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This rule has been instigated as a courtesy to the membership who live in different timezones: When you correctly answer the trivia question, please wait 24 hours after the next question is posted, before posting another answer so the other members can get a crack at a question too. Thanks Happy Elf Smilie

Which King of Numenor did Sauron corrupt to the worship of Melkor?

(Grondy edited this post to add the above rule.) Super Wow Smilie
isnt that lugburtz? or something like that?
I think it is Lugburz Boring, yeah.
Okay, a little harder then. What was called Stoningland, when, and by whom?
Erm...the Shire when the hobbits replaced 'baccy with grass?
lol. Guess- Dunland, by the Numenoreans.
Not even close.
Ah! Who cares? Merry Xmas everyone!!!! *Plastic
thanx and merry X-mas to you too

Emin Muil???
Okay, it is a lot harder than 'a little harder'. Took me about an hour to find in the text, even when I knew the answer ahead of time. I wanted something that wasn't on the tip of anyone's tongue or easy to find by looking in an index. Seems I suceeded. I'll provide the answer come the weekend. Big Smile Smilie
You have succeeded grondy, very much so. Roll on weekend!
You know Grondie, I never did find out the answer to your previous question. You asked, "How did Beechbone die" or something to that effect. Did I miss the answer? *ungoliant
You know Grondie, I never did find out the answer to your previous question. You asked, "How did Beechbone die" or something to that effect. Did I miss the answer? *ungoliant
Golly gee I don't remember posting the answer, caused I think, by one of the many past crashes where we have had to start over. Anyway here is the answer, as told by Pippin to the Heroes of Helm's Deep' in part of his discertation on 'The Battle of Isegard' found in "The Two Towers" Book III, Chapter 9, entitled, 'Flotsam and Jetsam':
Quickbeam, and others had burst in from the north and east; they were roaming about and doing a great deal of damage. Suddenly up came fires and foul fumes: the vents and shafts all over the plain began to spout and belch. Several of the Ents got scorched and blistered. One of them, Beechbone I think he was called, a very tall and handsome Ent, got caught in a spray of some liquid fire and burned like a torch: a horrible sight.

That sent them mad. I thought they had been really roused before; but I was wrong. I saw what it was like at last. It was staggering."
If Saruman deserved to die for temporarily messing up The Shire, this passage should have been enough to condemn him to to the ever burning fires of Hell. One-White-Tree and I don't approve of napalming trees; it lowers property values. Sad Smilie
But it's so much fun!!! Big Smile Smilie
Okay stoningland was another name for gondor (it says so in my ME-atlas bible...) but i couldn't find who called it that and when...

I think it was called so soon after the numeneor came to ME (gondor) by other ppl whom lived in the neighbourhood and saw the craftmenship of the numeneor with stone...
Really? I never knew that! (well I probably did for 30 seconds after reading it in that very tome, but not for long, obviously!)

Quick and Easy one then, who or what was Iarwain Ben-Adar? (Think I've spelt that right)
Too easy. Or are you trying to bait TomBombadillo?

I've got one: Name Elrond's sons

[Edited on 28/12/2001 by Allyssa][Edited on 1/2/2002 by Allyssa]
that's an easy one.. if i can find the books... errrr...

okay Elrahir?? or something?? dunno it's a character from me old ME ccg, i couldn't do any better atm
Sorta' close Boring it...Elladan and Elrohir
Okay, a little harder then. What was called Stoningland, when, and by whom?
Boring is right in that it is Gondor and is found in a Rohirrim song called the Mounds of Mundburg writen long after the Battle of Pelennor Fields.
We heard of the horns in the hills ringing,
the swords shining in the South-kingdom.
Steeds went striding to the Stoningland
as wind in the morning. War was kindled.
There Theoden fell, Thengling mighty,
to his golden halls and green pastures
in the Northern fields never returning,
high lord of the host. Harding and Guthlaf,
Dunhere and Deorwine, doughty Grimbold,
Herefara and Herubrand, Horn and Fastred,
fought and fell there in a far country:
in the Mounds of Mundburg under mould they lie
with their league-fellows, lords of Gondor.
That's the first half of the song; you can find the rest of it on the last page of LOTR Vol. III, Book V, Chapter 6 entitled 'The Battle of Pelennor Fields'. Give Boring a Cuddly Bear.

