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Thread: Who's next?

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Ugh! Ack! Phew! How could you even suggest such a thing! Blech! Or did you mean the Jelly Belly of that flavor? If so, I don't know!

Next watches TV game shows.
No - I love films

Next laughs a lot

Earwax - have you seen the programme about the man who collects his earwax to polish his furniture - he has jars of the stuff.....aarrrrrrghhh Orc Grinning Smilie and no I didn't watch the programme for that - it was one of those 'strangest things' programme with other weird stuff
Well I chuckle more than belly laugh, but sometimes enough to make tears come to my eyes.

Next does the dishes at least once per day.
nope I have a dishwasher Smile Smilie

next is listening to music
Nope, I'm listening to my Seattle Sea-turkeys (3-3) trying to figure out how to lose to the putrid St. Louis Rams (0-6); however Nate Burleson just ran the second-half kickoff back 91 yards for a touchdown and now we lead 17 to 3. Jumping Flame Smilie

Next isn't sure what they will be doing tomorrow.
I always have a list of stuff so I'm usually pretty sure about what to do. tomorrow the truck goes to be fixed and Grandpa goes to the dentist.

Next can wiggle their ears.
No, but I can touch the tip of my nose with my tongue. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie

Next won't be me, myself, or I; but it might be you.
It is! What a shock!

Next has been staring at the computer screen for so long that foam has begun to ooze out of the corners of his or her eyes. And is also a werewolf!
Only when the moon is full. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Next has been studying hard in preparation for something.
Nope - unless researching for a holiday counts Wink Smilie

Next is worrying about something?
Nope the power just came back on; it went off at 2:30 PM local, and didn't come back on until after 7:00 PM. My apartment is servived by two feeds, my refrigerator, microwave and radio are powered from the east, which bnever was off; however my computer, TV, heat, stereo, and overhead lighting comes in from the west. That circuit had a line down that caused a bushfire a couple blocks away and caused the local trasformer to blowAnyway, until the full power came back so I could get online, I was worried. Now I'm not. In the imortal words of Alfred E. Newman, "What! me worry?"

Next has been there; done that.
And, depending on what 'that' is, I've also got the Tshirt. Ha Ha Ha Smilie

Next has never had a broken bone.
Not trueSmile Smilie
Next is celebrating today
Only that it is TGIF. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Next is/was/will be watching a movie tonight.
Probably not, it's nearly midnight here and I like to pretend that I go to sleep early.

Next is thinking what I'm thinking I'm thinking.
(...Uh...Yes, of course its supposed to be in there twice. Uhhh...)
You're wondering how long it will take someone to guess what you're thinking you're thinking. Big Smile Smilie

Next is very happy, and very sad right now.

In Love Smilie I saw the girl I love again last night, got to do one dance with her. So I'm very happy, first time I've seen her in 6 months. I'm sad though because now I won't see her again for another 6 months, unless maybe by a chance meeting somewhere. Sad Smilie Orc Sad Smilie
No, but I remember having a similar bitter-sweet non-relationship with a girl I danced with at a few dances one summer at the North Star Garange. I could never get up the courage to ask her out and by the time I could, she was going steady with an older guy with a job and a souped-up customized car, and I was just a poor uni student who had to return to classes when the summer was over. Those were the good old days?

Next has never experianced puppy-love.
Sadly enough, I think I'm experiencing it still. But you never know, maybe one of these days, a puppy love will evolve into something more...

Next has an orange bookmark.

I'm certain amongst my hundred plus bookmarks there is one that is mostly orange. I also have a set of PJ's Lord of the Rings movie bookmarks, each of which has the One Ring or some other symbolic charm, dangling from an attached cord. My favorite is the one of Gollum.

Next had a small accident over the weekend, but things are back to normal now.
No real accident here; I messed up the storage area of my car hauling apple tree branches to the rabbits at the shelter where I do volunteer work but got it all cleaned up the next morning and no harm done.

Next has never had a rabbit lick their nose..
No - but bite my finger - yes. I had to chase my friend's rabbit around their garden - they were on holiday and I had to put in the rabbit in the run and put it back later - but could I catch it.........NO I COULD NOT.....when I finally finished amusing the neighbours (who didn't offer to help!) the rabbit thanked me by biting my finger. I had visions of having to buy another rabbit, as several times the rabbit came very close to getting through the fence onto a field (it had got out of the run by then). Phew, I'm exhausted just thinking about it.

Next has had to buy a pet for friends - as the poor pet had Dead Smilie whilst in your care?
No, before we had children probably in 1968, we cared for our rector's dog for a couple weeks the dog didn't die; in doing so we also sat their house, which didn't burn down or anything. In other words, very boring except when the retired Bishop of Spokane dropped by for a visit with the absent rector and we served tea in the flower garden and had an interesting conversation about this and that.

