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Thread: What are you listening to?

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Hum Hallelujah - Fall Out Boy
a local band called Radix Bloom
WNYC's weekly radio program On the Media via
"Supper's Ready" by Genesis (from "Foxtrot")
The hum of the refridgerator.
Alone by Heart Smile Smilie -Good old 80's music Wink Smilie
My rendition of Mozart's String Quintet in B-Flat Major, K.174 which I'm in the process of entering note by note into my computer in Commodore 128 mode for playback in six voice Commodore 64 mode via Vice on my PC. I have about six more pages of the score to yet enter which will take me about four days to do if I keep at it.
Curious Buddies. It's a puppet show DVD for babies. My son loves it.
Grandpa has a baseball game on TV. I get to listen to things I like in the bedroom during the day or when I'm by myself in the car but that's all. I'm used to it :-)
12 mann (means the 12 th man ) - a supporter song by the supporters as a tribute to my dream team BRANN (means fire )Jumping Flame Smilie
Open Source via where today they are discussing Empire from different perspectives.
People Who Died from the Dawn of the Dead soundtrack...I'm in love with zombie movies...and songs relating to them...I can't help it. Heh heh...

My Seattle Mariners against the Kansas City Royals baseball team that just started. We have a new manager, John McLaren replacing Mike Hargrove who retired yesterday on a high note in that the Mariners have won eight straight ball games. Hargrove burned out and managing was no longer fun, even when his team was winning. He was in baseball for 35 years and no longer had the passion for it.
Gee THANKS GRONDY, now I feel as ancient as the Two Trees... I can remember when Mike Hargrove was still PLAYING, not yet managing. Wink Smilie
Think nothing of it; I grew up when Mikey Mantle and Roger Maris were going at it. KC won last night 3 to 2 in an eleven inning pitcher's dual. Orc Sad Smilie

Now I'm listening to todays pre-game show between the Royals and my Mariners.
I've given up on the Yankees this year. About a month ago they looked like they were starting to come together, but then they blew it. That's it, there won't be any "Comeback Like '78", not this year. Very Sad Smilie

Right now listening to the very busy buzz of my hard drive being defragged.
Superman's dead by our lady peace
A box fan on my living room floor, though the temperature outside is a mild 79’F (26’C) compared to those in the hundreds yesterday East of the mountains and yet again in the South-Western states. And we aren't having the Midwest's floods either, Praise the Lord.
Bambi in the background (cartoon )
My five year old sister singing in the background.
Harry Potter Soundtrack
A big box fan.
My in-process rendition of Beethoven's 'Moonlight Sonata'; I'm working on the Presto agitato which is slowly being implemented into the computer. I've completed about 4.5 of the 10 pages of that final portion of the score. So far it sounds pretty good.
Listening to Blood Ritual- off of the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack... Love the movie, Love the music
some Coheed an Cambria, the Final Cut, and now, Everything Evil
A little less sixteen candles- Fall out boy!
Strength of the World by Avenged Sevenfold
My microwave thawing some left-over frozen lasagna. I also noticeed just before I started the micro, that my computer's speakers have started chirping and making funny sounds even when I have'nt got any sound applications running. I have the volume up high and can just barely hear them so it isn't anything to worry about unless God or Jumping Jack Flash starts talking to me through them. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Electric worry-CLUTCH
A review of the movie the Bourne Ultimatum via The Beat from Seattle radio KUOW 94.9 FM (www.kuow,org).
Raindrops outside
"You've Got A Friend" Carole KIng
star of county down
Oooo-oo, I love Star of the County Down!

I have Dish Network's Aura station on and its playing Windham Hill stuff.
i'm acctually listening to it again I'm from Down u no up the reds
This week's It's Only a Game out of Boston's, which is an hour long radio program covering minor sports as well as a modicum of the majors. This week they covered Barry Bonds, Irish Hoops, Figure Rollers Skating, the late Dale Earnhardt, Sr., Shakespeare, etc.
Gnarls Bark .A funky song thats makes me wanna dance and sing alongWiggle Smilie
'The Beat,' an arts and entertainment afternoon radio program originated by Seattle's 94.9 KUOW-FM ( where they just had a retired guy who has been riding all the King County Metro Bus routes in order since August 2004; he has just completed #140.
My in-process rendition of Antonio Vivaldi's Concerto in F Major, "The Sea Tempest," RV 570 for flute, oboe, bassoon, and strings. Which is his Opus 10, Alternate Flute Concerto No. 1. I'm now working on the third section the 'Presto' having just entered the flute part this morning, having completed the other sections earlier in the week. However, I think I will play around with each instrument's sustain, towards getting a little more variation in the dynamics of the piece, assuming that where Vivaldi used smaller notes (printing size, not duration) he meant for them to be played softer.
Rain Down- By the Tree
The Dog Whisperer
Washington State University 14 at the University of Wisconsin 28 and it's half-time in the American football game.
Carlos Nakai/Peter Kater CD 'Migrations'
I'm on my way
BBC radio's The World after listening to NPR's broadcast of the 'Petraeus Report' before the Joint Congressional Committees.
I have the TV on with an old western movie.
wishbone ash - the king will come Smile Smilie
Babylon by David Gray
Sports result on the TellyHappy Elf Smilie
My computer's fan, the overhead fluorescent lights, and refrigerator humming though I just decided to listen once more to my almost completed rendition of Vivaldi's Concerto in C Major for Sopranino Recorder, Bassoon, and Strings, RV 444. It just needs a little more volume tweaking between the recorder and the bassoon.

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