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Thread: What are you listening to?

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The Knack - My Sharona Smoke Smilie
Rebel's Hop by Bob Marley
Natural Mystic - Bob Marley
All Things Considered - NPR's evening news program.
A car going Wroooom Wrooooom outside the window. Smile Smilie
Rage Against the Machine - Year of tha Boomerang
Newborn - Muse *Bows down to lead singer Matt Bellamy*
Linkin' Park - Sessions(Love the beats and the scratchingsCool Smilie )
The little voice in my head...
D12 - These Drugs
Me and Bobby McGee - Kris Kristopheron

England Swings - Roger Miller
A song from the soundtrack of Spirited Away Big Smile Smilie
The Crystal Method - Replacement Killers
Numb by Linkin Park (live version). Smile Smilie
Don Davis - Navras
Red Hot Chili Pepper : Californiacation
The Chieftains-Old Plank Road
Meat Loaf-Couldn't Have Said It Better. I love this song. Smile Smilie
Some John Coltrane followed by some Bond (not James Bond, Bond the band)
System of a Down - I-E-A-I-A-I-O
sugar - system of a down (my friends made up a little dance for this song - oh sooooo funny!)
Lovely Ross,do they sell that at stores or do I have to download it?
Rage Against the Machine - Housin
Queen - Who Wants To Live Forever
stockholm syndrome - muse -- ahh maybe not, its just finished Big Smile Smilie :
fortune faded - red hot chilli peppers
My beer induced belches.
lol, Ross, you're disgusting!

Justin Hawkins' high pitched screams in 'i believe in a thing called love'
Maksim's modern version of 'Flight of the Bumblebee'. Unbelievable Cool Smilie
Rage Against the Machine - Housin
Yay, their best song. Big Smile Smilie

Rage as well, Testify
simple plan - i'm just a kid (woohoo my 500th post Big Smile Smilie !)
Muse-New born

Thanx Rawien for recomending it to me it’s really great! And congratz on your 500th post!
REM - Losing my Religion
Cool Perwing,I was really into them when I was a kid.

18 by Moby
Evanescence - My Immortel
Listen to the rain. I don’t know for sure who it is singing it but it might be Evanescence. Smile Smilie
Mistreated by Deep Purple

and now you aren't anymore?????? hehehhee, good one Fea!!

I don't get it,whats funny?Dog Smilie

Godsmack-I need Serenity.
Victime de la Mode by Mc Solaar, but after reading Fea's last post I could use some Godsmack or ooo, I know!
’puts in a Mushroom Head cd’
Better now
Maria by Scooter, everytime I hear it I get reminded of a footie song would be great for a worldcup or something. Wink Smilie
Spong Bob's theme song,again....
Such an ear worm Fea...

Tool - Lateralus Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie
Gabriel by Lamb. And the new Donnie Darko version of Mad World. And The Riddle by Nik Kershaw.
Gawd, I love those records sooo much! Very Sad Smilie *gets all emotional*
Tool (the best band there is) - Disposition
Halo,you got a good taste in music. Wink Smilie

Lamb-My Angel Gabriel Cat Smiling Smilie
Cat Stevens : Can't keep it in
Linkin Park Meteora( [Lying away from you and Figure 09 rocks!!!) When I get tired of it I listen to Evanescence(Fallen). My fav song from the album's Imaginary 'cuz it matches well with my fucked up self... But seriously, the album is really cool.
Linkin' Park - Numb!
Bob Marley - Hammer
AudioSlave-Getaway Car
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