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Thread: Trivia: Barad-dur

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Yep, Fionw’ gets the pretty bauble. Happy Elf Smilie

Which ruler of men, whose kingdom bordered on the Misty Mountains, was to become one of Sauron's most trusted servants Question Smilie
Scratch that. Too soon.

Happy 4th of July!
im fairly sure im wrong, but I still would say : saruman
Sorry Gud, but Saruman was after The Ring for his own selfish reasons: not to give it to Sauron, but to replace him; thus I don't think he could be considered very loyal. Try again. Happy Elf Smilie
The Witch-King of Angmar, who was the leader of the nine Ringwraiths. At one point Angmar held sway over most (or all) of Rhudaur and Cardolan, and the witch-king ruled over orcs, evil men, and who knows what else. (I guess trolls and whatever other nasties were in the area.)
Yes, Meneldur gets another Pseudo-Silmaril for his correct answer. Happy Elf Smilie

Who created the Seven Fathers of the Dwarves Question Smilie
Aule, the craftsman of the Valar.Big Smile Smilie

I was thinking about being a wiseguy and saying "Ummm, SNOW WHITE, right??? Let's see, the seven fathers of the dwarves: Sleepy, Sneezy, Happy, Grumpy, Dopey, Bashful, and Doc..." Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
No, Snow White was their char mummy. Orc Grinning Smilie

Yes Glorfindal gets the pretty bauble. Happy Elf Smilie

What great peak stood on the Western side of Minas Tirith Question Smilie
Mt. Mindolluin at the end of the White Mountains.

The correct answer Glorfindel, but sadly too soon for two in a row. Orc Sad Smilie

Who slew the great boar Everholt but died in the process Question Smilie
ARGH! You go from "too easy" to "too hard" Grondy, LOL!!! Elf Winking Smilie

Grrrr I should know this one -- I know it was one of the kings of Rohan but I can't remember exactly which one. And no, I won't go look it up because that takes all the fun out of it for me.... Oh well, guess I'll wait for the next one.
Well they do say, "Variety is the spice of lice." So I try to mix them up while keeping the number of nits to as few as possible. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
I was reading the appendixes briefly a few days ago, and I swear I saw something about a Rohan King looking for some beast, I know his name is like Falcon or something... Falconine? I stick the with the simple, Faclon?
That's close enough, it was 'Folca the thirteenth King of the Rohirim'. So Loss gets the Pseudo-Silmaril. Happy Elf Smilie

What was the last Kingdom of the Noldor to fall to Morgoth's legions Question Smilie
Gondolin?? I think it's Gondolin but it could also be Amon Ereb. Yes it must be Gondolin! Amon Ereb had never fell o the legions of Morgoth, nor Arvernien.Elf Confused Smilie

Namarie!Big Smile Smilie
See now we're back to easy, it's Gondolin, the last Noldorin kingdom to fall to Morgoth in the First Age. Actually, that was the last of ANY kingdom to fall to Morgoth. And I still want to know how Glamdring and Orcrist made it from Gondolin to the trolls' cave. Elf Winking Smilie
ARGHHHHH you beat me by like 10 seconds. See?! That's what I get for including the wiseguy comment about the stupid swords, LOL!!! Big Laugh Smilie
You got it Glorfindel and the pretty bauble, but now try and remember to wait twenty-four hours after I post the question below before trying to answer it. Of course, if someone else answers it correctly and I post a subsequent one, then that one is fair game as soon as it is posted. Happy Elf Smilie

What false name did Frodo adopt when he set out for Rivendell Question Smilie
Underhill, is the name I believe you are looking for Grondy. By the way I really need to talk to you. Do you still have my email address?
Yes Mellie, you get the Pseudo-Silmaril Happy Elf Smilie and I got your PM and replies.

What was the name of Beleg's favored weapon Question Smilie
Okay, the Beleg the above question refers to was T’rin's friend, not the second King of Arthedain.
The Bow, since his name is Beleg Cuthalion, and Cuthalion in Sindarian means strongbow.Big Smile Smilie


That's it Glorifindel, you get the pretty bauble. Happy Elf Smilie

By what name was Gandalf known in his youth (if he ever had one)Elf With a Big Grin Smiliein Valinor Question Smilie

Added later: Oops, that was the type of weapon, not the name; however it is to late now. See memeldur's post below for the name of Beleg's bow.
Correction/dispute regarding the previous question (about Beleg). Grondy, your original question actually asked for the NAME of the weapon, not what type of weapon it was. The name of the bow "Belthronding" (I didn't "know" that, I had to look it up). It was black, and made of yew (that part I knew).

