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Thread: What are you listening to?

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Dido's cool
I really like that group modest mouse, now a days
but to me, good charlotte will always be the best!
Do ne of u like Good charlotte?
well ta ta
have a nice day
Beatles = GREAT!

Good Charlotte - only heard one or two by them. Not bad but I wouldn't go out of my way to listen.

Just listened (and watched) this........

Bizarre but fun.
I'm listening to Atomship-Time for People
Great song unless you don't like rock/punk
Come on Dido sucks. She was going to be dropped by her record label untilshe was sampled in stan. She's a old boot of the music world, You don't realise it's there until you catch a whiff of how much it stinks!

I agree Dido is very much mood music, you have to be in a certain mellowed mood to listen to her albums, not somethng you can listen to all the time

Yeah a razorbladey wristy kind of mood. And don't get me started on the beatles...
currently listening to the cricket on the radio
(didn't mind dildo when she sang with Faithless still)
Come on, Ross, Dido's not that bad compared to Beyonce or Justin Timbertroll or even that jerk Eminim. THEY have music that really stinks.
I'm not desputing that all thoose people stink too, but just not as much as Dido(not the founder of carthage, the singer mind you). She's somebody you wouldn't even play if your worst enemy was dying of terminal herpes. The Woman sucks big cheese.
I think I'm in a minority here, I am listening to alternative rock. To be more specific I am listening to WCYY, anyone from Maine know what that is?

I am CYY Smile Smilie

Who else likes alternative rock?
The Woman sucks big cheese.

Shocked Smilie Thank you. Now I got very strange images floating around in my head! Very Mad Smilie

On a related note: How come artists(won't necesseraly call them musicians) nowadays publish albums with 14 identical songs?? Dido, Evanescence as examples....

Currently listening to Nylon Beat - Like a fool. Yes, I'm surprised too.
Currently listening too: This Love - Craig Armstrong
Demons and Wizards
No, Ross, no one that ever belted out a tune is as bad as Beyonce or Justin.

Dido is a lot better......right everyone??? Let's hear an Aye, please!
I'm currently listening to Electonic - Electronic. Thats a good band and a good album to all you dido fans, you should try listening to good bands and albums some times!
I'm listening to the raucous ramblings of my frustrating brother. He just found some new LOTR trading card via the internet, blah blah blah.... So Angry Smilie
Listening to the news on the radio. Boring Smilie
Thats a good band and a good album to all you dido fans, you should try listening to good bands and albums some times!

Who says we don't.

I've listened to Dido again and I like her. Her voice is reminiscent of (but not as good as!) Sam Brown with the little warbly bits.

Just about to listen to The Small Faces again.
Listening to The Small Faces - Lazy Sunday. Cool Smilie

Thanks for the inspiration, O' Viby Vee. Big Smile Smilie
Wiggle Smilie
Time After 'While... by John Owens and C. Carlyle Chalk
OKay, Sam Brown has the mnost underrated soul voice in an age, where as Dido has the most overrated voice ever, you cannot even begin to compare them. Listening to the cricket again.
Someone talking about Glasgow on the radio. Boring Smilie

Radio is so dull these days., gosh!
The Muppet Show theme on my mobile phone
The people on Fox news talking about a tornado in the West. Boring Smilie
OKay, Sam Brown has the mnost underrated soul voice in an age,

And the fact that she tends to enlist David Gilmour as her guitarist on occasions...

Currently listening to Elfstone's CD again. I cannot get enough of the guitaring in Down Easy. We've a real star in our midst.
I am actually not listening to anything!! Very unusual for me!
Fluorescent lights, refrigerator compressor, and computer fan.
The little dingy thing IM makes when someone's trying to talk to you.
Currently listening to Elfstone's CD again.

I will be as well once I have procured an IMO.
Im listening to my dog, he makes these funny noises when he's dreaming which makes me wonder what he's actually dreaming about!

Juggling Smilie
Ok... Maybe you lot can help......

I'm not listening to anything now - only 'cause I can't decide!!

