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Thread: Trivia: Barad-dur

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the hobbit family(ies ?)the Underhills from Bree and Staddle
Golden_red gets the pretty bauble for her correct answer. Happy Elf Smilie

Who carried Gurthang Question Smilie
Turin is my short answer.
Short is satisfactory; Gwindor gets the Pseudo-Silmaril. Happy Elf Smilie

Who did Gandalf lead to the aid of the defenders of Helm's Deep Question Smilie
Erkenbrand, Lord of Westfold?

I'll pass on coming up with a question, if i'm right :o)
Erkenbrand and those he could gather; but more importantly, I'm looking for these others who guaranteed the relief of Helms Deep.

Try again Happy Elf Smilie
The Ents, or more specifically, Huorns.
You got it Gwindor, and the pretty bauble too. Happy Elf Smilie

How many corners did Bilbo's front door have Question Smilie
None, it's the famous round door with the doorknob in the middle.
It is also green as I remember; so Turin gets the Pseudo-Silmaril. Happy Elf Smilie

And speaking of doors, how high was the secret door in the side of the Lonely Mountain Question Smilie
Five foot? - I vaguely recall
Correct Gwindor, and also it was four foot wide. So Gwindor gets another pretty bauble. Happy Elf Smilie

Who cast himself, and one of the Silmarils, into the chasm of fire Question Smilie
Maedros, I think it was.
Correct Thorin, Maedhros ir was; you get the Pseudo-Silmaril. Happy Elf Smilie

Whose legs was Bilbo short enough to walk through Question Smilie
Beorn the Great Wink Smilie
Correct Thorin; you get the pretty bauble. Happy Elf Smilie

Who killed Scatha Question Smilie
Eorl the Young?
Keerect Gwindor, you get another Pseudo-Silmaril. Happy Elf Smilie

Which were the first four members of Thorin's Company to boat across the Enchanted (sleep inducing) River Question Smilie
It certainly wasn't Bombur, since he was last for being so fat and then fell in. At a guess I'll say Thorin, Bilbo, Fili and Kili
Almost, except Kili crossed over on the second trip.

So who completed that first foursome over that tricky watercourse?
Was it Balin instead of Kili?
I lost my copy of the hobbit long ago, so this is all from long ago memory.
Yup it was Bilbo's favorite Dwarf Balin; so Gwindor gets the pretty bauble. Happy Elf Smilie

Where did Irmo and Est’ live, and why did the Valar often come there Question Smilie
They lived in Lorien,i think, so possibly the valar often went their for healing/ rest - not sure im taking a complete guess here
Correct Golden_red, they went to L’rien to find rest and to ease their burdens; you get the Pseudo-Silmaril. Happy Elf Smilie

Where did Sam see a vision of Frodo lying asleep under a great dark cliff Question Smilie
In the mirror of Galadriel?
I reckon that is the correct answer Gwindor, so you get the pretty bauble, Happy Elf Smilie

Why did Bilbo take so little hurt from the evil of the Ring Question Smilie
Because he didn't kill Sm’agol out of pity and mercy.
Because he had no desire for power that could me magnified.
Gildor had the answer I was looking for; though I might have accepted Aldaradan's had it been first. "Pity" was the real key. Gildor gets the Pseudo-Silmaril. Happy Elf Smilie

What device did Gorbag's orcs bear on their shields Question Smilie
Hint: Gorbag was the Captain of the Orc patrol who were ordered up to Cirith Ungol from Minas Morgul because the Nazgul feared that spies were on the Stairs.
A Moon?
Yes Gwindor, a moon with a disfigured death head. Which I have always figured was a full moon with a skull superimposed on it. After I finish working the forum today, I think I'll check PJ's LOTR: Return of the King DVD disks three and four to see how he handled it in the movie. I don't remember perusing those disks in my extended edition anyway, so this would be a good time to do so and maybe even watch the movie again. I'll edit this post If I find out anything more. Meanwhile.....

Who lived at Number 3 Bagshot Row, Hobbiton Question Smilie

Nope, I saw nary a Minas Morgul symbol on DVD disks three and four, but lots of red eyes. I am considering watching the movie tonight; maybe I'll catch sight of one then.
Hamfast (the Gaffer) Gamgee and sons?
Gwindor has got it and the pretty bauble too. Happy Elf Smilie

I hadn't realized another of the Gaffer's children married another of Farmer Cotton's children: Which of Rosie and Sam's siblings also joined in matrimony Question Smilie

I didn't see any symbols on any of the Minas Morgul Orcs, and only saw one banner as they marched out of the city, So I think PJ ignored their symbols in RotK.

Tom Cotton the younger and Marigold Gamgee , i think
Golden_red has the correct answer and the Pseudo-Silmaril. Happy Elf Smilie

Odd man out: D’orwine, Derufin, Duilin, Duinhir, Forlong, Gamling, Grimbold, Guthl’f, Question Smilie
Gamling, since he was presumably too old to go galloping off to Minas Tirith. All the others were at the Battle of Pelennor Fields, and died there.
Had to do a bit of research on this one, your questions are getting more difficult, but thats the way I like it.
Correct Gwindor, I was going to just use Rohirrim names in that one and throw in one Gondorian, but decided as the lament at the end of 'The Battle of the Pelennor Fields' listed the dead from both nations, I decided to do it as above. Anyway Gwindor gets the pretty bauble. Happy Elf Smilie

Of what was Gollum's diet in the Misty Mountains comprised Question Smilie
And maybe the odd rock or two. How else could he have only three teeth? Disturbed Smilie
And a side dish of goblin occasionally.
Gildor and Gwindor have the correct answer between them, but as Gildor's answer came first, he will have to share the pretty bauble with Gwindor. Happy Elf Smilie

Who was the greatest of the winged Dragons, the wingless Dragons Question Smilie
Is this two questions?
Anyway, the greatest of the winged dragons was Ancalagon the Black, whom Earendil cast down.
The greatest of the non-winged (worms) was Glaurung who was killed by Turin.
Yes Gwindor, it was a double question and you have the correct answer and the Pseudo-Silmaril. Happy Elf Smilie

Azanulbizar was a Dwarvish name for a geographic area, what was it called in Sindarin or Westron Question Smilie
Nanduhirion in sindarin and dimrill dale in westron
Golden_red has the correct answers and the pretty bauble too. Happy Elf Smilie

What name did ’omer give to Aragorn on account of his swift journey Question Smilie
Wingfoot, I vaguely recall.
You got it Gwindor and also the Pseudo-Silmaril. happyelf:

The town of Esgaroth stood on which lake Question Smilie

The Lonnnngg Lake.
Well, it wasn't that lonnng, but that is the correct answer. Elf Winking Smilie

From whom did Beren take the knife Angrist Question Smilie
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