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Dagor Bragollach.

And I'm not going to haggle about whether or not Ossiriand and Thargelion were part of Beleriand: they also sank beneath the waves and I consider the Blue Mountains rather than the River Gelion as the natural geographical border. Of course I may be wrong

Ossiriand was a part of Beleriand, but never sank under the sea : it became Lindon after the 1st Age.
Yes, Virumor's right with both the answer and the correction to my geographical mistake only the far western portions of Ossiriand and Thargelion got their feet wet at the end of the first age, if at all. Have another pretty bauble Virumor. Happy Elf Smilie

Who was the father of Uldor, Ulfast, and Ulwarth and who slew each of these sonsQuestion Smilie
Ulfang the Black was their father; Uldor was slain by Maglor, whereas Ulfast and Ulwarth were slain by the sons of B’r (Borlad, Borlach, and Borthand). Angel Smilie
Welcome back Arcormacolind’va, you've been awarded the Pseudo-Silmaril for your correct answers. Happy Elf Smilie

Whose emblem was an eight-rayed silver star Question Smilie
It was the emblem of F’anor and his House.
Correct Virumor you get another pretty bauble. Happy Elf Smilie

What was the name of the horse ’omer lent to Legolas and Gimli Question Smilie
Arod..... I think! IIRC, Hasufal was given to Aragorn.
The Indian is correct! The next question please Grondmaster!
And a Pseudo-Silmaril for Floyd_n_milan. Happy Elf Smilie

Who in the Silmarillion, was known as "The Steadfast, The Strong" Question Smilie

The man who sent 70 trollocs to the Elysean Fields.
Correct as always Virumor, you get another Pseudo-Silmaril. Happy Elf Smilie

Who was Azog and in what battle was he killed Question Smilie
He was the Orc who killed Thror (Thorin's grandfather; the King under the Mountain deposed by Smaug). Azog was killed by Dain Ironfoot in the battle of Azalbrimbor (I know - I'm way off; again, I don't have the books in front of me) before the gates of Moria, which was the climatic battle of the War between the Dwarves and Misty Mountain Orcs; a War brought on by the murder of Thror, which even Dwarves not of Durin's folk participated in. This was also the battle Thorin won his nickname "Oakenshield".
I'll give the pretty bauble to Black Sword, Happy Elf Smilie for he knew the story; though he didn't know the correct spelling of Azanulbizar; nor would I without access to the book. Elf Winking Smilie Azanulbizar (Dimrill Dale) was also known by the Elves as Nanduhirion.

Dain II Ironfoot, son of Nain, it was who slew Azog, and when Thrain, now the King of the Dwarves, proposed to enter Khazad-d’m after the battle, Dain issued an ultimatum:
'No,' said Dain. 'You are the father of our Folk, and we have bled for you, and will again. But we will not enter Khazad-d’m. You will not enter Khazad-d’m. Only I have looked through the shadow of the Gate. Beyond the shadow it waits for you still: Durin's Bane. The world must change and some other power than ours must come before Durin's Folk walk again in Moria.' - from Appendix A to RotK
Enough Drarves had been lost that day. Thus he warned that the Balrog was still present and should not be disurbed; and his prophesy foretold the folly of Balin and of the coming of Gandalf.

By what other name was E’l known, and who did he take to wife Question Smilie
Called the Dark Elf and took Turgons sister Aredhel as wife.
And that is one tragic story. If only Eol hadn't lost his mind when Turgon would not let him leave Gondolin...**sigh**
Another tiny bit of trivia.... name Iriss’ was the original name of Aredhel. I happen to have done a lot of research on the house of Finw’ of late.
Gothmog lord of balrogs gets the Pseudo-Silmaril for the correct answer. Happy Elf Smilie
Another tiny bit of trivia.... name Iriss’ was the original name of Aredhel. I happen to have done a lot of research on the house of Finw’ of late.
She was also known as Ar-Feiniel, the White Lady of the Noldor and the White Lady: of Gondolin.

