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Thread: Trivia: Barad-dur

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Correct Gildor inglorion, you get the Pseudo-Silmaril. Happy Elf Smilie

In the Second abd Third Ages of the Sun, where did Cirdan the Shipwright live Question Smilie
Let me see: In the Second and Third Age, Lindon was that portion of Ossiriand, still lying west of the Blue Mountains that remained above the Sea. So no, it wasn't Lindon; you should be more specific.
Grey havens?
You got it and a Pseudo-Silmaril Mellon. Happy Elf Smilie

Who took Frodo to be a long lost cousin at 'The Prancing Pony' Question Smilie
hmm cant think of any christian names, but perhaps some underhills from bree?
That answer is close, though not quite good enough. Sorry.
Wasn't Underhill such a common name for a Hobbit that most everybody was related to a mr Underhill? So the answer is every hobbit at the inn. Even if they didn't recognize him, there was still a chance he was a long lost cousin.

No, the Underhills in the Prancing Pony that evening were from a hobbit village, hamlet, or maybe even (if I may?) a hobblet Elf With a Big Grin Smilie located just to the east of Bree on the south-eastern side of Bree-Hill. If no one has looked it up by tomorrow, then I'll give its name and also the new question.
underhills of staddle?
You got it and the pretty bauble Fingolfin. Happy Elf Smilie

What was the name of Beleg's weapon Question Smilie
Anglachel... Later named Gurthang the black cursed sword of Turin Turambar that slew Glaurung the great worm of Morgoth.

Big Smile Smilie
Or his great bow, Belthronding.
Well I was after Beltronding, the name of Beleg's bow; however, as Beleg was going to find Turin for King Thingol, the king let Beleg choose from among his swords of worth, as the Orcs were known to be too thick for bow work. The king only held back Aranuth his own sword and Beleg chose Anglachel, which along with Aranuth had been made by Eol. Then Melian warned that Anglachel was a malicious blade, but Beleg shrugged it off, much to his undoing in latter days.

Anyway I'll award a Pseudo Silmaril to both Curufinwe and Gildor inglorion. Happy Elf Smilie

How did Galndalf escape from the Tower of Orthanc Question Smilie
He was picked up by Gwaihir, the Lord of the Winds.

I'll also point out that the whole whispering to the moth which is seen in the movie, has nothing to do with the book. Gwaihir was just flying over after Radagast had warned any beast to take heed for dark things.
You got it Miruvor as well as another Pseudo-Silmaril to add to your collection gained as Virumor. Happy Elf Smilie

What was most distinctive about the town of Esgaroth Question Smilie
Do you mean that it is built out onto/over the long lake on piles made of wood?
If that is your answer Gwaihir, then that's what I mean. Happy Elf Smilie You get the pretty bauble this time.

Who were Nimloth of Doriath's mother- and father-in-law Question Smilie
I was just going to post!!!! Wink Smilie You beat me to it!! Oh well!!

Hey, Grondy, do you come up with all the questions just off your mind? Or do you have to look them up?
Hey, Grondy, do you come up with all the questions just off your mind? Or do you have to look them up?
I try to look them up, especially if or when I get them from a book of premade questions, for it isn't fair to the membership to give out misinformation. Teacher Smilie Though there have been a few times when Virumor/Miruvor has caught me doing so, which gives me an even greater incentive to get it right the first time. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Luthien & Beren?
I know this sounds reaaaally stupid but what is a Pseudo-Silmaril and what does it do?
Oooo I know the answer to that one! I asked a similar question waaaaaay back..

Its just a little prize to make you feel special when you get the question right, eventually I think they want to be something you can use, but for right now it isnt anything except a "good job".
Maydmarion has the correct answer and the Pseudo-Silmaril. Happy Elf Smilie

Yes Gwiahir, the Pseudo-Silmarils have no intrinsic value other than for bragging rights. They are ephemeral and sublimate before they can reach their recipiant, except Loni now has been awarded about 26 or 27, which she says she has strung as various pieces of jewelry. I don't keep track of who has them, but I have tried to audit Loni's number to keep it somewhat accurate.

Name three of the great Eagles of Arda.
Thorondor, Gwaihir, and Landroval?
hello hehehehe I wish I had looked at this thread a bit earlier.
Yes Lemaly orangeflower, and a fourth is Meneldor who also went with Gandalf to save Frodo and Sam from the fiery lava. So you get the pretty bauble. Happy Elf Smilie

In the High-elven tongue, what were the Balrogs known as Question Smilie
Valaraukar I think. (is it cheating to look it up?)
That is the correct answer and spelling Gwaihir; and no there is no penalty for using the open book, but it is best if you learn something while you are looking up an answer. Anyway you get the Pseudo-Silmaril. Happy Elf Smilie

Who had a butler called Galion Question Smilie
Thranduil the elf king.
hopefully i havent left anything out this time...
Yah but is it cheating to look at The Encyclopedia of Arda?
Yes, it is. What use is a test if you have the book open by your side while taking it?
That's it, and enough for the Pseudo-Silmaril Robbin' wood. Happy Elf Smilie

I'd only use The Encylopedia of Arda after I gave up finding a subject in Tolkien's books. Same with Robert Foster's Complete Guide to Middle-earth, as one doesn't learn much additional information about the subject when just looking up a word or two in an index. If you go hunting through the text you learn and retain a lot more than you can you can by just using an index.

Who killed Gorbag Question Smilie
I think it was Shagrat that killed Gorbag.
Samwise Gamgee ?
You got it and the pretty bauble Lemaly orangeflower. Happy Elf Smilie

From which Vala did Gandalf learn pity and endurance beyond hope Question Smilie
From Nienna. Smile Smilie
You'se got it Amari’, so you'se also gets da Pseudo-thing-gummy. Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie

Why did Sam Gamgee particularly want to go to Rivendell Question Smilie
to see the elves!
You have to correct answer Fingolfin, and another pretty bauble. Happy Elf Smilie

Why did Bilbo have to let the dwarves into the secret of his ring Question Smilie
Because he was rescuing them from the elven halls. This isn't looked up Got The Blues Smilie
That's the correct answer Gwaihir, you get the Pseudo-Silmaril. Happy Elf Smilie

Who slew Uldor the Accursed Question Smilie
i believe it was Maglor in the Nirnaeth
That's it Fingolfin, you get the pretty bauble. Happy Elf Smilie

What name was given to Fornost after it was abandoned Question Smilie
Was it Bree? Or was that just an insignificant little town in Fornost? Oh well...
dead mans dike
Fornost was also known as Norbury while it was populated, but sometime after it was abandoned (ca 1974 T.A.), it had become known as Deadman's Dike by Bilbo's time. So Fingolfin gets another Pseudo-Silmaril. Happy Elf Smilie

Find the Odd Man Out: Amras, Amrod, Celegorm, Maeglin, Maglor
Maeglin, Hes not one of Feanor's sons... add you also miss-spelled Celegorm...
Sorry about that Curufinwe, I'll go back and fix it, still you have the right answer and the reason why, so you get the pretty bauble. Happy Elf Smilie

How many teeth did Gollum have Question Smilie
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