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Thread: What are you listening to?

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I`ll list all the songs I`ve listened to, I`m listening to and I`m going to listen to and then u`ve got them all in one go.

Listened to:
Fighter - Christina Agulaira.

Listening to:

Misfit - Amy Studd.

Gonna listen to:

Fly on the Wings of Love - DJ Cookie.
Never Leave you (uh-ooh uh-ooh) - Lumidee.
What I go to School for - Busted.
Sleeping with the light on - Busted.
I`m with you - Avril Lavienge.
Losing Grip - Avril Laviegne.
Get Busy - Sean Paul.
Can`t hold us down - Christina Agulaira.
Stole - Kelly Rowland.
Sk8tr Boi - Avril Laviegne.
Breathe - Blue Cantrell and Sean Paul.
Shake ur tail feather - Nelly and P Diddy.
Stuck - Stacie Orrico.
The Anthem - Good Charlotte.
(And to finish it off)
Train on a track - Kelly Rowland.

Big Smile Smilie
Rage Against the Machine - Housin'

If you don't already have this song, download it immediately, if not before. It is incredibly good.
I'm not listening to anything, but I'm watching Cowboy Bebop, I think the next show is The Powerpuff Girls...
Grooverider:Rainbows of Colour
Kate Rusby- Let Me Be

Bloody fantastic, best CD I've bought in years.
I'm listening to a recording of the Monty Python Sketch "The Grim Reaper"
sophie barking at nothing and austen's psxii
New Model Army - Thunder and Consolation
A warthog on Halo. And tha A/C
Bob Marley - Rebel's Hop
Nothing... Very Sad Smilie My old "friend"... my dearest computer is in it's last breaths... It stopped playing sound. But... you know what... silence can be just as loud as all of music together. Big Laugh Smilie
The annoying music from Chrono Cross.
My version of J.S. Bach's Harpsichord Concerto In E, BWV 1053.
hmmmm...right now, Stu’menn - Ofbo’slega fr’gur.
The idoits down the road firing thier shotgun.
hmmmm...right now, Stu’menn - Ofbo’slega fr’gur.

What the....? Elf Confused Smilie Elf Winking Smilie

The idoits down the road firing thier shotgun.

Super Scared Smilie Dead Smilie

My version of J.S. Bach's Harpsichord Concerto In E, BWV 1053.

Now there's sometning I can sink my teeth into! Partly inspired by Grondy's post, I'm currently listening to Mozart's Sonata in A minor, then Fantasia in C minor, then Sonata in C minor, and then Sonata in B flat. All pieces performed by the late, great Alfred Brendel.
Elf Smilie

The sound of sweet sweet silence
I'm into silence too at the moment. I have a CD in my player but I paused it about an hour ago and forgot to put it back on. In a few seconds I'll be listening to Edgar Broughton once more.

Evening over Rooftops.
I am listening to BLESSED SILENCE AS WELL and I have never been so grateful. My gig as a nanny has me caring for 4 children. Ages? 2-4-4-6. Jeeeeeeeez. I never ever thought my ears would tire of the sweet sound of innocence. Boy was I wrong!
Bob Marley - Exodus
the TV.... *mumbles and grumbles*

Aah there, a nice ballad made my Magnus Uggla. Smile Smilie
Here I Go Again - Whitesnake
Electric 6 - The Bomb
Bon Jovi - Always
Ouch.. Too much emotions attatched to it. Sad Smilie
Sublime - Burritos
Myself thinking.
(I'm a blonde, you know. Wink Smilie )
Nat King Cole - A Blossom Fell Sad Smilie
Madonna - Hollywood
Just finished...
Going under - Evenscence

Listening to...
Rubberneckin` - Elvis Presley. (The new remix)

Gonna listen to...
Like Glue - Sean Paul
My typing Big Smile Smilie Its very noisy,hehe probaly something to do with my plump fingurs.
Russian Lullaby by E-type
My head thumping and ears ringing... I have a cold... Sad Smilie
Daughter of the Everglades by Rory Gallagher
tajabone by Ismael Lo, I doubt you've heard it, but I really recomend it, it's from all about my mother, a movie by Pedro almodovar, download it if you can, it's really good
Today (Aug. 27th) marks the 13th anniversary of the passing of not only one of the greatest and most influential guitar players to ever live, but also one of the most amazing people to ever walk this earth, so I’m listening to SRV pretty much all day today. Right now I’m listening to my Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble box set. When I get done listening to all three discs, I’ll probably then move on to the studio albums (I have pretty much everything that’s out there). Anyway, SRV changed my life (not to mention a lot of other peoples) and has been one of my biggest influences for a long time. One of the greatest thrills of my life was afforded to me about three years back when I actually got to play a guitar that SRV played, and held in his own two hands. I felt like I could die after that day! SRV you are sorely missed, and we love you! I thank God for the time he got to spend on Earth, for his tremendous soul, charisma, and passion, for the wonderful music he left behind for all of us (that will never die), and for the fact that he was just a genuine sincere, funny, compassionate human being. SRV lives!!!!

