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I won't check: that's cheating, but I think it was first said by Haldir and in Sindarin I think. Legolas does say it but later I think. I feel vaguely sacrilegious contradicting Amarie, though.
Thou dare to disagree with thy Goddess and scary Council Member? Wink Smilie
Legolas says it in Moria, so we haven't met Haldir yet.
I stand corrected and am justly rebuked.
Well, I just skimmed through 'A Journey in the Dark' and 'The Bridge of Khazad-dum' looking for "Yrch" and couldn't find Legolas saying it anywhere in Moria. According to the index it is first used by an Elf who climbed up through the flet in the hobbits resting tree near the border of Lothlorien. I assume it was either Rumil or Orophin, Haldir's brothers who said it, for they couldn't speak common and Haldir probably would of said "Orcs" in answer to Frodo's question, though I may be wrong. Legolas does say it later when they are attacked on the Great River just above the rapids of Sarn Gebir. Do you suppose this is a translation problem between the Norwegian version and Tolkien's original English manuscript? Teacher Smilie

So unless Amarie can point us to Chapter and Verse where Legolas says it in Moria she will have to share the Pseudo-Silmaril with Shaya puma.

Where did Namo live, and what was his role Question Smilie
Ahh sorry, Legolas says it in TT chapter nine. I was so sure he said it in Moria, but then again I haven't read the book in a while. I just remembered the sentence where he says it, so much better then the english one, i think "beflippelse" is a fun word. Smile Smilie Nothing wrong with the Norwegian translation, it is perfect. My memory however isn't perfaect, but is it hard to remember that. Wink Smilie

And Shaya gives up to easily, when people just agree I will think I am right so I didn't even bother to double check what I am saying. But we were both wrong, since it was a mystery elf who said it, but we both had Sindarin and orcs, so that makes... 2/6 of a silmarill each? Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie

Oooo my 1900 post. Nice number. And I'd like to get my hands on that index of yours Grondy. Is it the one for the home books? I saw it was a book of its own.
I wish I knew who Namo was. He's a Valar of some sort, either Lorien or whatsisname. Namo or Irmo. I'm always at school, so I can't look it up!!! Oh well, 22 Silmarils is plenty. But there's one missing on my hairpiece. I need another!
The index is the one at the end of RotK, which I think Tolkien added with the second edition. It is in parts: Index to titles (subject matter) of poems and songs; Index to first lines of poems and songs; Glossary-index to persons, beasts, and monsters; Glossary-index to places; Glossary-index to things; and a Supplemental index of persons, places, and things appearing only in songs or poems.

At one time I had a copy of RotK that also included in the above, the words from The Hobbit, but as the page numbers now seldom match, I think Ballentine discontinued the practice. I have also found discrepancies with page numbers in these newer volumes and have had to find an older publication to find where they were actually pointing.

Does your Norwegian translation of the The Silmarillion have an index with it? I find that one is even more useful.
I've got a third edition ROTK. It's really goodk, because there's the C.S.Lewis blurb on the back which so enraged its critics. I can see why. He really praises it. Ha Ha Ha Smilie
Nice index, wouldn't mind having that. I've got all three books and the appendix in one, no index. Don't know what version is translated.

Does your Norwegian translation of the The Silmarillion have an index with it? I find that one is even more useful.
Yes, it it is in active use whenever I am trying to find something or someone. Who knows what my nick would have been if I hadn't had the Sil. Smile Smilie
While everyone else discusses the various and sundry indices available or not available, I'm going to answer Grondy's trivia question. Smile Smilie

Loni, you were well on the right track. Namo and Irom were brethren, the Feanturi ("Masters of Spirits" in the Quenya tongue), otherwise known as Mandos and Lorien, because their better-known names are those of their respective abodes. While Irmo, the Master of Dreams and Visions, dwelt in the Gardens of Lorien, where Olorin spent much of his time ere her came to Middle Earth, his brother Namo was in the Halls of Mandos, or Halls of Waiting, where the spirits of those Ainur and Eldar go to linger until Namo consents to their passing on to their final resting places.
I KNEW IT!!! But I bet you referred to the Silmarillion or something like that. I BETT!!! (And I bet I'm wrong at the same time)
Oloriniwasinmyyouth has the answer hidden somewhere in his post. Happy Elf Smilie He gets the pretty bauble.

Why did Sam particularly want to go to Rivendell Question Smilie
I KNEW IT!!! But I bet you referred to the Silmarillion or something like that. I BETT!!!

..and you would be right. The difference is, the reference is in my memory of The Silmarillion, not in having to read it again. But that's because I've read it more times than I care to count. There are many here who are of like knowledge, because we have read and re-read the books over a long span of years. I have a feeling that you will be right there in the not-so-distant future.

Smile Smilie
LOL Grondy.

