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Thread: What are you listening to?

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Just finished listening to some of my favorite Beethoven piano sonatas performed by the wonderful Mr. Garrick Ohlsson, Grande Sonate Pathetique, Op. 13, Sonata in C-Sharp Minor, Op. 27, No.2 (’Moonlight’), and Sonata in C Major, Op.53 (’Waldstein’)!

An old tape I found in a dusty recess at the back of my cupboard by Medicine Head. Nice and bouncy. I wish I could find it on CD.
One Caress by Depeche Mode. (it's been a loooong time since I've listened to it)
Nirvana- unplugged in New York
Come as You Are
I LOVE NIRVANA!! And especially Come As You Are.

Right now I'm listening to "Noldor (Dead Winter Reigns)" by Blind Guardian.


I know where the stars glow
Sky's unclouded
Sweet the water runs my friend
Blood is on your hands
Tears unnumbered
You will shet and dwell in pain

I just can't help singing along those lines...

Just set that song to repeat infinitely Wink Smilie That'd be somthing like 2 hours at a stretch at least I guess.

Oh and btw, thank you Gildor Big Smile Smilie
Newfoundlanders by Stringband
Oh and btw, thank you Gildor Big Smile Smilie

What have I done.... Shaking Head Smilie Tongue Smilie

I'm listening to Muse - Bliss at the moment.......
Just received a double cd from a friend - The No 1 Sci Fi Album - great! Double cd! I am playing it while chatting in #tolkien and sharing with Mil and Rhapsody.

[12:41] didddly dum diddly dum didddly dum diddly dum
[12:41] ooooh woooooooooooooooooooowoooooooooooo eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
[12:41] oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh
[12:41] diddly dum diddly dum
[12:41] ok
[12:41] thunderbirds!
[12:41] um dum
[12:41] dum
[12:41] dum
[12:42] * Milambar loads a tranquiliser dart
[12:42] Red Dwarf.........

[12:43] altogether now...........two three four......
[12:43] It's cold outside there's no kind of atmosphere.........
[12:43] LMAO
[12:44] those lyrics
[12:44] the first time I went like: ???
[12:44] great!
[12:44] goldfish shoals nibbling at my toes.....

[12:44] * Rhapsody needs to watch more tv
[12:45] dinnerdinnerdinnerdinnerdinnerdinner..............
[12:45] guess the theme!
[12:45] batman
[12:45] yes!
[12:45] heh
[12:45] ok, that makes me officially a sad muppet

[12:49] twag twang twang twang wooble wooble twang twang wooble...........
[12:49] that's Joe 90

[12:55] #the chances of anything coming from Mars. are a million to one.. but still they come
[12:55] he said
[12:55] a million to one, he said
[12:55] weeeooooooh weeeeeeeeoh weeeeeeeeoh
[12:56] * Milambar cocks the tranquiliser gun
[12:56] eeeeek
[12:56] Its for your own good, V
Glad i missed that.
Then we are all happy.
It was fun!!!!! I had to laugh so hard. Thanks V!!

Currently listening to Why Georgia - John Mayer
Listening to LOTR next, Trans-Siberian Orchestra: Christmas Eve and Other Stories
Last week's edition of On the Media out of
Moonlight Sonata, page thingy!!!!! (i can't remember what page it is, but it's the page I just learned). On record. Not me playing it. THAT GUY IS SO FAST!!!!! How can his hand jump octaves like that? Like, there's this bit where you're reaching an octave and you're playing this note with your little finger and a quarter of a beat later you're supposed to be playing that same note with your thumb. Do you have any IDEA how fast he plays that bit? It's just like WHIIIIIRRRR.... with all those semiquavers. It's like some magician do the fan card shuffle as fast as they can. So fast. I'm listening to it cause I just watn to hear how the next bit is supposed to go. Like... I know, because i can play piano, but I just wanted to hear it up to speed. THE SPEED!!!! He's making me jealous.
i am listening to: "A man for all seasons" from johnny english.

My rendition of all twelve of Vivaldi's Opus 8 Violin Concerti. At the moment it is No.7 in D minor, RV 242, written ca 1720, and which I transcribed in September 1997.
Brainy Grondy!!!! Did you memorise that all by yourself? Good for you!!!!!! Currently I'm listening to the Computers teacher say "NO TALKING!!" because there's a test on. But I'm finished, so I"m allowed on the net.
No, Loni, I just plug all the notes and their nuances into my old Commodore 128 computer and then three or four days later I will have a Vivaldi concerto ready for listening via my Commodore 64, a SID Symphony Stereo Cartridge, and my stereo system. Then I port them over to my PC.

