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Thread: What are you listening to?

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Grendel by Marillion
A Blossom Fell by Nat King Cole Smile Smilie
The keyboard smattering and my head throbbing. Time to go to bed. Night. Smile Smilie
Sublime - Garden Grove
Sondgarden - Rusty Cage
Bob Marley - Smoke Two Joints
Golden Earring - Radar Love
Filter and the Crystal Method - Trip like I do
Beenie Man - Who got the Keys
Electric Six - I'm the Bomb
Bud Powell, The Amazing Bud Powell, Volume 1.
Hawkwind - Hall of the Mountain Grill
Final Score American Football: No. 21 Washington State University, 55 at No. 10 University of Oregon, 16. Wa Hoo!
Matchbox 20 - Push
I'm listening to limpbizkit - let it go.
Right now???

Matchbox- 3 am, as LadyFeawen suggetsed Smoke Smilie
Enya - Sail Away

It just finished.

Now Fischerspooner - LA Song
I’m listening to The Breaking of the Fellowship, the part when Enya sings May it be. Big Smile Smilie
Deep Purple - In Rock
My cousin and hid friends banging on the drums
Looks like we got some Enya fans Wink Smilie
Enya - May It Be

Oh, btw, I'm listening to "Without You" by Nilssen, altogether now...

I caaaaaaaaannn't liiiiiiiiiive....
Hehehe,she ain't that bad.

At the moment im listening to some hip-hop on the radio,not sure who it is...

Yes she is, Enya is the Turkish delight of the sweet box of music (no offence Asteroth)

Murder - New Order, quite simply the greatest instrumental of all time.
The Crystal Method - Over the Line
Final Score American Football: No. 21 Washington State University, 55 at No. 10 University of Oregon, 16. Wa Hoo!

That was a huge upset!
My head pounding in my ears Very Sad Smilie
The wastelands_Stephen King(tape book)
"You ain't seen nothing yet,oh baby you ain't seen nothing yet...." --?
Canyons of my Mind - Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band
NPR's All Things Considered.
The little sisters are playing a Veggie Tails tape Very Sad Smilie
Rage Against the Machine - Fistful of Steel
Blind Lemon Jefferson, a collection of his songs that I have that were recorded between 1926 and 1929.
Wiggle Smilie
Peace Orchestra - The Man Part One
Lifehouse-Simon Happy Elf Smilie
The great Son House, Death Letter. Dead Smilie
Le Cours Des Jours by Dumas
Fischerspooner - Ersatz
R.E.M. Out of Time the pinacle of R.E.M.'s career.
Right now I’m listening to Don’t Stay be Linkin Park! Big Smile Smilie
The Crystal Method - Ten Miles Back
not sure who sings it...I`m listening to True
Tool - Schism
I was listening to a trio made up of my refrigerater, my hard drive, and the flourescent lights all humming away like mad! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Just now I started the playing of my version of Beethoven's two hundred year old Third Symphony, the 'Eroica'. I began inputing my computer version in July 1996 and refined it off and on over the next couple years.
not sure who sings it...I`m listening to True
Could possibly be Tony Hadley singing it from the continually awful Spandau Ballet!
I’m listening to Nickelback-Too bad at the moment. Cool Smilie
Simon and Garfunkel-The Sound of Silence.
I'm listening to Numb by Linkin Park - I'm getting ready for their concert next week! Wuhoo!!! Pary Smilie Finally a decent band to come to this side of the world, I am SO sick of all these one-hit boybands that never stops coming. Go LP!
Tenacious D - Dio
Muse ( of course) : Time is running out
Electric 6 - The Bomb
Yay Fea, same song! Big Smile Smilie
Lol,that is strange.

Bootsy Collins,not sure of the name of the song though.
Raving and Drooling - Pink Floyd
Peter Salett - Heart of mine (I always lived it...dunno why)
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