What was Overlithe Question Smilie
It has something to do with the Shire Calender. Don't remember anything else!
Yes, Migsy, Overlithe does have to do with the S.C.; like our modern leap year, every four years, an extra day is added onto a month, which I believe in this case is a month in fall. Right?
**Cue Virumor. Big Laugh Smilie

The Overlithe fell on the day after Midyear's Day at the end of the sixth month Forelithe and before the first day of Afterlithe every fourth year. While that Midyear's Day fell between the 1 Lithe and 2 Lithe.

To make this simpler I'll put it into our calendar:

29 June
30 June
1 Lithe
Midyear's Day
2 Lithe
1 July
2 July

And in every fourth year (leap year)

29 June
30 June
1 Lithe
Midyear's Day
2 Lithe
1 July
2 July

These 3 and a third days plus the 2 days of Yule at the beginning of and at the end of the year, made it possible for each of the twelve Shire months to consist of 30 days. And because these five extra days didn't fall on any of the normally named days of the week, the first day of the month always fell on Saturday and the last day on Friday.

And the best thing about this calander is that the hobbits didn't have to remember the days in the month diddy:

Thirty days hast September,
April, June, and November.
All the rest eat peanut butter,
except for Grandmother,
who drives a new Buick.

Oh yeah, Laurelindhe ilmarin get the pretty bauble this time. Happy Elf Smilie

In which year was the first White Tree planted in Minas Anor Question Smilie
Isildur planted the sapling in the second year of the third age in honour of his brother Anarion. Back then Minas Tirith was named Minas Anor.
the warden says you are correct Police Smilie
As does the Grondmaster; Amarie gets the Pseudo-Silmaril. Happy Elf Smilie

Can you name the plain that lay between Isenmouthe and Cirith Gorgor Question Smilie
It's been so long since I've been in here, my collection of psuedo-silmarils have lost their shine.

I think the answer to this one is Hell itself, or at least its translation... Udun.
As does the Grondmaster; Amarie gets the Pseudo-Silmaril. Happy Elf Smilie

Yey! A late Chirstmas present! How sweet of you to think about me, my dear Grondy. But you might wanna give one to Rhapsody too since she is the one who answered correctly. Elf Winking Smilie
Ah Shucks! Chalk up another senior moment for Grondy. You may keep the Christmas present Amari’; and here then is a brand new Pseudo-Silmaril for Rhapsody for her correct answer; and another to Val for his answer to the last question.

How did Fingolfin and his people return to Middle-earth from Valinor Question Smilie

We were lost
On grinding ice
In fear and hunger
Dead winter reigned
In Araman

Blind Guardian - Noldor

After that, Feanor fled with the ships. Didn't return them. So Fingolfin and his people came into Middle Earth via Helcaraxe, enduring the bitter cold. Elenwe, the wife of Turgon was lost in the march.


Dead winter reigns
And tomorrow's still unknown
Condemned and betrayed
Now everything is said
See my eyes
Are full of tears
And a cruel price
We've paid
But still I can't claim
That I'm innocent

Blind Guardian - Noldor
Floyd_n_milan has the answer and the pretty bauble. Happy Elf Smilie

Can you find the Odd Man Out: Beren, Frodo, Gelmir, Maedhros, Maglor, Morgoth Question Smilie
I would say Frodo. The only one there that never lived in the First Age.

Oh and Grondmaster.... what does one with a Pseudo-Silmaril?
what does one with a Pseudo-Silmaril?

Wear it on your crown like Melkor once did! Or you might also keep it in the treasures chest!

As for your question, Grondy, it can be Frodo since it is the only hobbit.
*smiles wickedly* I think one of my characters in a story of mine would be very happy with it Wink Smilie

You know I thought about the Hobbit one Lord_aragorn86, but Beren was an Edain and Morgoth is a Valar, so it is not about races. Smile Smilie Wink Smilie
And, Frodo of course was the only Ringbearer.
And I believe he was also the only one with hairy feet!
It could be Morgoth as well : Morgoth is the only one who does not belong to the Eruhir, the Children of Ill’vatar, as he is an Ainu and not one of the Quendi or Edain.
At least three are Noldor lords.... and mmm it is Frodo from the Silmaril perspective!!!

