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Felarof was supposed to have been the first of the mearas, but he killed Eorl's father Leod in TA 2501. I would have thought a steed of Valinor would have been around earlier than this, so I guess Felarof himself is descended from earlier horses. Cannot find the name of one though....
Ah ha.... It's not Orome's horse, Nahar, is it? He was supposed to be the ancestor of the Noldor horses, and they seemed similiar to the mearas.
Nahar, Orom’'s horse, is the answer for which I was looking; for as you said, Eorl's horse Felar’f was the first of the Mearas, but his sires must have come from that much earlier age.

Valedhelgwath collects the Pseudo-Silmaril. Smile Smilie

Who was Merry's mother?

[Edited on 10/5/2002 by Grondmaster]
Mrs Brandybuck. Animated Wink Smilie
Thats just what they told Merry.

Was it Esmerelda Took?
Too general Mr. Squirrel. Tongue Smilie Big Smile Smilie

42 gets the Pseudo-Silmaril. Yes she was the former Esmeralda Took. Smile Smilie

What great battle was fought between Dwarves and Orcs at Moria's East-gate?
Would that be the Battle of Azanulbizar, or being an elf, the Battle of Nanduhirion?

What were the final fates of the three Silmarilli?
Valedhelgwath had the correct names for the Battle that took place in the Dimrill Dale: a Pseudo-Silmaril is his reward. Smile Smilie

Since no one else has deemed to answer his question, I'll do it.

The first went with E’rendil into the air; the second went with Maedhros onto a fiery chasm; and the third was thrown by Maglor into the Sea.
And thus it came to pass that the Silmarils found their long homes: one in the airs of heaven, and one in the fires of the heart of the world, and one in the deep waters.
from The Silmarillion, next to last page of Chapter 24 which is entitled 'Of the Voyage of E’rendil and the War of Wrath'. Read Smilie

What is the name the plain that lies between Isenmouthe and Cirith Gorgor?
Gap of Rohan? Problem is that I can't find Cirith Gorgor... Hmmm... Ered Nimrais? I don't know... Very Sad Smilie
Three shiney Silmarilli to you Grond since you correctly located them.

In answer to your question, the Isenmouthe and Cirith Gorgor were the two passes into Mordor where the Ered Lithui and Ephel Duath mountain ranges came together. The plain that lies between them is the Udun. Perhaps not the best place to book a holiday.

Cirith Gorgor, Tommy, is the Great Gate that Frodo and Sam turned back from before trying the Cirith Ungol pass near Minas Morgal.
Ud’n it was, so Valedhelgwath gets another Pseudo-Silmaril. Smile Smilie

In the Fifth Battle of Beleriand, who were the only Allies who could withstand the Dragon-flame?
Thanks Val. I must get myself an Atlas of ME. Otherwise I'll never get a silmaril... Very Sad Smilie And to answer your question, Grondy, I think I need to read the Sil. I'm going to have a quick look to see if I can find it... I think I found it. Could it be the Naugrim? Big Smile Smilie (if this is the right answer I'll laugh my head off, cos I haven't even read the Sil!) Dunce Smilie
Ha Ha Ha Smilie Start laughing!!! Because you got it right; it was the Naugrim, the Dwarves of Belegost.

Ta-Da! Tommy gets the Pseudo-Silmaril this time. Pary Smilie

What time of day was it when Bilbo set out to join Thorin's Company?
D**n!!! My girlfriend's got my copy of the Hobbit.
I think the dwarves were arriving one by one all day, and then telling stories all night. They must have left first thing in the morning. Mind you, Bilbo being a hobbit, I guess it must have been straight away after breakfast.
Righty, without looking I can tell you that Bilbo woke up late cos he was a lazy sod, and I think it was about 10:30 am when he ran off for the Green Dragon after the Dwarves without his hat, coat or Handkerchief. But cos I'm not looking, that might be wrong...
Close, but no cigar! Big Smile Smilie At half past ten he had finished washing up for fourteen and had just settled down to a nice little second breakfast, when in pops Gandalf asking why Bilbo hadn't dusted the mantlepiece. Bilbo still wasted a considerable length of time before he got the point and made his early (?) start.
Well, I knew I remembered half ten for some reason, not bad from memory though eh?
Val has got it right as being 10:50 AM which left Bilbo just fifteen minutes to get to Bywater, and without his hankies too.

So Val gets another Pseudo-Silmaril. Smile Smilie

What tower guarded Hithlum from the assault from Angband?
Hey! I got one right! Very Big Grin Smilie And I knew it was 10.50 am. Very Sad Smilie Too late now. I have to look that last one up, for which I'm too lazy I guess... Big Smile Smilie
Would that be Barad Eithel on Ered Wethrin?
Aye Val, Barad Eithel was the answer I wanted; another Pseudo-Silmaril for your collection. Smile Smilie

Whose bow was called Belthronding?
is it Beleg Cuthalion?
Aiyup. Belthronding was the bow used by Beleg C’thalion, called "Strongbow", the great archer and companion of T’rin.

