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Thread: What are you listening to?

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to see if I can get rid of some as I've run out of space Orc Smiling Smilie

I resemble that: I've got over 500 audio cassette tapes taking up room. Most of them I haven't heard in over a decade.Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
It's noisy here. Husband has the radio turned up loud so he can hear it in the shower and I'm listening to soft music, or trying to. My dog is napping on the bed.
Dark side of the moon, Pink Floyd.
Love that album, it's a work of art.
The hum of my computer..... and silence
Same as yesterday, my soft music and Husband's radio.
I just spent the last hour listening to Desmond Dekker and other old ska/reggae while trying to play along on my drums. It's very different from playing rock music, I think.
Listening to the person who's sitting next to me in the comp lab ask questions about computers...and flip through pages of a textbook...
My boys squabbling, Connagh my oldest is very put out that his baby brother can now walk and can get into everything. Including his toy box!..
well, Puccini and some sort of strange underwater sound, like someone scuba diving. I was hearing Crusader but this odd sound is replacing it.
I just went through an entire list of songs to bring me out of my bad mood, and I was smiling by the second one. Music is captivating, words are powerful, and whoever combined them together first formalized the separation of humans from other animals. As far as I'm concerned, at least.
Now I'm listening to my computer make odd chirping noises and creaking of the floor as people walk upstairs.

I'm not sure how long you've been back, or even gone, but welcome back Icefangs!
Believers by The Levellers at this moment.
I've been back for...about a week now XD THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

More and more that tap-tap-tap of keyboard keys associated with a comp lab...along with slight mutterings as people around me cheat on tests, oh the joy...
Watching movies while I work with Ultrasuede and glue and leather...
Trying to listen to the writer within me Wink Smilie
TV movies. Pulp Fiction is on and I'm working with Ultrasuede and glue and thread again.
Husband is gone for a few days so I have silence. My pet rabbits are enjoying this.
winter olympics
The HBO miniseries The Pacific is on.
Grandpa is watching MASH on TV.
I love M*A*S*H, I finally saw the very last one the other night, it's like 2 hours long, was worth it though.
Yes, that's one of the best episodes Smile Smilie

This morning I'm listening to silence.
Still very quiet but I'm going to put the TV on.
My version of Into the West - with flute, cello, and chime
Audiobook of Angels and Demons...

The second edition of Three men in a boat is playing in the background.

It's hardly new, but I'm listening to Coldplay's Viva la Vida album. When I first heard it - possibly because it was so different to any of their other ones - I didn't like it, but now it's really growing on me.
NPR's All Things Considered.
Power of the Horde. I'd be surprised if anybody knew what that is. Big Smile Smilie
Again my version of Into the West - with flute, cello, and chime.

I understand 'Power of the Horde' is by a WoW Rock Band. I'm about ready in Sacred 2 to partake in the final Blind Guardian concert; still have to find one guitar, drumsticks, and cymbal before I can though.
Wow, Grondy, you never cease to amaze me...
Not even I knew what that band was...
Cloveress: I often cheat when I have never heard of something by Google searching for it. So I'm not all that well informed beforehand, just after-wards.

I'm listening to the fluorescent lamps and my hard drive humming.
I'm listening to a series of Tom Waits songs on Different from my usual tastes, but I'm strangely attracted to it. That makes sense, however, as there does not seem to be anything about Tom waits that is not strange.
It's good that I'm branching out, though. I was beginning to see Clash albums spinning in my sleep after all of the times that I've listened to them.
NPR's All Things Considered evening radio news broadcast.
CBS Nightly News.
Well, Grondy, I will keep that in mind when you next make a knowledgeable post about something Smile Smilie
Post baseball game radio broadcast after the Seattle Mariners beat the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim by a score of 8 to 3.
I am sick and have only enough energy to watch something rather mindless on TV.
My dishwasher clanking away.
Room mate and friend talking in the kitchen...
Reckless-Aussie Crawl

Various classical guitar pieces I rendered on my Commodore 64 with one voice per string in stereo wth the higher notes on the right and the lower on the left. Currently Marieta! (a Mazurka) by Jaun Parga.

I just finished listening to the closing credits of FotR, now I'm listening to reckless - haven't heard it in years - cheers for the reminder Rho!

Divenire - Ludovico Einaudi


I really recommend this track. Look it up on youtube. Great for relaxing! Smile Smilie

I don't know why, but as I just came back to home, I immediately wanted to jump into the orchestral and powerful world of Rhapsody of Fire and Luca Turilli (The Master.. ooh), I've always been a great fan of both power metal and classical music, and Luca Turilli is surely a damn good composer. He has always delivered quite bombastic, but still so beautiful orchestral sounds to both Rhapsody of Fire's and his own project's songs. So, everything works perfectly for me (though I'm pretty sure that some of you fellows will find this music to be way too cheesy, well, it cannot be helped in that case), but I just love every bit of the keyboard sounds and choirs that he has created. So, on with the show, I mean with the song.

Luca Turilli - Prophet of the Last Eclipse

Here's a youtube link to the song itself.

The Beatles Big Smile Smilie

I liked what Thorin recommended.It's really good.

By the way I've my own favorite called Matrimonio De Amor by Richard Clayderman.It's just enchanting.Try it.

Both of your suggestions were good, but way too light or 'classic' for me. Mostly I listen to metal music, which is very enjoyable, especially metal music infused with classical music. Second comes classical music, which is also very good, though not all of it, I especially enjoy of classical music, which has some fastness, good instrument playing, good choirs, bombastic melodies and finely done soprano and tenor+baritone parts. Then comes neo-classical music, and kind of ambient and more darker music, which is like honey to my ears. And well, it's time to listen to something special, and what has always caught me, is folk metal and it's marvellous sub-genres: viking and pagan metal. And Falkenbach is one of the best pagan acts I know, so, this song is called: Falkenbach - Heathen Foray.

Over the Hills and Far Away by Led Zeppelin - brilliant song, never gets old. Big Smile Smilie

Ameno -Era

Plus my cat purring, he got chased by a dog earlier today so he's feeling a bit needy now!

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