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Thread: Trivia: Barad-dur

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Close enough, 'It Hurts us, it hurts us,' hissed Gollum. 'It freezes, it bites!.....' Turgon gets the Pseudo-Silmaril. Happy Elf Smilie

Who didn't vanish when he put on the Ring Question Smilie
Tom Bombadillo!

Also I don't believe Sauron disappeared either.
You are correct on the first and probably correct on the latter Aldaradan, so you get the pretty bauble. Happy Elf Smilie

Which warriors bore a white Elven S-rune on their helms Question Smilie
Oh my! This one isn't even hard. If you don't try to answer it now, you'll kick yourself when you hear it. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie
Fine, Ill guess. The elves of Gondolin?
The Sindar?
Were it the Uruk-hai or Orcs, bearing a White Hand on their shields and the rune S for Saruman on their helms?
That's the way I read it Loss, you get the Pseudo-Silmaril. Happy Elf Smilie

On how many levels was Minas Tirith built Question Smilie
7 Smile Smilie
Correct mellon Mellon; you get the pretty bauble. Happy Elf Smilie

Who alone had to be blindfolded before entering Lothlorien Question Smilie
Easy enough, twas' Gimli the dwarf. They and the elves had a hard time forgiving each other...sad.
You got it AR-37, and also the Pseudo-Silmaril. Happy Elf Smilie

What two names did Sam give Gollum Question Smilie
Those are the two Glorifindel, you get the Pseudo-Silmaril. Happy Elf Smilie

Who was Fl’i Question Smilie
Hint: his name appeared in LotR.
In taking the great gate of Moria ,Balins company lost one of their dwarfs and he was named FloiSmile Smilie Is this what you meant Grondy ?
I believe you asked this question on the page 72, to which Gildor correctly responded:

One of six Dwarves who entered Moria with Balin.

By the way, I didn't use search to find that, I was just browsing around and came upon it by luck. Elf Winking Smilie
"One of six dwarves"?! Typical that Dopey got lost again.
Typical that Dopey got lost again.

VirSmile Smilie you was also invited Smile Smilie
Yes, Mellon gets the Pseudo-Silmaril for the correct answer. Happy Elf Smilie

Yes Aldaradan, I probably recycled it even more times than that; but we do get new people here so I don't feel like coming up with new ones very often as after doing this for six or seven years it seems to get stale. Orc Grinning Smilie

What color was the hair of she who was called "the Silver-foot" Question Smilie
The hair of Idril Celebrindal was the gold of Laurelin before the coming of Melko.
No, Amari’'s hair was.
Fionw’ has the right answer and the pretty bauble. Happy Elf Smilie

What was Bundushath’r Question Smilie
Hint: found in 'The Ring Goes South' of FotR.
Twas one of the three Mountains that Khazad-d’m was built under, also called The Cloudyhead...
You got it Loss, and the pretty bauble. Happy Elf Smilie

When Frodo was wounded by the Nazg’l Lord, what did Aragorn go to fetch Question Smilie
No... Athelas Orc Grinning Smilie
By any other name it would smell as wholesome, so Glorifindel gets the Pseudo-Silmaril. Happy Elf Smilie

'Who played a golden harp in Bilbo's house Question Smilie
Thorin Oakenshield?
Correct Glorifindel and your timing was right, so you get the pretty bauble.

From whom did Beren take the knife Angrist Question Smilie
He took it from Curufin while he was fighting with him
I just read the chapter about Beren and Luthien in Silmarillion
He's the one Mellon, you get another Pseudo-Silmaril. Happy Elf Smilie

Who sold a pony to Butterburr for twelve silver pennies Question Smilie
I'll say Strider, either that or, I'll say my other guess...
Bill Ferny, maybe.
yes it was bill ferny the pony was told to him for three times its value.
Yes, Aldaradan has the right answer and the pretty bauble. Happy Elf Smilie

Which chapter starts out with these words: 'When Bilbo opened his eyes, he wondered if he had; for it was just as dark as with them shut.' Question Smilie
Riddles in the Dark.
You have the correct answer Turgon, but not the Pseudo-Silmaril, for you answered 13 hours too soon. Orc Sad Smilie See the rule in the first post of this thread. Happy Elf Smilie

What river flowed past Menegroth before joining the Sirion Question Smilie
I know the answer dam this rule hope i'm awake at 11.28pm tonight to answer this.
The River Esgalduin
you got it right but answered to early see rule on front page.
you got it right but answered to early see rule on front page.

No, the rule only applies to the person who got the last correct answer so that they have to wait a day before they can answer again allowing someone else a crack at the question,

There is one exception: If during the 24 hour waiting period a second person correctly answers the new question and I post an even newer question, then the first person can go ahead and answer the newer question and the new waiting period now applies to the second person.

This rule was instigated because if a person was always here just after I posted the question and they always answered it correctly; no one else would ever get a chance to answer it. This still may not solve the problem for everyone, but it usually works well for most.

So, Aldaradan gets the pretty bauble Happy Elf Smilie but must now wait 24 hours while Turgon is free to answer the following question:

Alqualond’ means 'Haven of.....' what Question Smilie

Etharion you are correct.
Yup, Etharion gets the Pseudo-Silmaril. Happy Elf Smilie

What word opened the West-door of Moria Question Smilie
Correct Aldaradan, another pretty bauble to you; and now you get to do the waiting. Happy Elf Smilie

What disaster befell Gondor in 2002 TA Question Smilie
Hint: Appendix B of LotR
Minas Ithil fell, and was captured by the Nazgul, renaming it Minas Morgul... according to the Appendix, the palantir was captured Sad Smilie
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