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Thread: What are you listening to?

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Husband talking on speakerphone.
My daughter, Gemma, talking to my hubby about mortgages - our fixed rate is about to end and Gemma works in HSBC as a finanical lender and is talking about base rates, tracker thingies etc...........etc............ they both lost me at the beginning of the conversation Dunce Smilie

A discussion of the book Jezebel: The Untold Story of the Bible's Harlot Queen with the author Lesley Hazelton and the Dave Beck the co-host of 'Sound Focus,''s radio program (previously called 'The Beat')
The music that accompanies WoW.
Halftime of American football game (NFL): Seattle Seahawks (21) at Cleveland Browns (9).
Listening to a favorite tv show called "Journeyman" while I'm cooking beef stroganoff. Elf Smilie
Gollums song- Emilliana Torrini (what beats that?)
An old episode of Stargate SG1 - whilst on PT.
Clime Fischer, love changes everything, on J2
Dave Beck the co-host of 'Sound Focus,''s afternoon radio program speaking with Steve Garrett about the restoration of West Seattle's Admiral Theatre.
Football pregame show for the upcoming American football game between Stanford Uni (3-6) at Washington State Uni (3 - 6).
Tropical Hot Dog Night, the newest Jack Flanders story CD from
Husband being unhappy about how his online game is going. Game music playing quietly in the background.
Killer Queen by the ultimate.... Queen, as well as my little fan, it's surprisingly warm in here... As it's been extremely cold lately, being Winter and all Orc Smiling Smilie
End credits of Hamish Macbeth
Free Fall by Jesse Cook
Papa Roach - on the Scuzz channel Wink Smilie
My rendition of Beethoven's Fifth Symphpny and my daughter and her boyfriend in the background.
Husband WoW-ing.
Today's Only a Game podcast from website.
Over My Head by Sum 41
My broadband cable modem chirping.
We Are Broken by Paramore - Not very well known but decent Orc Smiling Smilie
My in-process rendition of Antonio Vivaldi's "Night", his Concerto in G minor for Flute and Strings Opus 10, No. 2, RV 439. It has taken me parts of two days to input the first five pages (largo, presto, largo) that play for only 3 minutes 18 seconds at the tempos I've chosen for them. Only nine pages to go.
Well not so much listening but cat chasing her tail.....why?? She sits looking at the end of her tail moving, pretends to ignore it, then goes mental running round in circles after it! It's so funny Big Smile Smilie
BBC New's The World on the radio via KUOW 94.9 FM and PRI.

My daughter brought her two month old chocolate Labrador puppy here last week and it also loved chasing its tail. Quite Funny. Most cats I've seen doing this usually just sat still for a bit and then suddenly pounced upon their tail when it twitched.
Rab N Nesbitt on the tv - it's a Scottish comedy programme Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie
Nothing now, because my 85 year old friend just called, as I opened this thread, to say his wife is in the hospital dying. So he and I will have to postpone our biweekly luncheon date and also our going to see The Golden Compass for at least a couple of weeks. But he does want to drop by and pick up my copy of Terry Pratchett's newest book, Making Money. He and his wife were very active in our church and even though she has had Alzheimers for the last few years, I'll be sad to see her go. I got to know her quite well serving on a search committee and the vestry with her. At least she had a long time for a good life and used it well before her mind went.
Editors - The Racing Rats

I'm sorry to hear about your friend, and more sorry about his wife... It's always sad to have friends depart... I'm sorry for you also Grondy Sad Smilie I give my regards...
Children screaming!! It really gives you a headache after a while!
I'm Sorry as well Grondy - give them my prayers as well Very Sad Smilie maybe it's the time of year because a lady I know - her daughter-in-law just died - no idea why the drs couldn't find out why - she was 34 and left a 6, 10 and 13 year old. My daughters friend's sister just died a few weeks ago as well, she was 18, again no reason Very Sad Smilie
I just found out she died an hour ago; may she rest in peace. Sniff

I'm listening to NPR's nightly All Things Considered.
I'm sorry again for you and your friend's loss...

Some classical piano courtesy of Steve Siu...
Tempest by Jesse Cook
WoW players chatting with husband.

my condolences also, Grondy, on the loss of your friend.
Also my condolences on the loss of your mother-in-law Sian.

I'm again listening to my cable modem cheep-chirp-squack out of my computer's left speaker.
History channel program on the Dark Ages.
Johnny Hates Jazz - Turn Back the Clock
Rose Bowl Game at halftime: USC 21 vs Illinois 3
Oaks from the Tlingstad/Rumbel cd 'Woodlands'.

(Grandpa is still abed so no TV is on in the front room. One of his Christmas gifts was my old laptop loaded with games like solitaire so he has other things to do besides TV and I think its good for him; he likes it a lot anyway!)
The computer's fan and the hum of the fluorescent lights.
My little fan whirring - having a bit of a hot flush due to my pain killers Jumping Flame Smilie hubby put a little fan beside my seat.
BBC's The World via PRI and KUOW FM 94.9 MHz.
Its pretty quiet here this morning...
Seattle Seahawks 14 vs Green Bay Packers 14 at the end of the first quarter of a NFL playoff game.
My renditions of a bunch of Scarlatti Harpsichord Sonatas that I computerized about five years ago.
The Running Free-Coheed and Cambria
KUOW Fm's Sound Focus where they are discussing Seattle Opera's use of Supertitles as applied to the opera La Boh’me by Giacomo Puccini.
Coheed, again, I think I'm getting obsessed but I don't really mind
Nothing much, just a fan motor or two; and my upstairs neighbor making the ceiling creak as he moves around up there.
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