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Thread: What are you listening to?

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pain-3 days grace
Enjoying a brief respite and silence..
NPR's All Things Considered.
U2 - It's a beautiful day
billy idol-white wedding
billy idol-white wedding
That's a cool song
American Idol ( Fun to watch and fun to listen to )
Sarah McLachlan and Josh Groban - In The Arms Of The Angel That has to be the greatest duett I've ever heard (Check out you tube Smile Smilie )
I'd like to listen to Open Source unhindered; however, Boston's is having their Spring Pledge Drive this week.
Muse-Black Holes and Revelations...i woke up to another of their songs this morning but for some reason that was the one that was stuck in my head...better than yesterday's "that's amore" =P
better than yesterday's "that's amore" :P

'When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that's.....' or was that "a big piece of pie"?

NPR's evening news broadcast of All things considered over the airwaves via my FM radio.
Grandpa has Andy Griffith on again tonight but I managed to tape the BBCs Robin Hood and hid away in the bedroom to watch it Smile Smilie
Yesterdays edition of NPR's Science Friday. Currently they are speaking about 'The Rise of Mammals'.
Husband and Grandpa have gone out for a couple hours so I'm listening to a Dish Network TV music channel that plays some nice New Age stuff.
an amazing unsigned band from new york called Obadiah Parker anyone who hasn't heard them yet should do so immediatley
Here Without You - 3 doors down
Opening Day Game between the Oakland A's and my Seattle Mariners at Seattle; there is still no score after four innings. They just started closing the roof as rain is expected soon.

***** later *****

We won, 4 to zip. Felix Hernadez dominated today; he struck out 12 walking only 4 in eight scoreless innings. Richie Sexton had a three run homer and all four runs were unearned in the sixth inning.
Hello All, away for awhile, good to be back in ME. Listening to Stevie Nick's new greatest hits cd.Lots of old faves. Elf Smilie
daughtry...i pretty much love the whole CD.

Bryan Adams - Please Forgive MeBeautiful voice and beautiful lyrics
Track 15 'The Hornburg' of Howard Shore's soundtract from PJ's TTT, I've been listening to the whole thing as I've been working the forum this afternoon. Thumbs Up Smilie
strip my mind-RHCP-great song
Track 15 'The Hornburg' of Howard Shore's soundtract from PJ's TTT, I've been listening to the whole thing as I've been working the forum this afternoon.

Sometimes you need the setting GrondySmile SmilieI do like Howard Shore's doing of LOTR Smile Smilie I think he did a great job
Living on a prayer - Bon jOvi.
PRI's Open Source radio program online, via Boston's where they are discussing the brain.
The church bell ringing in the distance.
Crimson Towers from Dissection
oh wait that's finished
Again Dissection but now it's Into Infinite Obscurity
nice medieval sounding acoustic guitar pieces
Bendita tu luz-Mana
My almost finished rendition of Mozart's Clarinet Quintet in A Major, K.581 of which I've entered the twenty pages of the score note by note into my PC in Commodore mode (VICE 1.16). I now think I should slow down the Allegretto con Variationi from 90 to 84 or 80 beats per minute.
welcome home by coheed and cambria
PRI's Open Source radio program online from, where they are discussing action movies.
The news, which is mostly about the recent tragedy on the college campus in West Virginia and very sad.
Jan Werner - Stronger
Red hot chilli peppers- snow
NPR's evening news program All Things Considered via Seattle's KUOW 94.9 FM radio station to which I have been a pledging member for 24 years.
My neighbour creaming outside for someone to open the door for him. He's stuck outside!!
Open Source via, where today they are discussing and listening to the theremin, an early electronic instrument played with the hands in air.
Thorin's made me laugh so hard. Big Laugh Smilie

I'm listening to the windchimes and the hum of computers.
man utd vs Ac milan on the Rdio. Ronney just levelled the score to 2-2.YEAH!!!
Just thought I would add that NOW I am being FORCED to listen to the washing machine that is squeaking something horrible!!!!! So Angry Smilie
A group of students playing chess next door.
Mob goes wild by CLUTCH

"please allow me to adjust my pants, so I may dance the good time dance, and put onlookers and innocent bystanders into a trace"
Bad Boy by Cascada.
Deal or No Deal
Weeping by Josh Groban
the terrible horrible squaking of crows outside, which is about to be drowned out by Meatloaf
Open Source via out of Boston MA, where today they are discussing the 'Passion of Libraries'.
Was listening to Emerson Lake & Palmer a little while ago (Brain Salad Surgery). Now listening to the soothing tick-tick-tick-tick of my lawn sprinkler outside.
My Seattle Mariners vs the Kansas City Royals: tied with no score in the bottom of the third.
an amazing guitar player called Andy Mckee
The rain pouring down outside my window
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