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Thread: What are you listening to?

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Lovely talk radio.
Grendel by Marillion
Bought 4 albums today. One Garbage (the group, not my opinion), one Jethro Tull (farming never was so much fun! Tongue Smilie ) and 2 L'’me Immortelle. *prepair ears with lotion*
Van Morrison - Queen of the Slipstream Smile Smilie
Bought 4 albums today. One Garbage (the group, not my opinion), one Jethro Tull

Which Garbage album?

Jethro Tull are great! Good choice!

(Vee stands on one leg while trying to play the flute............ [thunk] )
Garbage, version 2.0. Favourite: Paranoid Smilie

Jethro Tull varies between great, not-so-great and awesome! They have made much! And thank heavens (and Ian Anderson) for that! Big Smile Smilie
Im listing to music!!! Dont really know the names but good music!
Pink Floyd - High Hopes (my fave from them!)
Grev: I've got 3 Garbage cds.... Version 2.0, Beautiful and I think....... Garbage.

Last night I fell asleep to Enya - Shepherd Moons (thanks to Bugy suggesting it). I had forgotten how mellowing her stuff is. Not the greatest music in the world but v...e....r....y mellow. So mellow I listened to it again this afternoon in the bath. (Note to self - buy waterproof cd player next time).

Currently listening to Cartoon Network...... grrrrr... Turn the volume down!

Evanescence- the ablum Fallen. love it!!!!!!
Baby chicken's tweeting...It's driving me crazy Smile Smilie
Love that burns by Fleetwood Mac..... You can almost smell the stale beer and cigarette smoke in that song.
Ahhhh.... Fleetwood Mac as was...... great stuff - Oh Well parts 1 and 2, Green Manalishi and Man of the World.....

I'll raise your Fleetwood mac with a King Crimson - Starless and Bible Black - Fracture.

Just moved onto Vroom from their album THRAK.... Dinosaur........
I'm listening to an annoying commercial on the TV.
Now onto John Paul Jones - The Thunderthief

Good bass line on Leafy Meadows.

Down to the River to Pray is lovely....
Fun Lovin' Criminals tonight.......

Come Find Yourself.......... I like Scooby Snacks and Smoke 'Em........
A Spanish-sounding track of guitar and percussive music from the CD soundtrack to my fav. show, along with another track of choral, ethereal (ominous and prophetic) music.
Im not listining to anything...I watching the Chicago Cubs KILL THE GUTS out of the Arizona Diamond Backs. Im a girl and I love baseball! yeah!!! GO CUBBIES!!
What's basketball have to do with music?? As hard as it may be, try to stay on the toppic honey!
Listening to the radio playing silly songs I don't even want to know the titles of. So radio is going off soon.
Ok now Ill saty on topic Crystal Caves! Im listinging to Maroon5 on my computer and next is Jet.

P.S... You mean Baseball? lol
Natural Mystic by Bob Marley
Simon and Garfunkle,Red Hot Chili Peppers,Modest Mouse,Nirvana,the ya-ya-ya's,of course the Beatles and Stones,the Stray Cats,Nancy Sinatra,Social D,Radiohead,Dead Kennedys,Joan Jett's old stuff,Wyclef,CCR,and Pixies.And yes,I'm listening to all of those right now all at once,which makes for a very interesting blend.If you'd like to try it,put 64 stereos together and play all of your favorite artists all at the same time-I personally guarantee that your parents/neighbors won't like it! Tongue Smilie Very Mad Smilie Shocked Smilie Dead Smilie Wary Smilie Question Smilie
The same old mouse clicking noise along with the sound of the keys clicking, as I frequent the same threads over and over... Boring Smilie
I'm listening to Monty Python's Life of Brian
Lol! I like that! Big Smile Smilie

Listening to "Baby when you're gone" by Bryan Adams and one of those Spice Girls, forgot the name. Radio, anyway.

And to the theme of the Muppet Show (in my head). Elk Grinning Smilie
Neil Young's Harvest
Nothing at the mo watchin tv that has music in the programs if that counts
A strange cd compilation that a friend did for a meet we had at the weekend.

martyn Bennett - Liberation
Bongshang - The Floggin' Set
Bob Brozman - Worryin' the Blues Away
Annbjorg Lien - Loki
Little Axe - All Night party

and some others.
A voice in my head telling me I should get off here and telephone my girlfriend.
Don't listen to them! Stay and talk to us. We are so much nicer than anyone ele. Well, I am......

Listening now to Pink Floyd - A Momentary Lapse of Reason.... which I have all the time....
Right now listening to The Carnival of Animals by Saint-Saens.
Listening to myself singing! Be glad all of u are safely tucked away in ur respective homes far from earshot!
Calliandra Shade - Ian Anderson. Smile Smilie
Right now I’m listening to Billie Holiday! I think as I’ve said in the past around here a time or two, Billie is my personal favorite singer of all time. Today would have been Billie’s 89th Birthday, so obviously the best way to honor her memory is by listening to her incredible voice!

Happy Birthday Billie! Your star burns brighter than ever, and you will never be forgotten! Birthday Smilie
Right now, I'm listening to ME play Mozart on the piano, while I read a book! (Seriously, there is a piece I can play so well I was reading the Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finnj while i played it!)
Lucky you. I wish I could play the piano - I can manage the opening bit of Moonlight Sonata and Chopsticks boogie woogie stle but that's it.

A friend sent me a Level 42 cd today following some nostalgia at the weekend so I am listening to 'Lessons in Love'.
Listening to Louise Attaque - Je t'emm’ne au vent (yes, that's French, and it's fantastic). Made my day! Big Smile Smilie
Same as above again. Can't stop listening to it! Big Smile Smilie
I'm listening to Avril Lavigne try to sing a System of a Down song *snicker*, which was hilarious.
Haylie Duff's "Girl in the Band." And no one is allowed to snicker at my choice of Hilary Duff's sister. Big Smile Smilie
Listening to the Mahna Mahna - Muppet song in my head. Yay! Big Smile Smilie
Got a bit of Cat Stevens in my heed the noo

Moonshadow, and Wild World... Sheesh i'm such a hippy at heart!

Smoke Smilie

Wild World?

Is that "Oh baby baby it's a wild world....."? Also sung at some point by someone else who Ican't remember but it is a fantastic song.

I'm looking for my War of the Worlds cd - I said earlier somewhere that it was The Moody Blues but then remembered it is Jeff Wayne! It is (was) Richard Burton as the commentator though, was it not? Dang, where are those cds??????

So, no War of the World to listen to so it will have to be.......... er...................

(opens media player...)

Oooooooh look David Bowie - John, I'm Only Dancing.............. turns me on........... but I'm only dancing....... turns me on. ...don't get me wrong... I'm only dancing!

Now onto Loving the Alien....... and next will be......... (drumroll).............. Knock on Wood!

I'm having a mid-day BOP!
Is that "Oh baby baby it's a wild world....."? Also sung at some point by someone else who Ican't remember but it is a fantastic song.


Currently listening to the vacuum cleaner. Boring Smilie
Yeah, I sometimes have a problem with remembering words, names..... who am I?

Currently listening to Aerosmith 'Honkin' on Bobo'.

I`m listening to: my mum, dad and brother argue over what my brother`s room is going to look like. i think my dad just likes being awquard Paranoid Smilie
Listening to Billy Joel, though I can't remember the name of the song... Disturbed Smilie
Love Is Only A Feeling - The Darkness.
That sounds really good, Naira!

Because the weather's so fine today, I opened the window, and now I'm listening to the birds singing their happy spring-song. *sigh*
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