My daughter, when she was young, put one of our gerbils in her purse and accidentally sat on it. That was a traumatic experience. And I, as a five or six year old, cried when my pet heifer was sent to the butchers for our next years meat supply.

Next has already bought their Christmas cards even though they hate it when the stores start putting out Christmas stuff before Thanksgiving or Halloween even.
No Sir ..I haven't bougth a present yet ..ang yes I get upset when the shops start with X-mas decorations and gifts early in October
Next just at a big meal
Nope, but I'm starting to think about dinner.

Next saw my Jack O' Lantern today in the Party Tree.
Yes - went and had a look Wink Smilie - I've never made one of those! I don't think I've ever even seen one except in pictures. I have seen the pumpkins but not carved. Sorry I think I've been living under a stone Big Laugh Smilie

Next has a cold nose - to match their cold feet
Well, I'm sat on my feet at the moment, they are numb, but not cold... and my nose is cold for some reason, I never noticed until I read it Orc Smiling Smilie

Next knows what Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanokoniosis is?

I just sooo wanted to use that word somehow Orc Grinning Smilie
Er no.....wait a minute Maydmarion finds on-line dictionary.......

Of course I do......It's the longest word in English language...............I knew it all the time....l..o..l.....I think not...... Ha Ha Ha Smilie

Tell me did you come to find this word??????? Read Smilie

Next has just had the flu jab....ouch...... Wary Smilie
Nope! I am able to stay away from children and don't go out in public much so I seldom get colds and haven't had flu for ages. Knock-on-my-head.

Hasn't been rock climbing on a fabricated wall at a commercial establishment.
That was a few years ago, when I loved rock climbing but couldn't find suitable cliffs and didnt have the guts to try them anyways.

Next has an LOTR picture as their desktop background.
No, I have a picture of lovely autumn leaves. All year round, too.

Next makes a mean batch of chili.
i dont know if i would because i've never tried

next has been to a party recently
Nope ..but my daugther Lisa is having a party tonigth with 9 other girls Smile Smilie
Next is LOSS Smile Smilie
No it's me but I'm pretty close to Loss as the crow flies......

Next is about to start making Tea
No, but I just finished a pint of English Breakfast which was part of my late breakfast.

Next doesn't like chocolate ice cream.
Not true; in fact I'm not sure there's an ice cream in existence that I don't like.

Next changes TV channels a lot.
Only during commercials; Elf With a Big Grin Smilie and then i usually just cycle through the cable guide rather than through all the channels, or else I return to the other last channel I was watching before the current one. 500 channels and still nothing to watch!

Next is Mellon.
True Grondy Smile Smilie How did you know that ? Big Laugh Smilie
Next is feeling good today
No - pretty upset really - had a really rude, nasty patient in work today - she made me cry Very Sad Smilie She complains and is rude every time she comes into the hospital.

Next has a few days off work....phew?
Not I; I wish I did...

Next would like to ride in a hot air balloon someday.

I'm sorry you had a difficult patient, Maydmarion! >Hugs< Fie on her!
Yes I'm hoping to go on a balloon ride when I go to Egypt next October - to fly over the Valley of the Kings - bit wary though Wary Smilie

Next has put their car in for an MOT and it passed Big Smile Smilie (over in the UK - not sure if other countires have a car test or anything?)

Thank you Sian Happy Elf Smilie
We have the MOTs, but having sold my last car in the mid 80s I have missed having to sweat the tests.

Next didn't go fishing this year?
No, I didn't. I don't know if I've ever been at all..

Next has the autograph of a famous person.
I have an autographed photo of Douglas Adams he or his publicist sent in response to a letter I wrote him about fifteen years ago.

Next is going to enjoy themself this weekend?
Well I'm happy my daughter came home from San Diego Big Smile Smilie but not feeling very well so yes and no.

Next is a worrier (not a soldier Big Laugh Smilie ) or do you go with the flow Cool Smilie
I tend to go with the flow but I do worry a lot, too..

Next has a lot of refridgerator magnets.
Oh yes loads.........everyone should have fridge magnets.

Next is Grondy Big Smile Smilie
Ah, you peeked! Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie

Next had trouble waking up this morning.
How did you know? I was so groggy...!

Next is looking forward to a movie that is soon to be in theaters.'s been in the pictures but I'm waiting to see it on DVD....Stardust Big Smile Smilie

Next is all ready for Christmas?
Shucks no! Not going to think about it until after our national Thanksgiving holiday, Thursday next week.

Next already has a 2008 calendar.
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