One more thing, I've found that if you read Tolkein's songs/poetry/verse out loud it works better than just reading it silently in your head.
Maybe this one will be a tad bit easier. Who killed Uldor the Accursed? Where and when?
ooh! ooh! I know this one.......
Uldor the accursed was one of the Easterlings who betrayed the elves against Morgoth

Maglor killed him. I think.

I like Maglor. Can anyone guess why?[Edited on 1/2/2002 by Allyssa]
It's that whole elf fetish thing again isn't it?
Cuddly badgers are so cute with their little carpet slippers, pince-nez, and clay pipe; right out of 'The Wind in the Willows". Big Smile Smilie

And now for another one: Where did Old Noakes do his drinking?

[Edited on 2/1/2002 by Grondmaster]
Toot toot! They're vicious buggers, as Plastic said when he gleefully destroyed my illusions of cuddly woodland animals a little while back.

Toad rules!
Y' of you could always help me out here...haha...
A Pseudo-Silmaril or cuddly badger to Chikakat for the right answer.

Ooops my mistake you didn't know the answer; you can keep the prize anyway.

[Edited on 31/12/2001 by Grondmaster]
Hurray! At least one of us knew it... Good job, Chika! Cool Smilie
I knew the answer to Alyssa's question, it's grondy's Uldor one I don't know off hand. Was Alyssa right there?
Oh very funny! I mean was her answer to Grondy's Uldor Question correct?
Allyssa had the right answer: Maglor killed Uldor the Accured and she get her choice of a Pseudo-Silmaril or Cuddly Badger *wave

[Edited on 31/12/2001 by Grondmaster]
Okay, I think I know what a pseudo silmaril is, but what exaclty is a cuddly badger?

Is it related to a plastic squirrel? (hehe)
Wink Smilie Oh, Plastic decided to go into business - got a cartload of his furry & fluffy woodland pals & tried to flog it off to a bunch of Eskimos. Business flopped, Plastic sobbed & ended up donating the cudly badgers & fluffy fruitbat to Grondie for use as awards, since Grondie ran out of pseudo-Simarils. Hmm, wonder what happened to them...*innocent look*


you're gonna flame-broil me, aren't you, Plastic.
He will... He's very proud of his cuddly badgers...
Big Smile Smilie
I'm full of New Year cheer, so I won't it's pretty accurate really! But I never donated my cuddly badgers to Grondy, he just won so many, he has to give them out now to make space in his toy box Wink Smilie
Very true Ungoliant, "Never trust a badger" as a wise man once told me. And who the hell was Old Noakes?
Allyssa has it right again and can have another Pseudo-Silmaril. Smile Smilie Which reminds me: What color were the Silmarils? I don't know the answer to this one. I have been thinking of making a batch of ulfire colored Pseudo-Silmarils and maybe some octarine ones also. Wink Smilie

(Disclaimer: All Pseudo-Silmarils presented by at this site--at least those by yours truly--are imaginary; their physical substance is so non-existant that they can never be held.)
Wasn't Old Noaks a hobbit from bywater?

I believe he frequented the Ivy Bush.

So do I get another Cuddly Badger?

Well, from your answer Allyssa, you surely do deserve one, except my supply is all used up, and I don't have access to The Skwerl's supply. So you will have to accept another Pseudo-Silmaril instead, unless of course, The Skwerl is willing to substitute a Cuddly Badger from his great stockpile. Smile Smilie
I'd go for a Pseudo-Silmaril if I were you Alyssa. See elsewhere for the development of the not-so-cuddly-anymore-badger army of Death.
You have watched to much wind in the willows *Plastic Big Smile Smilie

what's that house called they want to regain anyway? -> I've got a very old dutch version somewhere
You would be referring to Toad Hall, Toads house.
What did Melkor seek in the Void?
Melkor went into the Void looking for the Flame Imperishable (you know, that thing that Gandalf served) so that he could make some little creations of his own.

This is also where he started to have a few ideas about world dominance and all that.

Must not have found it though, since he bred the race of orcs from elves. "He cannot make, he can only mock.."
*hearty Applause*
Blimey you're good at this. Here, I was keeping the last cuddly badger back for myself, but you can have it.
You are really good at this, Alyssa. Before I knew what Grondy meant, you're there with the (right?) answer. Smile Smilie
Yeah it's the right answer, and do you know what Grondy meant yet Tommy? :P
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