Chikakat gets the Pseudo-Silmaril. Smile Smilie

Okay then, On what hill did Borimir try to take the ring from Frodo?
Do you mean Amon Hen Grondy?
Yes Gnampie, that was the place; a Pseudo-Silmaril to you. Smile Smilie

Find the Odd Man Out: Elostirion, Tol Galen, Orthanc, Ann’minas, Minas Ithil.
I'm guessing Tol Galen on the grounds that I know the other four were sites were Palantiri were kept but I don't think Tol Galen was. That was the place Beren and Luthien lived after returning from the Houses of the Dead.
Exactly, Tol Galen; the other four were lodgings for palantir. Another Pseudo-Silmaril to Valedhelgwath.

Who said he could eat anything in the wide world right then for hours on end--but not an apple.
Sam? Cos he had received apples from Butterbur at Bree and I remember him eating one when leaving Bree. And throwing one at Bill Ferny... Very Big Grin Smilie Anyway, it's the only part of LOTR where I remember an apple being present...

[Edited on 1/6/2002 by TomBombadillo]
Nope, Sam was yet to be a twinkle in the Gaffer's eye. Very Big Grin Smilie
Was it Bilbo after he escaped from the Mirkwood elves?
Nope, wasn't Bilbo.
Was it Frodo?
Thorin, after they escaped from the elves.... I'm sure they'd been cooped up for days with nothing but apples to eat.
Must get The Hobbit back from my girlfriend.
Sorry Valedhelgwath, you have the right story and time frame, but the wrong dwarf and facts. Smile Smilie
It was Fili who said this after being in a tub filled with apples when they escaped from the cellars of the Elf king.
Right Gnampie. Smile Smilie It was Fili, except to make matters worse, there weren't any apples just their smell, so he had to go hungry while enduring the torturous smell. Very Sad Smilie Big Smile Smilie
Odd Man Out: Inc’nus, The Grey Pilgrim, Daeron, L’thspell, Thark’n
I feel a bit unfair answering this one just 15 minutes after it's been posted, so I'll just say four of them were names given to Gandalf and the other was a Sindarin minstrel, and give someone else a chance.
I think it's Daeron...
Right you are Chikakat, Daeron was minstrel and chief loremaster of King Thingol; devised of the Cirth (Runes); enamoured of L’thien and twice betrayed her. And as Valedhelgwath pointed out yesterday, all the other names were attributed to Gandalf.

Name any four of Sam and Rosie Gamgee's children; for extra credit name them all.
I'll give custody of the Pseudo-Silmaril to Chikakat, however, she may wish to share it with Val. Smile Smilie

[Edited on 7/6/2002 by Grondmaster]
A rather large family this one - Sam must have been making up for the lost time he spent travalling through Mordor.
His kids were, Eleanor, Frodo, Rose, Merry, Pippin, Goldilocks, Hamfast, Daisy, Primrose, Bilbo, Ruby, Robin, and Tolman. No doubt given time Old Uncle Tom Cobbly would be in there too.
Correct as always Val. Smile Smilie

Where did the hobbits find a barrier with a large board saying NO ROAD?
Val's got quite enough pseudo-sils on his own...I'm not a good sharer anyhow...Wink Smilie

anyhow, the 'no road' sign was on the way to the Floating Log Inn in Frogmorten where the hobbits wanted to stay when they were coming back to the Shire after the war and all...
Okay, you may keep it all to yourself; and here for Frogmorten, your correct answer the new question, is another to keep it company. Smile Smilie

Earlier today I posted the Floating Log Inn under 'Suggestions" in The Green Dragon Tavern. Big Smile Smilie
Why was the Sirannon only a trickle when the Fellowship came to Khazad-d’m?
It'd been dammed, right?
yeah, that's why there was the big lake for the Watcher in the Water...if I remember right...
Yep, so Iago gets the Psedo-Silmaril but he might consider passing it on to Chikakat as she had the more complete answer. Smile Smilie

In 'Bombadil Goes Boating', how did he come by the blue feather in his hat?
I'm not greedy, so ofcourse I give my psuedo-Silmaril to chikakat! Big Smile Smilie and I'll try to answer this question a little better... Smile Smilie

Tom Bombadil got into a bit of a word-fight with a bird and told the bird to shut it, as the bird did, a blue feather fell down to Tom. The blue feather fit with the rest of
Tom's outfit so he stuck it in his hat and said "Blue now for Tom a merry hue and lasting".
aww thanks iago Smile Smilie
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