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Thread: What are you listening to?

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The John Butler Trio
Howard Jones - just seen him at the Retro Fest in Scotland and he brought back memories :o/
Listening to a mix cd of : Sean Paul, Nickleback, Daughtry,and Papa Roach. Cool Elf Smilie
Seattle Mariners 3 at Los Angeles Angels 2 in bottom of the eighth.
Title: Lovers - Singer: Kathleen Battle - From House of Flying Daggers - An Opera song in English
Too tired to put anything on right now. The roar of the crowd at the baseball game Grandpa is watching on TV is drifing my way but otherwise I'm enjoying some peace and quiet.
Seattle Seahawks knocking off the Cincinnati Bengals 24 to 21 in the National Football American) League.
A David Arkenstone piece is on my favorite music channel.
Foo Fighters
John Owens and C. Carlyle Chalk Time After 'While...
Sissel Smile Smilie
NPR's All Things Considered.
The Pianist Steve Sui and he's playing The Notebook theme at the moment...
A joint news broadcast from PRI and the BBC called The World.
The post game radio show: Seattle Seahawks (23) at San Francisco 49ers (3)
Grondy what game are you talking about???

My daughter playing her guitar and trying to record it on her hubby tapping at his pc....who said the art of conversation is dead!!! Wink Smilie
Grondy what game are you talking about???

American NFL football

I'm listening to NPR's All Things Considered, their nightly evening newscast.
A favorite of mine- Romanza by Andrea Bocelli. Pumpkin Smilie
i wish I caould tell you im listening to something cool, like andrea Bocelli, but right now I just cant stop listening to the Numa Numa song
My microwave going round and round with my quick tea - toooo tired to cook - just waiting for the 'ding'
The speakers of my computer softly twittering and chirping away even though there is nothing being played through them.
Ocean by John Butler, something beautiful to drive out the evil Numa Numa
30 Seconds to Mars - just bought the cd Beautiful Lie.
My rendition of Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata on the computer.
Grandpa is watching M*A*S*H and I am listening from the other room.
Arizona State Uni (20) at Washington State Uni (17) early in the fourth quarter of their American football game. Way to many penalties on both sides.

Me....sighing with relief after 9 hours tapping away at a PC making appointments with only a half hour break Sleeping Smilie Boring Smilie
the Rockies are stomping the Diamondbacks.
The online second hour of this mornings Diane Rehm Show via, so I don't have to stay up until 2 AM to catch this weeks international news wrap-up via my local public radio rebroadcast of it.
Enya- orrinoco flow Smile Smilie
Enya ...May it be
Washington State Uni (7) at Oregon State Uni (50) playing American footbal when I first turned it on at the beginning of the fourth quarter; so luckily I haven't had to listen to all my team's bad plays. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Paolo Nutini - These Streets CD (my hubby's from the same town as Paolo - we buy fish and chips from his parents fish and chip shop when go to visit mum-in-law - in Paisley, Scotland)
My computer rendition of Handel's Concerto Grosso Op. 6, No. 6 in G Minor written in 1739 and which I computerized in 1999.
My dog is shouting in my ear that she wants to go o-u-t!
I was listening to The World via KUOW FM from Seattle until the power went off just below 4 PM local time. We have been having a November storm with hig winds and some rain.

The power came back on at 8:25 PM. In the interm I have been listening to Game 5 of the American League Champion Series where Boston leads Cleveland 7 to 1 in after 7-1/2 in Cleveland, who lead the series three games to one. For cold dinner I had a cheese sandwich, two chocolate chip cookies and a can of diet Dr. Pepper, but I'm thinking of making something hot to eat now.
I think your storm is headed our way, Grond and I'm looking forward to it. We're also keeping track of the American league games since our team won in the National league playoffs and will be in the Series with either Boston or Cleveland.

I'm listening to a House finch cheeping outside the window at the birdfeeder.
The speakers of my computer softly twittering and chirping away even though there is nothing being played through them. I'm starting to think it is in sync with the flashing LEDs on my broadband cable box. I also hear the humming of my refrigerator and fluorescent lights in the kitchen.
Elton John and Billy Joel doing a duet of The Piano Man
At the moment, I'm listening intently for some noise to report of. Since you have caught me-some kid playing hockey in my cul-de-sac just shouted in pain, then another in triumph. What happened is anyone's guess.-at a dull moment, I'll tell you what I've been listening to.

I picked up a copy of London Calling by the Clash last weekend. It was released in 1979, but, underpriveleged whipper-snapper that I am, it took me quite a bit of time to realize that I didn't have to listen to the primarily horrible modern music that oozes out of speakers like fluid from a bacterial infection. Back to the topic, GREAT ALBUM! Simple, potent, and original. Rudie can't fail.
See my post today in Who's next?
The washing machine bleeping - so I suppose I'd better go and empty it :o(

Ha Ha Ha Smilie Oh joy...every time I see Gud avitar it makes me laugh...... Ha Ha Ha Smilie Ha Ha Ha Smilie Ha Ha Ha Smilie
NPR's nightly broadcast of All Things Considered.
Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture - Amazing piece of music, one of the greats that I'll never forget
Warcraft music that has to do with elves.

My laptop is having trouble connecting to the internet; it usually works with a wireless card (or some such thing) but now has to be plugged in so I'm working next to husband's big computer and he is Warcrafting with our son.
World Series: Colorado Rockies (1) at Boston Red Sox (2) in last of the 6th inning. Boston leads the seven game series one to nothing.
The Toy Dolls (OI!OI!)
the light and the glass- Coheed and Cambria

cant wait for their new album
My upstairs neighbors moving furniture.
wishbone ash - warrior
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