtrack from LOTR
This morning's broadcast of The Diane Rehm Show via a podcast from the website. They are discussing the newly elected leadership of the US House and Senate in their sessions starting in January.
vampire heart by H.I.M
Listening to "Belladonna"-Stevie Nicks Cool Elf Smilie
On the Media online out of via
listening to ena a greek song
The podcast of yesterday morning's second hour of the Diane Rehm Show from where they discussed the weekly review of domestic US politics.
Hills of Home by Jan Mark and David Anthomy Clark ( Celitic Silence)
Andrea Bocelli's- Amor......wondering if it's too soon for Christmas songs. Snowman Smilie
Me thinks it is too early for Christmas songs, I'd wait until at least the first week of Advent; around here we like to wait until after our annual Day of Thanksgiving which is tomorrow. Of course many stores have been playing them since Halloween, which has and will keep me out of those stores until this weekend. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

After I turning of my bedside reading lamp to sleep this week; I have been listening to the BBC Radio version of The Lord of the Rings while I drop off.
Tree63 - The life and times of absolute truth
My hubby drilling some holes in the decking to let the rain run off!!!
I'm listening to RAIN and the wind outside my window ..I really like the sound of it
( Good to see you around again MaydmarionHappy Elf Smilie )
A horrible piece of modern classical music that as repeated voice-overs via I really should stop it and put on a CD or one of my computer renditions.....There, now I'm listening to my rendition of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony in C Minor, Opus 67 (1807-8).

the angry voices in my head in an attempt to not get pissed off at my parents for blocking my stinking email again.
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