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Thread: What are you listening to?

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Audio Slave.

Been pretty hot last few weeks for waikato huh Loni?
Yeah. But I got the answer, Rhodry. Stop going outside to milk the cows, be lazy like me and stay inside all day. Oh yeah, and make sure you get the computer room as a classroom. they're air conditioned, are computer rooms. but first you've got to go to school.

Special Edition Phantom of the Opera Soundtrack. I love it so much, I've been listening to it since I got it last Monday.

STOP!! YOu'RE MAKING ME CRY!!!! Oi, does it have ALL the thingies from the film, not just the main ones? Like, does it have 'down once more" and "STranger than you dreamt it?" and "The Mirror" and all that? Especially Down once more. It makes me feel really sorry for the dude. Which is good. I LOVE wallowing in pity. But not self-pity. That's just ew. "Hounded out by everyone, met with ahtred everywhere, no kind words from anyone, no compassion anywhere...." I'VE GOT IT IN MY HEAD NOW!!!!!

All I'm listening to is the constant chant of cicadas.

*goes back to listening Brahms' Violin Concerto in D Major*
Papa Roach - Last Resort
Sheesh... obsessed? WE'RE ALL OBSESSED!!! That's why we're here. So I'm obsessed. BUt chances are I"ll be over it by the end of the month. (That's what I said last month)

No cicadas. Inside school building. Just the sound of 35 computers.
BBC version of HHGTTG which was recorded from the radio when they rebroadcast it a couple, three years back; now I have it broken down into 83 MP3 tracks on a 250 MB zip drive disk. (No, you may not have a copy for that would be piracy.) I also own a set of the original store-bought audio tapes.

When NPR broadcast the BBC version of LotR back in the eighties, I copied that onto audio tapes. Of course for my converience, one of my children recorded some heavy metal over the Helm's Deep episode. Since then I've bought and worn out two sets of the store-bought audio tapes.
The sound of cats and dogs coming down in the night sky! Cat Smiling Smilie Dog Smilie

Ohh, and now a cool special about the history of SNL coming on the tube, gotta go....
Elf Smilie
SWITCHFOOT!!! they r so awesome!
The sultry sound of my computer... I'm in love...
With Vee's avatar...
I'm sorry I can't stay on topic guys. I'll try harder from now on.
My version of Into the West (Flute, harpsichord, and cello in stereo via Commodore 64 and ported to my PC)
Van Morrison - When The Healing Has Begun

Yeah, baby! *giggles*
I’m currently listening to one of my friends, and mentor’s recent CD called Tom Ball, 18 Pieces For Solo Steel String Guitar, and man is it great, mostly classical pieces, with a few very sophisticated blues thrown in as well!

Some of you that have heard the album I did with my musical partner C. Carlyle Chalk, might recognize Tom’s name from our album as he played harmonica on 4 of our songs on that CD. In addition to literally being one of the top 10 harmonica players in the entire world, he is also considered a virtuoso on guitar.
Elf Smilie
Loni, I agree with you, what is wrong with being obsessed? Referring to your question about POTO ST, It has all the songs that you mentioned. I love "Learn to Be Lonely" at the end sung by Minnie Driver's real singing voice...It is very sad, it makes me want to cry
My rendition of Concerto de Aranjuez for Guitar and Orchestra by Joaquin Rodrigo.
"24's by T.I."
"Linkin Park"
"Lil' Jon & The Eastide Boys"
"Busta Rhymes"
"50 Cent"
"Mixed Hip-Hop songs"

I'M listening to CULTURED music, not that silly uneducated stuff. Animated Wink Smilie Animated Wink Smilie *laughs*

I'm listening to THE collector's edition, double CD original motion picture soundtrack of ...

PHANTOM OF THE OPERA!!! (Bet you thought I was going to say TLOTR).

I FINALLY GOT IT!!! A coupla weeks ago. Now I'm listening to it 5 times a week. Once on Monday whilst doing homework. Can't on Tuesday, got handbells till bedtime. Can't on Wednesday, got piano lessons and then Latin classes. THURSDAY!!!! Friday is guitar lesson until 5.30. TWICE ON SATURDAY!!! And on Sunday after church.

I AM IN THE GREATEST OF SPIRITS!!!! I think I'm obssessed. But only temporarily. It will not last. It will not last.
My rendition of Johann Pachelbel's Canon in D for Strings (three violins, viola, cello, and bass viol as input on my Commodore 128 for stereo playback via Commodore 64 or my PC via SIDplay2w or VICE.)
Loni, I agree with you, what is wrong with being obsessed? Referring to your question about POTO ST, It has all the songs that you mentioned. I love "Learn to Be Lonely" at the end sung by Minnie Driver's real singing voice...It is very sad, it makes me want to cry

Well, you COULD argue that being obsessed is like having too much of a good thing. BUT WHO CARES??? 'Learn to be Lonely' isn't THAT sad for me. Cause it's kind of a cheering you up song too. 'Life can be lived, LIFE CAN BE LOVED, alone.' The whole 'it's possible to enjoy life on your own' theme. But 'all I ask of you reprise' is REALLY SAD. And certain bits of 'Down Once More.' And 'Stranger than you Dreamt it' minus his little Pandora/Delilah accusations. And the little bit Christine says before 'All I ask of you' on the roof. "but his voice..." IT'S IN MY HEAD NOW!!!! No wonder. I've just finished listening to the whole two CDs before I came on here.