Also, today would have been the 94th birthday of another one of my biggest musical hero’s, and my favorite tenor sax player of all time, the mighty Lester Young. So at some point today, I will have to find the time to dig out some of my albums that Lester played on. RIP SRV and ’The Prez’, you will never be forgotten!
Elf Smilie
My typing and Bruce Springsteen-Born in the USA.
Black Sabboth-Iron Man Wink Smilie
My head thumping and ears ringing... I have a cold...

Aaw poor baby,just get some hot tea and that should help. Smile Smilie
SRV- Texas Flood thanks toi Elfy for the post, I missed the date. Keep forgetting anniversaries this year, I forgot Elvis day as well...

Was lucky enough to come across a huge stack of mint, and I mean scary mint SRV vinyls a couple of years back. These babies are fantastic, and I love them dearly. SRV will be much missed, and I'm massively jealous of your guitar story Elfy. btw, were his strings as heavy a gauge as legend would have us believe?
Tool - Schism
The Crystal Method - Keep Hope Alive
Theme song to the McDonald's comercial (We love to see you smile...)
i dont kno the name of it, or the artist, but it goes "dont go chasing waterfalls please stick 2 the rivers and the lakes that ur used to..."
Urulooke,I think that is TLC.
Im listening to M2M,im not a fan at all,but it brings back alot of memorys.
SRV will be much missed, and I'm massively jealous of your guitar story Elfy. btw, were his strings as heavy a gauge as legend would have us believe?

Well over the years, I've read basically every interview that Stevie ever did, plus just about everything else concerning him (and especially stuff about his technique, and gear), and I have to say, yes the strings he used were most definitely as heavy gauge as legend states. Here’s a quote from Stevie himself that I love,

I use heavy strings, tune low, play hard and floor it. Floor it, that’s technical talk.

Here’s the break down on his string gauges starting from high E, .013, .015, .019, .028, .038, .058. This information comes straight from Rene Martinez (Stevie’s guitar tech) so I know it’s on the money. Occasionally Stevie would use a slightly lighter gauge high E like a .012, or a.011. He played so hard that he would often tear the calluses off of his fingers, and when that happened, that’s when he would run the lighter high E. I’ve heard him say that in interviews, plus Rene Martinez has confirmed that in interviews as well.

Also the guy that I’ve been studying under (Kenny Sultan) off and on for the past 31/2 years toured with SRV a few times in the mid 80’s. Kenny and his partner Tom Ball opened up for SRV, and did several legs with SRV on two different tours. Kenny would watch SRV every night from the side of the stage, and saw and played a few of his axes himself, and he has told me about the heavy gauge strings as well. Plus SRV’s axes were set up with incredibly high action, and the combination of the two made his guitars notoriously hard to play. I use Ernie Ball Power Slinky’s (.011, .014, .018, .028, .038, .048) on my Strat (although I don’t play it nearly enough, cause I’m primarily an acoustic player that can’t keep my hands off my Martin 000-1), and my action is set up about somewhere in the middle of high and low, so I can just imagine what SRV’s guitars must have felt like to play, it must have been literally like steel cables! Tuning down a half step, and running that .058 on the low E were two of the main ingredients into how he got that low growl.

Sadly, the guitar that I played that SRV played was not one of SRV’s, it was Kenny’s 1936 Martin 000-18 (I know, poor me huh!). One time (at band camp, ha ha) when Tom & Kenny were on tour with SRV, Kenny was sitting in his dressing room several hours before the show, and there was this knock on his door, and it was Stevie. Stevie and Kenny shot the breeze for a while, and then they jammed for like an hour, and Stevie played Kenny’s 1936 000-18, and Kenny used one of his other bi-zillion guitars (Kenny has soooo many vintage Martin’s it would make you puke, and I’ve had the privilege of playing quite a few of them). I didn’t care though, I got goose bumps just holding that 36 in my hands knowing that Stevie played, and held that guitar in his own two hands. I’ve gotten to play that guitar a few times, and every time I touch it, it’s just like a jolt of electricity. Heck every time I see it, I’m just in awe knowing that the man himself played it! If you want to check it out, Acoustic Guitar did a feature on Tom’s 1936 Gibson, and Kenny’s 1936 Martin a while back, here’s the link to the article,

Anyway, today I’m listening to Dave Brubeck, cause I’m seeing him tonight! Can’t wait! Tomorrow I will be listening to Bird (Charlie Parker) all day, cause tomorrow would have been Bird’s 83rd birthday. In fact, for the next few days, probably all I will be listening to is Brubeck, Bird, SRV, and some albums I have that Lester Young played on. Phew, a lot of anniversary’s, b-days, and shows from my hero’s and influences the last few days! Right now though, I need to go practice for a couple hours myself! Bird Lives!!!!
Elf Smilie

Angel Egg by Gong
Anyway, today I’m listening to Dave Brubeck, cause I’m seeing him tonight!
He's more into classical music with his current compositions, isn't he? I know he will be 83 in December and I have his Quartet's Take Five worming in my ear.
Sublime - Doin' Time
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