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Thread: What are you listening to?

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Diary of Jane by Breaking Benjamin. If you like rock at all, then you will probably love this song.
A Disney theme to Robin Hood - Whistle Stop
Can't Take it in from the Narnia soundtrack
I'm listening to nothing except the music in my head (Pink Floyd) and the conversations I can't quite make out in the fish tank.
Daniel Powter - Jimmy gets High
The Beat a weekday arts and culture radio show via
Sir Elton John - Candle in the wind
Marketplace via online radio
Gladiator movie music
Washington State Uni vs the Baylor Bears (Texas) In the second quarter Balor leads 9 to zip. Orc Sad Smilie The game is on the radio, but there is no TV coverage, because this home game is being played next door in Seattle instead across state in Pullman.
Into the West - Annie Lennox
The humming of my refrigerator and fluorescent lights.

Enya - a day without rain.

And the door bumping around in the doorpost cos of the wind.
Ah Enya is one of my absolute favouritesSmile Smilie So now I'm listening to May it be ..Her voice is to me just like an instrument
ferris bueller's day off, which is really annoying but the other girls in my class won't turn it off.
I'm in a sentimental mood this evening. Eva Cassidy, she has my heart in her voice! She gives me "Over the Rainbow" and I feel like crying! - And I also now she has passed away! Very Sad Smilie
The Open Source radio program via, whose topic today is Niall Ferguson's "War of the World".
Fall Out Boy - Our lawyers Made Us Change The Title Of This Song So We Wouldn't Get Sued

Probably my favourite song of theirs =)
My youngest daughter (TINA )as she (try to) sing reggae along with BOB MARLEY at NO WOMAN NO CRY
On the Media via
When I Come Around, Green Day
Washington State 22 at Stanford 3, in the middle of third quarter.
New York Giants 30 at Seattle Seahawks 42 with less than three minutes remaining in the fourth quarter.
"Lying is the most fun a Girl can have w/o taking her clothes off" by Panic! at the favorite song of i do believe i'm gonna put on London bridge by Fergie....adore that one too.
I was listening to BBC radio's The World via; now I will listen to Open Source via
Kurt Nilsen (from Norway who won the world Idol - wonderful voice ) The wedding's off
Sunshine by Monday Morning - oh wait now it's gone on to the next track Dear You.
Kurt Nilsen (from Norway who won the world Idol - wonderful voice ) The wedding's off
By the way; he was in that connection called a Hobbit, as far as I remember. Elf Smilie

I'm listening to Kris Kristofferson singing "Please don't tell me how the story ends" with his former wife Rita Coolidge. Snowman Smilie
i'm listening to Sarah Brightman, who is, in my personal opinion, the best opera singer/Christine in PTO ever!!!!!!!
On Point where Tom Ashbrook is interviewing Steve Wozniak, co-founder and engineer of the Apple Computer.
Eva Cassidy - Songbird Happy Elf Smilie
My favourite football team is playing this weekend, so I'm warming-up with team-songs! HEIA BRANN!!
NPR's On the Media.
The countless (and rather irritating) ringtones on my cell phone.

Rock'nRoll from the sixties are running in my background. (Chuck Berry rules)
California Golden Bears 14 at Washington State Cougars 3 in second quarter.
Secret Garden -The Reel A great music of fiddling !!
(in the 1800's men from the west of Ireland travelled as seasonal workers to pick potatoes in Scotland..These "tatty-hawkers" brought back the Scottish style of fiddle playing , where the reel was played in dotted triplets as opposed to the typical Irish even style )
The talk radio program Open Source via, where they are discussing Edna O’Brien’s new novel The Light of Evening.
Random songs from Harry and the Potters/Draco and the Malfoys from myspace. Very amusing, if u like Harry potter parodies you should check out their stuff.
The sound of thunder while looking at Discovery Channel Smile Smilie
Heavy rain, beating my windows - Autumn has arrived!
Slow Cheetah by the Red Hot Chili Peppers off the new Stadium Arcadium disc 1...well, it's not really new anymore, but it's still great!
Gross Terry interviewing Ray Manzarek of 'The Doors' on her radio program Fresh Air via
U of Oregon vs Washington State U. still no score mid first quarter. Go Cougs!!!
^ha! the U.oF O.! Big Smile Smilie
I was rooting on BYU at that time. Pretty good game. We creamed.

Right now, though, i've got 'Stormlight' by David Arkenstone on.
good music, that.
dancing to London Bridge by that song to death.
I was rooting on BYU at that time. Pretty good game. We creamed.

Hey, I go to BYU!

I am listening to Amaral, a band from Barcelona. I'm not sure if anyone knows who they are, but they are pretty good.

By the way, I'm back guys. I haven't been on here for a while! I saw that the site was down a little while ago because of financial problems. I'm glad everything is back to normal.
Did I miss anything interesting?
A debate on TV concerning world -aid
'A Violent Pornography' by System of a Down (great song)
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