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six times nine (nazgul and fellowship)? :P
better check your calculator Plastic 6*7=42, 6*9=54 :P

it was the age of sam??

on the 42nd day of their journey the council of Elrond was held?
...the number 42
Think of it in terms of a competition.
It was the number of orcs Legolas slew and outnumbered Gimli with one orc-neck.
I'm not sure about the details though.
I believe you are right Rincewind, except that if I recall correctly, is was Gimli who won the game, 42 to 41. Smile Smilie
OOps how could i forget, why Rincewind do you always pop-up at trivia questions?
'Forty-two, Master Legolas!' he cried. 'Alas! My axe is notched: the forty-second had an iron collar on his neck. How is it with you?'

'You have passed my score by one.' answered Legolas. 'But I do not grudge you the game, so glad am I to see you on your legs!'
Allyssa gets another Pseudo-Silmaril for her collection. Smile Smilie

Seeing as how were playing neither Horseshoes nor Hand Grenades, Rincewind's close, only deserves an also ran. Big Smile Smilie

Where did Pippin's wife come from?
Pippin's wife was Diamond of Long Cleve, according to the family trees Smile Smilie
well, Boring, that is pure chance. I don't have the time to post two hours a day, so I just look in sometimes. Of course I miss a lot of great stuff then, but now and then I find something to give my opinion to. And hey, I like trivia. Especially if I know the answer Wink Smilie
Another one for Allyssa.

I post these trivia questions after most of you have shut down for the night and those in New Zealand and Australia get first crack at them the next day. What we have is a global problem. I don't mind posting the questions, but want to make it fair for everyone. Maybe the person answering a question should post the next one or else wait a day before answering the next question in order to give the others a chance. Any ideas? Smile Smilie

Okay, Who's the Odd Man Out: Shagrat, The Witch-King of Angmar, Ugluk, 'The Mouth of Sauron', Gorbag?
Deepest apoligies to all for hogging the trivia board. Sometimes it is just so hard to resist.....*apologetic face*

Will attempt to attone by asking a few myself:

1. Who and what was Goldberry? answered

2. Give 2 other suggestions made at the council for the fate of the ring: answered

3. What was the name of the sword that Thingol gave to Beleg? answered

4.What was the name of Sam's pony and what eventually happened to it?answered

5.What weapon did Morgoth favour? answered

6. Who sang a song about Gil Galad on Weathertop?answered

7. What was Dwimordene? answered

8.What was the name of the chain that bound Morgoth? answered

Hope you all enjoy these. Big Smile Smilie
[Edited on 13/2/2002 by Grondmaster]
Apologies not necessary. Smile Smilie and Thanks for the questions. Cool Smilie
Ugluk it was; another for Allyssa.

The single star on the 'West-door' was whose emblem?

There remain two of Allyssa's trivia questions of 02 FEB 2002 to be answered.
[Edited on 9/2/2002 by Grondmaster]
Allyssa Question 1: Goldberry was the River-woman's daughter, I think she was a water sprite. She was also Tom Bombadil's Misses. The following tells how they met, how she caught his attention*:

Old Tom in summertime walked about the meadows
gathering the buttercups, running after shadows,
ticking the bumblebees that buzzed among the flowers,
sitting by the waterside for hours upon hours.

There his beard dangled long down into the water:
up came Goldberry, the River-woman's daughter;
pulled Tom's hanging hair. In he went a-wallowing
under the water-lilies, bubbling and a-swallowing.

'Hey, Tom Bombadil! Whither are you going?'
said fair Goldberry. 'Bubbles you are blowing,
frightening the finny fish and the brown water-rat,
startling the dabchicks, and drowning your feather-hat!'

'You bring it back again, there's a pretty maiden!'
said Tom Bombadil. 'I do not care for wading.
Go down! Sleep again where the pools are shady
far below willow-roots, little water-lady!'
Stanzas two through five out of twenty-seven of 'The Adventures of Tom Bombadil' by JRR Tolkien.
*Tom marries Goldberry later on in the poem.
Well done Grondmaster!! Most impressive reply....

*hands Grondy one of her silmarils.
It would have been easier, had I a scanner; however, as it is from the book that few have access to, I felt it was worthwhile typing it out. Even with a scanner it probably would have required a lot of work to proofread, or have scanner programs gotten better in the past few years?

Allyssa Question 2: At the Council of Elrond, three rejected suggestions towards keeping The Ring from Sauron were:

1) Give the ring into Tom Bombadils savekeeping. (He probably couldn't withstand Sauron's might or he would probably forget about it, and that's if he would even accept it in the first place.)

2) Cast The Ring into the deepest sea. (Not a permanent solution; probably couldn't get there unhindered.)