No prizes for guessing what I'VE been listening to (again)...
The Riverboat Song by Ocean Colour Scene..... Those guys should have been playing back in the early seventies alongside Cream. It's good to hear sounds like that are still being made.
I'm listening to a cd called 'Sleep Inducement' - I have a bad back and this help me go to sleep. It's waves crashing on a beach. The trouble is when I hear water now I wnat to go to sleep!!!
Sleeping Smilie
Celtic Requiem Cool Elf Smilie
OK, I know its getting repetitive, but Linkin Park and DMX, I luv them!! (Btw, I don't mean that literally, just I luv their music)
Celtic Dreams, just downloaded.
Celtic Requiem

Can you give me some details on this please


Celtic Dreams

Both sound great

ps Linkin Park are great Chester's voice is mmmmmmm
I am listening to The Doors' live version of "Roadhouse Blues", recorded in 1969 in Miami, FL, at the very concert that Jim Morrison was accused of, well, inciting a riot with, erm, certain acts. Classic stuff!
Jesse Cook's Gravity.
I'm listening to 'La Tarentelle' by Burgmuller, played (rather badly) by ME!!! in my head, I'm at school. I'm actually listening to myself humming 'Music of the Night' by old Lloyd Webber, and everyone else talking about boys.
actualy Megadeth "Blood of Heroes" from "Youthanasia" album
"angel in my pocket, devil by my side,
we ain't going nowhere, 'cause heroes never die!";-)
celtic airs and dance
The NCAA Men's Div. 1 Hoops Tourney in the backround on the TV while I'm online. March Madness baby!!!!
Disturbed Smilie
NPR's 'All Things Considered'
got *Rouge* playing on the telly in the background. If you're not a Kiwi or an Aussie, Rouge is a bit like the tonight show, but funny, ohhhh so funny.
Eminem "Mockingbird"
claudio baglioni: "piccolo grande amore"
Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus
My son playing Neverwinter Nights on the PC next to me.
I'm also playing Never Winter Nights (for the third time) and when I finish the forum today, I'll go see if I can keep myself from being killed by Klauth, the Ancient Red Dragon. Super Scared Smilie Meanwhile, I'm listening to NPR's On the Media.
My wife playing a CD which came free with the Sunday newspaper... A second ago it was Black Magic Woman by Fleetwood Mac, but as I write, it's become Don't Bring me Down by ELO.
The local news, waiting for the weather report to come on. Seems as though we have another big storm moving in over the next few days, like we haven’t had enough rain already this year, sheesh!
Elf Rolling Eyes Smilie
Masters of the Universe by Hawkwind, off their Live Chronicles album. They seem to put this particular track on every other album, but this is my personal favourite version.... Really stomping.
the best of Laura Pausini....great album!!!
I’m currently listening to disc two of the 10-disc box set The Complete Billie Holiday on Verve 1945 ’ 1959 that my lovely wife gave me as a birthday present almost 10 days ago.

Tracks 1-8 on the disc I’m currently listening to were taken from a late spring 1952 Los Angeles recording session. Tracks 9-14 were taken from what was probably a July 27, 1952 recording session in NYC, and tracks 15-24, which round out this disc, were taken from a live Jazz Club USA concert performance in Germany on January 23, 1954.
Smoke Smilie
right now I am listening to my Christian Rock Hits 2005 CD. Lose This Life by Tait is on! I love this song.
A Worried Man by the Kingston Trio
Sadness - Stash.

You probably don't know it, it's a Belgian group, first single, and a very good one too.
Heart - Alone
Disc four of the 10-disc box set The Complete Billie Holiday on Verve 1945 ’ 1959.

The tracks on the disc I’m currently listening to were taken from an August 22 rehearsal in 1955 at bass player's Artie Shapiro's home in Los Angeles. Very interesting disc because it’s just a scaled down trio with just ’Lady Day’ on vocals, Artie Shapiro on bass, and Jimmy Rowles on piano, with lots of discussion amongst the three between takes and partial takes as they work out their parts, and plot the arrangement of the tunes!
Super Wow Smilie
Just finished listening to disc 2 of the the album entitled Mississippi John Hurt, D.C. Blues, The Library of Congress Recordings.

Next up is Big Bill Broonzy, Good Time Tonight!
Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie
This morning's 10 AM Diane Rehm Show via the website.
Led Zep- "over the hills and far away"
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