I don't want the Silmaril, I just wanted to make sure we set the record straight. Elf Smilie
Answer to the new question: Gandalf's name was Ol’rin. "Ol’rin I was in my youth In the West that is forgotten."
You got there to soon Meneldur.Orc Sad Smilie I logged on late today, went to Barad-Dur and then I just went "Olorin!" by Grondy's question than I looked at two of your posts then I saw that you alredy got the answer. Very Sad Smilie
You are correct on both counts Meneldur, you get the Pseudo-Silmaril for "Ol’rin", Happy Elf Smilie and I've edited my above post. Shaking Head Smilie

Glorfindal: Had Meneldur not been quicker on the draw and had you posted Gandalf's younger name first, you would have been chastised for answering too soon. So it all worked out to the best, except I again messed up. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

What wall encircled the Pelennor Fields Question Smilie
Erm... the Wall of the Pelennor?

Grondy, why Trivia: Barad-Dur? Why not, say Trivia: Edoras? Or Trivia Orthanc?
No, it had a real Tolkien made-up name and is found early in Book Five of LotR.

Grondy, why Trivia: Barad-Dur? Why not, say Trivia: Edoras? Or Trivia Orthanc?

Because I didn't know how forums worked when I started this thread in ca 2000-01 and my first question was about Barad-d’r. Only Grep can edit thread titles. I've since rationalized it as synonymous with "Trivia: Hell". Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

I just read the first few posts again and they brought back old memories including that some of the first posts were actually lost or mixed up during some of the subsequent moves between different servers and format engines. Way back then: Plastic Squirrel was a postman-musician; Ungoliant was an engineering supervisor on Middle-Eastern pipelines; Allyssa was a mother of toddlers and a budding fantasy writer; and I was the younger and more innocent version of me. Angel Smilie
I got it.. The Rammas Echor(I don't know if it's correct spelling, anyway)! It's the wall that sorounds the Pelenor in the reign of the Stewards of Gondor.

You have it right, including the spelling Glorifindel, so you get the Pseudo-Silmaril. Happy Elf Smilie

In September 1900, JRR Tolkien gained entry into what school Question Smilie
King Edwards school in Birmingham
That's it Mellon, you get the pretty bauble. Happy Elf Smilie

Why were the eagles in The Hobbit obliged to Gandalf Question Smilie
Hmmmm maybe because Gandalf brought 13 fat dwarves and 1 plump burrahobbit for the Eagles to enjoy with their tea? Elf Winking Smilie

Or (more likely) it's because he had once healed the Lord of the Eagles of an arrow wound....
Meneldur gets an honorable mention for his first answer and the Pseudo-Silmaril for his second, the correct one. Happy Elf Smilie

Who cast himself and one of the Silmarils, into a chasm of fire Question Smilie
Maedros, eldest of the sons of Feanor and after Feanor's death he became the King of the Feanoriens(well, probably high King.).

Yes it was Maedros, but he wasn't High King of the Noldor, for in atonement for the burning of the ships, he gave the overlordship of the Noldor to the House of fingolfin.

Glorifidel gets the Pseudo-Silmaril. Happy Elf Smilie

So, having lost his right hand when rescued by Thorondor from hanging around Thangorodrim, Maedros learned to handle a sword in his left, only to have the stolen Silmaril burn the bejabers out of that one. So no longer being able to defend himself with a sword, or feed himself with a fork, in his remorse he pulled what would later be called 'a Gollum'.

Whose purse could talk Question Smilie
Probably my fianc’e's. Every time I turn around, it's saying "BYE BYE" to all the money, LMAO!
(insert rim shot)
Oh hey wait a minute, I remember the "actual" answer now, LOL. Yeah that stupid troll from The Hobbit. Ummm I think it was William?
Yes it was Bill Huggins's purse that yelled when Bilbo tried to try out his tricksie-fingers. Meneldur gets the pretty bauble. Happy Elf Smilie

Who killed Aredhel Question Smilie

Eol, the husband of Adrahel and father of Maeglin.
Correct Glorifindel, the Pseudo-Silmaril is yours. Happy Elf Smilie

From which Vala did Gandalf learn pity and endurance beyond hope Question Smilie
From Mighty Melkor!!!!!111!!!

Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie
I know this, as she is my favourite Valar...

Yes, Loss gets the pretty bauble. Happy Elf Smilie

What happened when Sam tied the Elven rope around Gollum's ankle Question Smilie
Gollum tried to bite it off..!
No, he used his mouth for something else, what was it?
Gollum gave a tearing scream that was horrible to here.
Am I right?
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