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Thread: What are you listening to?

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Quite a bluesy morning for me today music-wise (not emotionally...I'm actually in quite a happy mood)

I'm currently listening to The Messiah will come again, by Roy Buchanan, who sadly hung himself in a police cell a few years ago. I've never heard anyone who has such technical mastery of a guitar (Jimi Hendrix playing with feedback comes to mind, but Roy Buchanan's sound is crystal clear.)
coldplay: talk. I actually talked about coldplay last night, and now I'm listening to talk by coldplay. ain't that strange? (ok, guys, hang me...)
Jesse Cook's album Vertigo I really dig his music; I have four of his albums.
Anna Nalick: Wreck of the Day. I love her voice.
Take Your Sweet Time by Jesse McCartney
Joe Cocker - Summer in the city
an album from the new yorker band diamond nights I just bought... anyone ever heard about them??
When September Ends- Green day!!!!
Di-rect & Wibi Soerjadi - Blind for You

Though Wibi Soerjadi makes me listen to it. Di-rect is so-so.
Fix You- Coldplay
Open Source
lady by mando diao
What's my age again? - Blink 182
a voice conversation on MSN messenger with *someone*
Says You! out of
"Screaming at the Wailing Wall" by Flogging Molly
Heavy Horses by Jethro Tull.... The old boys are touring again in February. Might just have to go and see them.
frozen in time by adam green *yea*
"Let it Rock" by Bon Jovi, but it is about to go off, now it "Rumours in the Air" by Night Ranger.

OOOOOH "In My Dreams" by Dokken Wink Smilie Super Wow Smilie Juggling Smilie Wiggle Smilie
Drunmken lullabies by Flogging molly
secret tonuges by adam green. I'm listening to nothing else than his cds at the moment, as a friend of mine borrowed me two of them and they're great.
The Memory of Trees -Enya
Gates of Babylon by Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow. I'm in a bit of a heavy mood this morning.
Cavalleria Rusticana.

The first time I heard it was in Godfather 3.
why does it always rain on me? by travis
My rendition of Beethoven's Second Symphony in D Major (Opus 36) composed 1801-02, which I typed into my computer in September 1998.

A selection of Chopin's best piano pieces. At this moment, the minute waltz.

du erkennst mich nicht wieder by the german band WIR SIND HELDEN. (WE ARE HEROES... Orc Smiling Smilie )
Foo Fighters - Learn to Fly
Good Charlotte- Predictable whilst eating a not so good cheese on toast
STS (austrian band that was very popular some years ago) - I hob di lebn gsehn.
the Harry Potter movie soundtrack.
James Blunt - 'Back to Bedlam'
The Phantom of the Opera soundtrack (the new film)- All i ask of you
given to me by a dear friend
dont let me die still wondering-flogging molly
The sound of my classmates typing and flipping pages, and of Kate clapping for no apperant reason.
White Christmas and many other Christmas carols!!!! Christmas Tree Smilie
foo fighters - times like these
The Tavis Smiley Show via KUOW2 online radio which airs Friday nights at Midnight GMT, 4 PM on the Left Coast.
in a little while by U2
battle of evermore - led zeppelin Smile Smilie
American Football: San Francisco 49ers at Seattle Seahawks, 24 to 3 in favor of Seahawks at halftime.
My Biology teacher drone on about genetic engineering....
Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
moonlight sonata by beethoven. very relaxing.
West Side Story...brill
100 years..Five for Fighting...The Battle for Everything
All the Small Things...Blink 182...Enema Of The State
Open Source Tonight's discussion is: "E. O. Wilson, Darwin and Dover".
Chalice of Agony from Avantasia. dunno the singer

The wife sorting through a pile of paperwork and old bills so that the house has some resemblence of tidy for when the inlaws arrive for Christmas.
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