*Bows to Grondmaster's thinly-veiled reference to Olorin's tendency to ramble*
Why did Sam particularly want to go to Rivendell?

Too see the Elves, of course!
Lord_aragorn86 has the answer and the Pseudo-Silmaril. Happy Elf Smilie

What did Frodo find when he tried to cast the ring into his fire Question Smilie
There are two cases since you didn't specify the location of the "fire":

Case 1: In Bag-End's fireplace. Here Frodo could not will himself to throw the ring into the fire of his fireplace. Aftera long time, with all his will, when he did make a movement, he found that he had put the ring back into his pocket.

Case 2: In fires of Crack of Doom. Here Frodo felt the power of ring increase and his will grew weak and he put on the ring on his finger and claimed himself to be the master of the Ring.
since you didn't specify the location of the "fire":

He did specify. He said HIS fire.
Too soon Lord_aragorn86, and as Amarie said "his" was the key word. No prize will be awarded this time. Sorry.

Which warriors bore a white Elven S-rune on their helms Question Smilie
I believe those would be the Uruk-hai of Isengard; the 'S' in white represented Saruman the White, their master.
You are correct Arco, welcome back by the way. And have a Pseudo-Silmaril. Happy Elf Smilie

Who lived at Number 3 Bagshot Row, Hobbiton Question Smilie
Sam Gamgee and his father...
and me!
Hmmmm..... I don't remember the Gamgees having a pet Turin......
Oh yes Loni, the Gamgee's Turin was a pet potato that was shaped by nature to look almost exactly, but not quite, like that ancient warrior of the bad karma. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

LadyFeawen gets the pretty bauble for her correct answer. Happy Elf Smilie

Can you find the Odd Man Out: Ugl’k, The Witch-King of Angmar, Shagrat, 'The Mouth of Sauron', Gorbag Question Smilie
Ugluk served Saruman. The others served Sauron.
The Witch-KIng is the odd man out, as he is a spirit; all the others are not but consist of matter.
Of course you are right once again Virumor; though the Witch-King did start out as a 'Material Man'. And after all that, I was after Ugluk, so Oloriniwasinmyyouth gets the Pseudo-Silmaril. Happy Elf Smilie

How many teeth did Gollum have Question Smilie
When he was Witch-King of Angmar, he wasn't material but a spirit.

6 teeth.
Darn, beat me. Shucks. Yep, six, but that was in The Hobbit, right? I wonder if he lost more by the time of LOTR?
Yes, Faramir and his buddies beat all 6 out... and still the ladies like him!

Very Big Grin Smilie
Well, he had to have some left to bite off Frodo's finger...unless, of course, he gummed it off, which I suppose is possible. Smile Smilie
prosthetic teeth perhaps? real sharp mean ones
Yes pointy stainless steel toofies shaped like the sawteeth of a jack-o-lantern or a cartoon monster steam shovel or the old comic book character Ironjaw. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Virumor gets the Pseudo-Silmaril for his correct answer. Happy Elf Smilie

When Frodo was wounded by the Nazgul Lord, what did Aragorn go to fetch Question Smilie
And i thought he went to fetch some Arwen... Very Big Grin Smilie
Oh Arwen, can you look at Frodo in a really dreamy way and breathe in his ear so he wakes up?
Amari’ has it and another pretty bauble. Happy Elf Smilie

Who rescued Thorin's Company from the wargs and the goblins of the misty mountains Question Smilie
Was it the Eagles?
Yes Eruwen , it was the Great Eagles; and for that you get the Pseudo-Silmaril. Happy Elf Smilie

What name did Beren give to L’thien and what does it mean in English Question Smilie
Tin’viel = Nightingale
You got it Virumor, have a pretty bauble. Happy Elf Smilie

Morwen was the mother of which famous warrior Question Smilie
Turin Turambar
Shaya puma gets another Pseudo-Silmaril for the correct answer. Happy Elf Smilie

Which chapter starts out with 'When Bilbo opened his eyes, he wondered if he had; for it was just as dark as with them shut.' Question Smilie
Riddles in the Dark!!! The most famousest of the chapters of teh Hobbit.

That'll be 24, I think.
Correct answer Loni, I have lost track of your total, but what's one more grain of sand on the beach or star in the sky. Anyway, here's your pretty bauble. Happy Elf Smilie

What river flowed past Menegroth before joining the Sirion Question Smilie
You may use your Silmarillion Maps on this one. They aren't closed book unless you as an indivdiual, choose to make them that way. Elf Winking Smilie
I can't find menegroth on my map. I know what I"ll do! I'll guess randomly!

I think it was the Esgalduin. Look Around Smilie
Yep, the River Esgelduin flowed through the middle of Doriath before the Great Flood at the end of the Middle-earth's First Age. Elfstone gets the Pseudo-Silmaril. Happy Elf Smilie

What is the Sindarin for our word "silver" Question Smilie
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