All the others have held or seen a silmaril and Frodo did not?
"All good guesses as they go," he said cuttingly. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie "However this has something to do with their extremities."
Hehehe. This is more like "Guess what's on Grondy's mind" Wink Smilie
"However this has something to do with their extremities."

Really helpful Grondmaster.

Gosh, I am now opting for Morgoth

Gelmir - got maimed be fore the elven host at Barad Eithel that began the great battle of the Nirnaeth Arnoediad

Beren - got maimed by loosing his hand that held a silmaril

Maedrhos - lost his hand when he was freed from the the heights of Thangorodrim.

Frodo - lost a finger when he fought with Gollum.

Maglor - my dear Noldor lord, got burned into the skin by the Silmaril. TRhe Silmaril maimed him... poor lad.

That leaves Morgoth out, being so fond of maiming people, but I cannot recall he got maimed. Casted into the abyss yes, but maimed I can't remember. Yes Fingolfin wounded Morgoth with his blade Ringil, but he did not maim him or cut of hands and such in doing so.
But didn't Morgoth get burned by the silmarils?

Not that I know off.... Ok folks, lets get the books out!

In his right hand Morgoth held close the Silmarils, and though they were locked in a crystal casket, they had begun to bum him, and his hand was clenched in pain; but he would not open it.
Morgoth forged for himself a great crown of iron, and he called himself King of the World. In token of this he set the Silmarils in his crown. His hands were burned black by the touch of those hallowed jewels, and black they remained ever after; nor was he ever free from the pain of the burning, and the anger of the pain.

(Silm, Chapter 9, Of the Flight of the Noldor)

well, they were all maimed in the hand except for Morgoth who was burned his brow and almost got his foot cut off.
Hmmm what did you miss in the quote about Melkor/Morgoth from the Silmarillion:

His hands were burned black by the touch of those hallowed jewels, and black they remained ever after; nor was he ever free from the pain of the burning, and the anger of the pain.

Maybe it is a hands thing. And is Gelmir. The only one that did not get maimed at the hand... I think... LOL

From the Lord of the Rings fanatic library:
Seeing that nothing was happening, the Captain sent envoys to the camp of Barad Eithel. With them there was Gelmir son of Guilin who had been blinded. The envoys showed him to the Elves and shouted that they had many others like Gelmir with them, and that all of them would die unless the Elven army would come and save them. Then they cut Gelmir’s hands and feet and at last they beheaded him with their scimitars, and they left him there.

Ai Poor Gelmir.... So he lost more then just his hands.... Ok, Gelmir then
I did forget about Morgoths' hands Mad Smilie Well how about that Gilmer was then killed afterward. I can't figure it out.
There are always multiple answers for any "odd man out" question.

I'm sure i can find reasons to opt for anyone in that list.
You missed one:
Yet with his last and desparate stroke Fingolfin hewed the foot with Ringil, and the blood gushed forth black and smoking and filled the pits of Grond. ...

... Morgoth went ever halt of one foot after that day, and the pain of his wounds could not be healed; ...
I always assumed Morgoth lost the foot or at least the use of the foot.

The common denominator here was supposed to be was the loss of foot, hand, or finger which would have left Maglor as the Odd Man (or Elf) Out. How-some-ever, I'll give each of you that came up with one of the above legitimate answers a pretty bauble for your effort. Happy Elf Smilie I guess my question was like unto Morgoth's foot: rather lame. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Which wind did Aragorn and Legolas leave Gimli to sing of, and what was his response Question Smilie
Define loss Grondmaster. I think Maglor lost the most of all and still has to live with the concequences. His hands got burned so he lost the one thing he loved the most: making music on his harp.
Gimli rightfully refused to sing the East wind, as people in Gondor only endure that wind as Aragorn pointed out.
Virumor, can you explain why? I am curious about why Gilmli refused Smile Smilie
I can't, as Gimli himself doesn't reveal his reasons why and i prefer not to speculate :

'You left the East Wind to me,' said Gimli, 'but I will say naught of it.'
'That is as it should be,' said Aragorn. 'In Minas Tirith they endure the East Wind, but they do not ask it for tidings. But now Boromir has taken his road and we must make haste to choose our own.'

Mmmm maybe the east wind is tied to the lords of Death? Sauron is in the east? Interesting!
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