3) Send it over the sea for safekeeping. (they probably wouldn't accept it; and again probably couldn't get there unhindered.)

There remain six of Allyssa's questions of 02 FEB 2002 to be answered, as well as my one from the same date.
Hey Guys,
Thanx for those who have welcomed me,
Allyssa sorry mate Im gonna jump a few of your questions and answer one I do Know!!!!

Answer to Q4......

Sams pony's name was Bill that was being really mistreated by that dude in Bree, ( the hobbits had to buy a new Pony seen the Nazghul had let al the others go that were staying in the stables) and when they reached the Gates of Moria Sam had to let Bill go because 'the mines were no place for a beast' said by "I dnt know" ( I forgot ) and Bill would have went back to TomBombadillo ( forgot how to spell his name).

Guys Im 'kinda' new here so feel free to correct me!!! sweet as! Wink Smilie
* hands Grondmaster another silmaril.

* hands Eldar half a silmaril
Allyssa Question 3: The name of the sword that Thingol gave as a reward to Beleg was 'Anglachel'. Beleg chose it from among many others; however, at the gift giving Melian stated that it was filled with the malice of the dark heart of the smith who made it and prophesied that 'It will not love the hand it serves; neither will it abide with you long.' Beleg chose it anyway.

'Anglachel' was forged by Eol the Dark Elf for Thingo, from iron that fell from heaven as a blazing star. It would cleave all earth-delved iron. (The sword had a mate/sibling called 'Anguirel' which Eol kept for himself.)

I do not remember how it left Beleg, but Anglachel was later reforged for Turin and renamed 'Gurthang' and sadly, the malice continued. Sad Smilie

The complete story can be found in 'The Silmarillion', Chapter 21 entitled 'Of Turin Turambar'

There remain four of Allyssa's trivia questions of 02 FEB 2002 to be answered, as well as my one from the same date.

Allyssa: You may as well answer my odd-man-out now, if you are so inclined.
[Edited on 8/2/2002 by Grondmaster]
Odd man out: Ugluk? He served Saruman while the others served Sauron.
Alyssa 6. Sam. (thought I'd bung one in for good measure) Big Smile Smilie
7) Dwimordene = Haunted valley. Name for Lorien, given by the men of Rohan.

* hands out silmarils accordingly...
Morgoth faovoured Grond, the Hammer of Underworld.
The name of his chain was Angainor (?I am answering without having had a look into my Silm copy...)
By Golly I think that's right! (not using my books either though) Have a cuddly Badger.
Hooooorrrahhhhh!!!! My versy first Cuddly Badger!!!
It's a gift!

This is MY question: who said that and in what circumstances?
Morgoth favored Grond, the Hammer of Underworld.
Which Tolkien actually said was a great mace, and then in the very next breath named it the 'Hammer of the Underworld'. While both are used to mete out crushing blows, a mace is different from a hammer because its bashing surface (knob) is symmetrical requiring no preferential holding grip; whereas, the hammer has only one or two surfaces (heads) that are intended to make contact and thus it must be held such as to ensure that a head actually makes the contact; and the mass of its head is often greater than that of a mace. I have always wondered why a professional linguist like Tolkien made this mistake in terminology.

So I suppose now somebody will point out that a hammer is just a special type of mace and they all belong to the club/leg-bone family of weapons. Big Smile Smilie

Oh, I just figured it out; Little Christopher strikes again, its not JRR's mistake. Its in the Silmarillion's index where it is called a great mace and then named, in the text where Morgoth kills Fingolfin, there is no mention of a mace. And in JRR's LOTR he just said the battering ram was named "in memory of the Hammer of the Underworld of old." The case is now closed Smile Smilie
It's a gift

Was often said by Fonzy after sorting out the Jukebox at Al's, occassionally followed by Ayyyyy! Wink Smilie
I do not know who Fonzy is???
And I thought of Tolkien's works only...
Remaining trivia questions:

1) The single star on the 'West-door' was whose emblem?

2) Eryan's Who said the following quote; what were the circumstances?
It's a gift!

Hey! Doesn't know who Fonzy is? Must be from France. Big Smile Smilie No offence intended. Smile Smilie
The single star of the Western Door of Moria was the Star of the House of Feanor.
A for my being from France...
"Do I not hit near the mark?"
"Near" said Frodo "but not in the gold"

Yes - I lived in France "once upon a time" and I have some French ancestors...
but that's all.
Is Fonzy supposed to be not known only in France Smile Smilie?
Am still more curious about him? her? it?
Eryan- Fonzie (-ie, guys) is Arthur "The Fonz" Fonzarelli, a character from the 70's TV show "Happy Days". He was the older, cooler, slightly greasy biker guy who hung out with the very dorky Richie Cunningham and Potsie Weber at Arnold's Drive-In, a malt shop near their school. He was a high-school drop-out and had no visible means of support, not to mention no friends his own age, but he was the cool guy that the geeky kids watching (not that all kids watching were geeks) wished would be their friend. Like that would happen. Wink Smilie
Thank you A LOT Jehanne, now I see it!
Indeed, the House of Feanor is the correct answer, Eryan get a Pseudo Silmaril.

