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Thread: What are you listening to?

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X, by X.
The Tavis Smiley show.
Return of the King...Howard Shore (the song, not the CD)

Das ganz normale Leben by Virginia Jetzt! (this ! is a part of their name)
Blink 182- I Miss You nice
Traditional Christmas carols
Lynryd Skynryd singing Rudolph the Rednose Reindeer.


Merry Christmas everyone - I can smell the turkey roasting.
My rendition of Ludwig van Beethoven's Symphony No. 7 in A Major, Opus 92, composed 1811-12 and which I minimalized into my computor in 1997.
Valier, Queens of the Valar - Battlelore
Richard Cory by Simon & Garfunkel
My rendition of Joaquin Rodgigo's Concerto de Aranjuez for Guitar and orchestra.
Music from LOTR soundtrack
on my playlist right now?
Dr Hook,Dr Dre, Lobo, Enya, The Clash,The Who, Pink Floyd, Abba, The Guess Who and Big Smile Smilie Willam Shatner,
I can Listen to ANYTHING,,,
Except for Cher,,,
and Hillary Duff,
Ken Burns Jazz Collection and some great Indian Classical vocals by Pundit Bhimsen Joshi
clearly quite absurd
bye ddep purple. i think its on thier new album, rapture of the deep.
mando diao. you can't steal my love. *yep*
Machine gun fire from my son playing Battlefield 1942 beside me.
you fun dad ma makes me turn the volume all the way down.

im listening too Changes IV, Cat Stevens
I'm not listening to the Seahawks play the Redskins because everytime I turn it on the Seahawks are ahead, but mess up and the Redskins score, taking the lead or getting closer. So I turn it off and if I come back after the game, the Seahawks will have won and will move on to the league championship game next week. If I listen they will lose. It has been this way all season and they are 13 and 3 and I just don't need to subject myself to such stress. Does that make me a fairweather fan? I think not, it just means I care too much.

Okay, it happened again: we won 20 to 10 and only need to win the next one to be in the Superbowl.
I'm listening to Time To Say Goodbye Song, in Italian, i have no idea who's singing, but it's really something...
Raga Shuddha (pure) Sarang in Vilambit (very slow) Jhaptal (10 beat rhythm cycle divided into 4 parts as 2-3-2-3). Name of the song being "Sundar Kanchan Barse" (Sundar = Beautiful, Kanchan = Gold, Barse = Falls). This is sung by Pundit Bhimsen Joshi.

Raga Shuddha Sarang is actually an early afternoon Raga and I'm listening to it at 3 am. Oh well...
NPR's On the Media
Damien Rice - Cheers Darlin'

Cheers darlin'
Here's to you and your lover boy
Cheers darlin'
I got years to wait around for you
Cheers darlin'
I’ve got your wedding bells in my ear
Cheers darlin'
You give me three cigarettes to smoke my tears away

And I die when you mention his name
And I lie I should have kissed you
When we were running in the rain

What am I darlin'
A whisper in your ear
A piece of your cake
What am I darlin
The boy you can fear
Or your biggest mistake

Cheers darlin'
Here's to you and your lover man
Cheers darlin'
I’ll just hang around and eat from a can
Cheers darlin'
I got a ribbon of green on my guitar
Cheers darlin'
I got a beauty queen
To sit not very far from me

I die
When he comes around to take you home
I'm too shy
I should have kissed you
When we were alone

What am I darlin'
A whisper in your ear
A piece of your cake
What am I darlin'
The boy you can fear
Or your biggest mistake

Oh what am I
Here’s to you and your lover
What am I darlin’
I got years to wait around for you

PRI's Open Source Today's program is about virus hunters and bird flu.
Foriener Suite
cat stevens
Green Day - Boulavard of Broken Dreams
Ah! Love that song Losse!

I'm listening the mundane sound of 250 fingers typing on 25 keyboards in my computer class...
computer typing !!!!!!! thatz one of my favourites hehe

as i love Boulavard of Broken Dreams i am listening to it again!!!!!!! and a selection of Blink 182 songs haha Orc Grinning Smilie
When the ship comes in
The Pogues
NPR's All Things Considered
Random songs from Michael Learns To Rock.
PRI's Open Source Today's program is about Pakistan.
O Cariatas
Cat Stevens
Emotionless...The Young and The Hopeless...Good Charlotte
burn by deep purple
Anastasia's greatest hits - what a powerful voice!
ps plus my cats mewing for tea >^..^<
Bye bye Miss American Pie... by Madonna
NPR's All Things Considered, the early evening news and stuff radio program.
"Dancing for Rain" by Rise Against. Love it.
twonkies. annoying little things. also, the angry noises my computer keeps making at me when I try to save rediculously large files off of Illustrator...
I'm at my friend's house right now and her computer is also very noisy... i think she has a virus, because the computer can't play any music and the Internet Access is also pretty shaky...
A song by Evanescence but I do not know they name of it, Its on my MP3 player, and it is labeled AudioTrack 09 lol
Good Charlotte- My bloody Valentine 600th Post
NPR's All Things Considered.
My sister had recorded a song and played it on the piano and added other classical stuff in im listening to that. It's called 'In the Grave' shes such a happy person really!
Major League Baseball spring training game: Mariners 3 vs Padres 17 so far in the ninth. Glad it isn't a regular season game, because we're down to our last pitcher. Whew!Bumbstead finally threw a strike after walking three, followed by a force out at second, and the bloody top half of the inning is over.
the painly loud hum of the computer
Dire Straits - on every street
Train's new album For Me, It's You
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