Here is the small selection that I happen to have in front of me at the moment.... Bearing in mind I could, at any point, get oop off my wee bum & get more to choose from - so make it quick!!

Here is the few:

Bob Dylan
Smashing Pumpkins
Elvis (don't laugh - he's fab! er... was, sorry!)
Tracey Chapman
Norah Jones
60's Collection thingy
India Arie

Ok.... Make a decision quick guys!! I'm about to head for the cd rack.... I can't choose....

It's all too much....


Wiggle Smilie
Dido.... if only to annoy some people.

Wiggle Smilie
Dang! I would have picked U2. Or Bob Dylan. But Dido is nice too, I guess. Wiggle Smilie

Currently listening to nothing in particular, which is a bit of a relief I must say. *sigh*
I would have picked U2 as well. But it wasn't for me....... hehehehehe!

Actually, Legolaslass...... not a bad idea..... we could list up to 10 CDs and see what comes out favourite.

Or not...
Not a bad idea, Possum....

But who would decide on these 10 cds.... ?

Would we go with the ones I just happened to have in front of me today? Bearing in mind there were 11... (I counted after reading yer post!!)

Would we have one from 10 different genres or two of each from the most popular 5....?

Would we have to debate on the top 5 genre first....?

Where would the road lead....

Where would the tune carry us...

For answers to these questions & many more, tune in tomorrow @ Radio V.T...

Dum - di - dum - di - duumm

Wiggle Smilie

I have completely forgotten what thread I am in & what relevance this all had!?!??!

Cheerio folks xxx

ooo... By the way folks

I actually ended up going with India Arie, earlier....

You were all just a wee bit too slow for me to wait around.... Musicless... Soundless bla bla.

Oh and Vee, possum..... When was the last time you or anyone called me by my full 'title' !?!?

That was wierd!! Smile Smilie

Toodle-pip! Waving Hello Smilie
Hehe. Not a bad idea, those CD's. Not bad at all. I'll go along on anything, really.

Listening to the TV news.
Right NOWWWWwww I am listening to Slipnot. Not that I want to but I am... And not that anyone cares really..
Legolaslass - 24th May, why?
Morrissey - You are the quarry.
It's very good, I like it a lot. :p
Hawkwind's Xenon Codex, for the third time today. Good "head" music.
I am listening to the voices in my head. (Hello Tim =) How are you today?) (Great thanks.)
Hawkwind??? Now thats a blast from the past - PROG ROCK ON! Makes me think of Skyclad in the same breath, does anyone remember the signature tune for the Manga previews? (Skyclad were responsible, for months me and me mates were tryng to find out who performed it)

You gotta be a Moorcock fan surely Val... Elric / Aelric Stormbringer - loved those books when i was a kid.

Wadda boot the mighty TULL of Jethro - Aqualung, Living in the Past, Locomotive Breath et al... wonders with a flute.

Cool Smilie
Are you sure you are only 31 Aelric?
Im listening Jethro Tull AGAIN- Songs from the wood
Dido - Don't Leave Home.

Despite what Rossy says I still like Dido. Animated Wink Smilie
You gotta be a Moorcock fan surely Val... Elric / Aelric Stormbringer - loved those books when i was a kid.

It's strange really. I know the plot and a fair bit about them, but I've never actually read them. My ex-wife used to have a really nice illustrated copy of one of them. I may have read it, but I cannot remember (I cannot remember a lot of things from those days). I love the Hawkwind Chronicles of the Black Sword, though. Great music.

Currently listening to Jimi Hendrix though. 3rd Stone from the Sun.
Paint It Black - Rolling Stones
My girlfriend seems to be blasting away at some Deep Purple downstairs. It's a bit muffled, but it sounds like Fireball.

Now it's changed to Doctor Doctor by UFO. Must be one of those Rock Compilation CD's.
Listening to my dad brushing his teeth in the bathroom. One Eye Smilie
Now Im listening to Henry Rollins do one of his spoken word shows, very funny, strictly for adults though
I'm listening to a train pass by meh house. It is very loud...and sometimes aggravating...
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