And of course, the reference to France was their want to keep American popular culture from corrupting their young. Smile Smilie

Eryan's question has been gnawing on me and today I finally sourced it. I'll wait a couple more days to give the rest of you a chance at it, before I answer it. [Edited on 15/2/2002 by Grondmaster]
Eryan posted on 12/2/2002
It's a gift!
This is MY question: who said that and in what circumstances?

Niggle looked up, and fell off his bicycle.

Before him stood the Tree, his Tree, finished. If you could say that of a Tree that was alive, its leaves opening, it branches growing and bending in the wind that Niggle had so often felt or guessed, and had so often failed to catch. He gazed at the Tree, and slowly he lifted his arms and opened them wide.

"Its a gift!" he said. He was referring to his art, and also to the result; but he was using the word quite literally.

He went on looking at the Tree. All the leaves he had ever laboured at were there, as he had imagined them rather than as he had made them; and there were others that had only budded in his mind, and many that might have budded, if only he had had time.
From 'Leaf by Niggle' by JRR Tolkien. Cool Smilie

Note from your hypothetical reporter : When Niggle said, "I thought I'd died and gone to Heaven," he didn't realize that he had. Big Smile Smilie

Who did Finw’ marry after the death of Miriel?
[Edited on 17/2/2002 by Grondmaster]
Thanks for the Pseudo-Silmaril - so I have 1 Pseudo-Silmaril & 1 Cuddly Badger!
About my riddle, yes, that's it!
I think I will distribute Ice Swans of Eryan, have one, Grondmaster (keep it in a cold
place so that it won't melt! Wink Smilie

The answer to your question is: Indis of the Vanyar.

Now another riddle:
three letters: lambe, ando, lambe - what do they signify?

[Edited on 19/2/2002 by Grondmaster]
Why thank you...*brings the swan over to the fridge, realizes it will never fit. Starts to throw out the contents before realizing it's freezing outside. Puts the swan on his balcony.*

Ok it was a tough one and it most likely requires that you've read the Letters. Oops...maybe I gave it away Wink Smilie

Now another riddle:
three letters: lambe, ando, lambe - what do they signify?

They signify Elendil if I'm not mistaken.

New question:

What was a person (Hobbit), celebrating his/her Birthday called?
[Edited on 24/2/2002 by Grondmaster]
Yes MadMac, thats's right!
And welcome!
Have an Ice Swan and be careful to keep it in a VERY cold place! Wink Smilie
Your question about the Hobbit celebrating his birthday... a great one!!! I do not know!
While waiting for somebody to answer MadMac's question:
What was a person (Hobbit), celebrating his/her Birthday called?
I'll present another: What was the T. C. B. S.?
T.C.B.S. = Tea Club Barrowian Society (???)
You got it; my text reads:
The Tea Club and Barrovian Society (at King Edward's School)
We won't quibble over the v/w spelling.

So Eryan gets another Pseudo-Silmaril. Cool Smilie
Still don't know the Birthday name; however, here is another.

What sort of creatures were the Mewlips supposed to be?
Mewlips - an evil race of cannibal spirits that inhabited marshlands. Similar to a Barrow-wight.
Question: How many toes did Treebeard have on each foot?
Thanks for the Pseudo-Silmaril for T.C.B.S.
For the spelling... I must have thought about the Barrow Wights Wink Smilie
And I did NOT get a Pseudo-Silmaril for the name of the second wife of Finwe... Sad Smilie
Oops, Eryan did answer Finwe's second wife correctly so he gains a Pseudo-Silmaril.

Allyssa gets one for the right mewlips answer.

They peep out slyly; through a crack
There feeling fingers creep,
And when they've finished, in a sack
Your bones they take to keep.

Beyond the Merlock Mountains, a long and lonely road,
Through the spider-shadows and the marsh of Tode,
And through the wood of hanging trees and the gallows-weed,
You go to find the Mewlips--and the Mewlips feed.
A couple stanzas from JRRT's poem 'The Mewlips', one of the poems in 'The Adventures of Tom Bombadil' found in 'The Tolkien Reader'.
When the Elves awoke, Melkor sought to make them fearful of which particular Vala?
Wasn't it Aule?
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