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Thread: What are you listening to?

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half jack by the dresden dolls... I got their cd two days ago and I love it... the singer's got such a fascinating voice.
I fought the Law
the dresden dolls again, this time bad habit...
The Beat via It is an arts and entertainment radio program about what's current in the Seattle scene.
Don't cry, by Guns'n'Roses
Jesse Cook's Gravity (Rumba, Flamenco, World Beat, Jazz, Pop Guitar)
Hey I love flamenco, but I'm listening to jazz right now. Something that's called Mei's Dance.
the humpty dumpty love song by travis... nice lyrics... Elf Rolling Eyes Smilie
Are we the Waiting...Green Day
Courtesy of the red, white, and blue (The Angry American), By Toby Keith.
love that song Cloveress

my friends type in the school computer lab
Adam Green - Bible Club
he's just a most genious guy....
Open Source via the web.
The Jayhawks -- Tomorrow the Green Grass
Memory from the musical CATS
bon jovi - livin' on a prayer
Pat Metheny-The Way Up, absolutely stunning
I am currently listening to a really amazing album by Easy Star All-Stars (never heard of them) called 'Dub Side of the Moon'. It is a reggae version of Dark Side of the Moon and it WORKS! It shouldn't, it should be horrendous and I can see Floyd ripping his hair out in disgust.... but it is great!

Dark side of the moon? is that one of the songs of the soundtrack of Mulan ?

That was a cute lil song.
Hey I love that song! Dark side of the Moon was my favourite theme from Mulan. By the way, has anyone seen Mulan II yet?
me has never seen mulan ll, but at least the first one. this dragon... Elf Rolling Eyes Smilie
I'm just listening to my typing and the computer's humming and that horrible silence in the house because I'm the last one awake... but I better go now, too.....
NPR's All Things Considered.
ludwig van beethoven - moonlight sonata
An old Bonzo Dog Doo Dar Band album I haven't heard for a while. Those guys are mad.... the Monty Pythons of rock.... Maybe I'm showing my age.... Only Vee will know what I'm on about probably.
universally speaking by the red hot chili peppers. I like the band name.
NPR's All Things Considered.
My friend playing the guitar. *sigh*
february stars by the foo fighters
A meditation cd called 'Relax' - soft music and waves
When in Rome, by Nickel Creek.
PRI's Open Source
F’rstenfeld by the austrian band STS... they are really good, but this special song always makes me feel sad because it reminds me of a nice friend who died last november...
I'm so sorry to hear that, Ithil... Sad Smilie

Right now I'm listening to my friend playing (and singing) something she herself wrote. It's a song she calls "Eldamar"
yea, car accident. months and months in hospital, and then... that's life...

me is listening to the german band sportfreunde stiller... song called andere m’tter. haven't been listening to that for a while now...
Interesting times for my musical apatite these... I'm into Miled Davis' "Kind of Blue", Pearl Jam's "Rear View Mirror (Greatest Hits)" and a lot of North Indian Classical music including vocals by Pt. Bhimsen Joshi, Sitar by Pt. Ravi Shankar and Tabla by Ustad Zakir Hussain. Oh and have I ever mentioned that Blind Guardian are awesome? As I write this, I have "Time Stands Still (At The Iron Hills)" playing in my head... makes me want to read the Silmarillion over and over again! If there was anything that would make me like (I don't have to like someone to respect them Wink Smilie) Fingolfin, that song would be it!

yea, car accident. months and months in hospital, and then... that's life...

Reminds me of Pearl Jam's "Last Kiss" that. Sad Smilie
Last hour I was listening to the 'Dresden Dolls' in a live broadcast on Open Source over KUOW2 via
*aaaarghhhh* I adore the dresden dolls... they're brilliant... I've got their album. wonderful........
at the moment I'm listening to boulevard of broken dreams by green day.
Some really bad singers on the X factor......
green day again - this time it's welcome to paradise.
Rush in Rio.......brilliant Cool Smilie
fotr soundtrack... concerning hobbits (= concerning MEEEEEE!! Big Smile Smilie)
Guns'N'Roses "Don't Cry" - I LOVE this song...!!!
Bryan Adams and Shania Twain - In this moment Smile Smilie A lovely song
The Garden State soundtrack -- it's great!
Scarecrow, by Montgomery Gentry.
mando diao!!!!!!!!! I was at their concert yesterday... *arghhhhh* I was in second row. Elf Smilie
An archived edition of the Diane Rehm Show that I missed earlier this week.
Elton John's Sacrifice.
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