Of course I have to be able to read and interpret the scores and decide how I want each instrument to sound via about thirteen different numerical parameters. It takes me about a month to do a Beethoven symphony and almost that long for a Mozart concerto’Mozart used more fiddlely-bits in his compositions.
I MEANT the really long name with the opus and the thingy and all that. Ha Ha Ha Smilie Very Big Grin Smilie Ha Ha Ha Smilie Very Big Grin Smilie Ha Ha Ha Smilie Very Big Grin Smilie I memorise the weird names of my pieces (trust me, some really NEED memorising, they're so weird), but I don't usually do the opus and the thingy and the whatchamacallit and the thingimabob and the wab. But all that computery stuff? That's weird. I never use computers for music stuff. I tried at school on this program called Sibelius2. It wouldn't let me do two different notes of different time values in a chord, like in Moonlight Sonata when it has a triplet and a dotted quaver then a semiquaver over the top at the same time. And guess what? I just did my Grade 3 Music Theory exam, and soon I'm doing my Grade 5/6 (my teacher hasn't decided yet) Practical. I ifnished an hour early. It was short, and it was easy. Except I took ages on the Intervals, cause I do it the hard, long way. I write out every interval possible, then go through and name them, then find the one I want, and THERE!!!! Whereas most people just count how many lines and spaces, and figure out whether it's major or minor. But I'm not brainy like that. I couldn't quite grasp that notion.
I'm listing my dad's Simon and Garfunkel cd. It's practically the only one my brother didn't take along to his high school marching band competition.
I *love* Simon and Garfunkel!

Today I listened to Wagner's Orchestral Music from The Ring, The Moody Blues, Leonard Cohen, Mark Knopfler and Manic Street Preachers live on Jools Holland 'Later'.

Add to that list Blind(1) Guardian and Ladysmith Black Mambazo.

(1) For some reason I keep typing Bling Guardian...'s On the Media.
Anyone ever listen to WXYC 89.3 FM Chapel Hill, North Carolina - A friend of mine presents an eclectic music show on Saturnday nights.
Vee: Is that the station that used to originate The Thistle and Shamrock music show?

NPR's All things Considered.
TV, plane going overhead, fan, dog barking next door.....just fun packed sound today.

Vee: Is that the station that used to originate The Thistle and Shamrock music show?

Grondy, I don't know. The station is part of the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill campus.
Listening to my son's annoying GameBoy music...he's playing a Pokemon game or something. Need to put on some Aerosmith to cure this GameBoy electronic/synthesized noise-induced headache!
Well as some of you know already, I happen to be a pretty serious Blues cat, anyway I’ve had a subscription for many years now to a magazine called Blues Revue (which I happen to feel is the best Blues mag in the biz), it’s a bi-monthly publication, and included with every new issue is a sampler CD of various Blues artists.

The sampler includes music from artists that are established, as well as newcomers that many have yet to hear of, so it’s always a great way to find out about some new cats you otherwise might not be exposed to. Right now I’m currently listening to the latest sampler, but most of the cats on this one seem to be more on the contemporary, watered-down, commercialized, over produced, post WW2 electric Blues tip which I really don’t care for. There was one song called ’Blues 2.0’ by Fruteland Jackson that I really liked though!
Elf Smilie
Listenign to myself as usual... but not the piano!!! THE CLASSICAL GUITAR!!!! FInally my teacher has decided I am good enough for him to actually print out a really long as piece for me to learn and not play the stupid little one page ones in my book!!!! MALAGUENA!!!!!! MALAGUENA!!!! COOLEST GUITAR PIECE EVER!!!!

Da....da....dadadadada...dadadada.... (REALLY fast bit!!!!!) I LOVE IT!!!!!
'Time After 'While... our Elfstone's blues album
I'm listening to this funny clunking noise coming from heater... hm... let's drown it out with some Christmas Music
This morning's edition of Only a Game from
Sarah Brightman & Enya - Deliver Me
I just finished listening to Sly & The Family Stone "If You Want Me To Stay." Now I'm listening to Enya "Boadicea."

Orc Smiling Smilie
Angel's Egg by Planet Gong, from a battered old tape I made years ago.
I am listening to a blues singer named E.C. Scott. The song is called Smoke Smilie Did I forget to say I love you.
Norah Jones - Come Away With Me Kiss Smilie
Right now I was listening to Fat Joe and Ashanti "What's Love"...)
NPR's All Things Considered
The rain, the summer rain of unpredictable old New Zealand. We just put up the pool because of the boiling weather and ever since then it's been raining and windy and cloudy and I am annoyed at the weather.
The Assad brothers, and the specific album is one that I've mentioned in this thread a few times before!
Elf Smilie
Love That Burns by Fleetwood Mac.

It's one of those early bluesy ones they played before they went all girlie. I love the "dirty" sound they've got in this one. Even though it's a studeo recording, it almost sounds as though it's been recorded live in one of those old fifties blues clubs at 3am, in which the only audience left is a few old drunks sat around their bottles of JD. Whenever I play it, I can almost smell the stale tobacco and sweat.

You ever play that sort of place, Elfstone?
m’m - summer make good

anyone into m’m? Pixie Smilie
I don't think I've ever heard of m’m, Heorogar where are they from?

I'm listening to Joey the Cat purring away like a motorboat on my lap
I am listening to the opera Orfeo by Monteverdi. I would strongly recommend it, even if you are not a fan of opera! Elf Smilie
I'm listening to Chico Mendes by Mana( a Mexican group and one of my fav. spanish artists)
Way to go Arwen evenstar! I have been a fan of Mana for a while now too. I have always liked the way they mix the traditional with the new.
yeah. I didn't really get into them until last year when my spanish teacher was like obsessed with them.
I am listening to Mindy Smith at the moment, but I'm about to listen to Maura O'Connell.
You ever play that sort of place, Elfstone?

Sure have my friend, and I suspect quite a few more until it's my time to depart for the Grey Havens!
Elf Winking Smilie
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