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Thread: What are you listening to?

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The evening news is on TV.
London Calling by The Clash again.
A conference call at stuff.
NPR's All Things Considered via
Silence here. even the dogs are quiet.
KUOW FM's ( radio show Sound Focus where we are meeting Wendy Simmons, a Seattle School counselor and president of Seattle Rock School. She is sharing stories of kids transformed by music.
TV is on.
NPR's All Things Considered.
My 1998 rendition of Beethoven's Second Symphony in D Major, Opus 36 written in 1801-02 and entered in six-voice stero via Commodore 128 computer for playback in Commodore 64 mode using a SID Symphoney Stereo cartridge and ported to the PC for playback via SIdplay2 for windows.
My Seattle Mariners who were beaten by the San Diego Padres this afternoon in Peoria Arizona. This Cactus League Spring Traing baseball game is just over and the score was 10 to 11 at the end of nine innings. The regular season doesn't start until the end of March, but I like listening to the Spring Training games for where the new guys are competing with the old; and while they may not make the team now, they may get called up later in the season to repkace for injured players.
"The Prisoner" by Iron Maiden.
Wind by akeboshi google it very good song i heard from an ending episode of naruto
My AVG Anti-Virus program pecking at my hard drives over and over looking for the dirty critturs in every nook and crany.
Coheed-The Crowing
The Tavis Smilley Show which is rebroadcasting highlights from the "State of the Black Union 2008 - Reclaiming Our Democracy, Recasting our Future" held in New Orleons. Very interesting, even to a pink guy like me.
Absolute Silence, probably one of the greatest pieces of all time Happy Elf Smilie
NPRs All Things Considered their daily late afternoon news broadcast.
What a Difference a Day Makes sung by Dinah Washington
(NPR) National Public Radio's late afternoon/early evening news broadcast All Things Considered.
Undying by Demon Hunter Orc Grinning Smilie
The season opening radio broadcast of the pregame show between the Texas Rangers at my Seattle Mariners. The baseball game will start in about a half-hour.
Animal Planet
Public Radio International's The World via radio station KUOW ( which is an afternoon news broadcast by Boston's WGBH and the BBC.
Tarzan and Jane by Toy-Box.
All the clicks issuing from my living-room electric base-board heater as its metalic heating core under goes thermal expansion as it heats up.
The whir of the AC in my business class, along with symphony of key strokes, mouse clicks, and soft whispering...
Public Radio International and the BBC's The World via Seattle's
The Sweet Sound of Silence Happy Elf Smilie
Old psalms in new edition. My childhood's Christian songs and psalms sung and played by today's artist. Angel Smilie To me, today, it is better than "the sweet sound of silence"
If I had a Hammer by Trini Lopez from the box set The Folk Years
The World a radio news broadcast via PRI and the BBC.
Clocks by Coldplay.
Nice piano there.
Heh, Radio Rivendell Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
A mosquito buzzing around my ear. Dunce Smilie
Classic KING FM 98.1 MHZ, broadcast out of Seattle and via where they are currently playing SOLER's Keyboard Quintet No.5 in D. This afternoon they have been playing music Spanish flavors.
Dish Network's Aura channel.
Refrigerator whining; fluorescent lights and CPU humming: I can't name that tune.
Some sparrows singing outside.
NPR's On the Media.
White Flag -Dido
My male zebra finch is singing and Grandpa has the TV on.
Sidewalk Shuffle from "Time After 'While..." the album by John Owens and C. Carlyle Chalk
With or Without you - Masters of Chat by Gregorian. Their music is awesome!
My rendition of Mozart's Clarinet Quintet in A Major, K.581 (1782) via the VICE C64 Emulator. I typed the score into my Commodore 128/64 in March of last year; and this afternoon I transferred the music files to this new computer.
The Olympics on TV
Fellowship of the Ring. Lovely music underscoring Galadriel's voice telling Frodo "Even the smallest person can change the course of the future..."
The History Channel
My neighbour's dog fighting and my own dogs barking!
Sonata Arctica- The worlds forgotten the words forbidden
BBC's The World Today via PRI and KUOW 94.9 FM. (also
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