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Thread: What are you listening to?

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the elvish lament Namarie by Galadriel in Lorien recited by Tolkien

The theme music to the game: Beyond Good & Evil
pretty sad isn't? There aren't even words. I just love that song, though!!!

If you want, listen to it here.

I'm listening to Chris Lydon's new radio program Open Source online via KUOW2 found Monday through Friday at Midnight GMT/UTC.
over the rainbow sung by judy garland. seems to be from the movie of the wizard of oz... now that I know that I want to see that movie, I love the song!
Casting Crowns and Tim is a mix done by my computer
led zeppelin - the battle of evermore..
Of course. Great song, even if I'm about as sick of the album as everyone else (they used to be my favorite band, too, but I think Floyd has edged them out, and The Doors are moving up fast.) And then you go straight to Misty Mountain Hop through the wonders of modern CD technology, right? I'm listening to my computers fan and wondering what's taking Jim so long to copy those albums and get them here, especially the King Missile ones and Abbey Road (with MMT on the other side; yea!)
Fresh Air starring Terry Gross, via KUOW’ from
One for Daddy-O, by Cannonball Adderly
Walking in the air - Nightwish
NPR's All Things Considered.
into the west by Annie Lennox
"sugar, we're goin' down" by fall out boy.
American Idiot, I fought the Law, and Good Riddance (Time of your Life) by Green Day
Somebody by Bonnie McKee
MUSIC (haha)
SONGS (haha again)

im listening to the RotK soundtrack
(haha RivendellElf!)

Song: Scars
Artist: Papa Roach

I'm alternating between that and:

Song: The Hamster Dance
Artist: Hampton the Hamster
bon jovi - wanted dead or alive... from slippery when wet
The Classic Rock Station on Aol Radio
My versions of clasical guitar music transcribed to computer, currently Asturias (Leyenda) from Opus 47/232 by Isaac Albeniz.
Eva Cassidy (lovely voice ) Songbird
Where is the Love? By Black Eyed Peas a great song they wrote and performed when the war on Iraq started....absolutely beautiful and so full of truth! Smile Smilie
a random Finntroll song, which i have no idea what it's called, sry.
kingdom & glory by mando diao... brilliant guys... I'm looking forward to their concert in october *yippie*
Open Source with Christopher Lydon via KUOW2 and
An electic guitar version of the Legend of Zelda theme...
(sad, isn't it?)

the album of a german band called virginia jetzt!, right now the song spurlos verschwunden.
Mostly Evanescence. Her songs are really great! I've been playing My Immortal over and over again...
yeah, evanescence... great. I like fallen very much, too.
right now I'm listening to an album by peter cornelius, an austrian singer who was very popular some time ago, but I enjoy listening to these a little elder songs...
Been listening to Gjallarhorn. I think they might be Scandinavian - titles like 'Tova och konungen' and 'Dejelill och Lagerman'. Anyone know?
They are from Finland. Happy Elf Smilie

I'm listening to the crunch of Toll House cookies which I baked this afternoon. I like them crunchy rather than soft and chewy. Can anything with walnuts and chocolate chips be bad?

I'm also listening to my computer transcription of J.S. Bach's Sonata No. 4, from his Six Trio Sonatas for Organ, which this week I finished expanding for a brass sextet.
Mmmm, walnuts and chocolate, mmmmm.

Nothin' like a C-64 for graphics and sounds, eh, Grondy? I know Mac users will be shocked by that, but look at where the two were when Commodores were being made. I stand by my statement.

Atm I'm listening to the Super Melee mix from Star Con II (thank you, Ur-Quan Masters) but hope to be listening to pirated King Missile by months end. Although if I'm not paying for it I'm not sure it still counts as pirated; you can make copies for personal use as long as you don't sell them, right?
OK, now I feel more in the mood for the LOTR soundtracks...
this fire by franz ferdinand
sounds kinda strange Paranoid Smilie , got the cd from a friend...
the fool on the hill by the beatles
up to now my favourite beatles song, a really brilliant one...
Something More, by Sugarland.
the hum of my computer
AHA ( a norwegian band ) Take On me
My computer is playing the phantom of the opera at this moment.
antonin dvorak's symphony no.9 - from the new world
I'm listening to the bridge of khazad-dum and farewell to lorien. I just love the vocal harmony in these. Someday I might go to a choir like this..... Tongue Smilie
The Classic Rock station on AOL Radio
Says You! out of of Boston
Casablanca by someone i'm not sure...
alanis morissette: forgiven from the album jagged little pill. she's got a great voice...
Black Eyed Peas They Don't Want Music from the album Monkey Business Great song! They did it with James Brown....very entertaining! Almost as good as Where is the Love? off of their Elephunk album! Smile Smilie
My brother argue with my mother.
hey! that's what goes on every other day next door!! Got The Blues Smilie Moderator Smilie
Master of the Universe by Hawkwind..... A live version off the Live Chronicles album.
'The Best of Moyles' Podcast from iTunes, very funny
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