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Oh man, why did I come in here last night after everyone left? I made several post and none of them make any sense. My aplolgies to everyone in PT. But I had a great time, and I got 2 great people that are both nice and single to get together. I am very happy this morning. Big Smile Smilie But sorry again everyone.

My prize to Iago, for answering the question correctly is whatever you desire to drink --any thing from bottled water, to coffee/tea, soda pops or alcoholic beverage depending on your age of course.

Hmmm, I am trying to think of another question.
oh, well maybe later.
How many Black Riders did Frodo espy from the summit of Weathertop Question Smilie
which tend to suddenly evaporate upon receipt--I can't seem to remember the word for doing this without passing through the liquid state--
Do I get one of your sublime Pseudo-silmarils for that one?

The answer to the Black rider question is, he saw five once he put the ring on, two standing on the lip of the dell and three advancing.
Super Wow Smilie
Too much going on for me to follow... But it seems the questions have already been answered... Tongue Smilie
You are correct, looks like we need another question.
'Sublimation', that was the word I learned in Chem 101 forty-four years ago. Big Smile Smilie Sure Val, you may have a Pseudo-Silmaril for the reminder, as well as one more for the correct answer to the question.

Name the chapter and work, that begins with the words below:
'Now if you wish, like the dwarves, to hear news of Smaug, you must go back again to the evening when he smashed the door and flew off in a rage, two days before.'
Question Smilie

The Hobbit chapter XIV called Fire and Water

That one was toooo easy Grondy. I guess I need to come up with a question now. I have answered several.

At the Unexpected party, who asked for raspberry jam and apple tart? Very Evil Smilie
That's a tough one, Melly. Exploding Head Smilie Besides, I don't have any Tolkien's book at home so I don't know the answer on that one, that's for sure. Shaking Head Smilie
I got it from a trivia question on another website. But The Unexpected Party is the title from the 1st Chapter of The Hobbit. If that helps at all.

Aw, tricky one... hmm, without having the books to consult at the moment I'd say it's either Bifur or Bofur... now I'm not sure but somehow I lean towards Bifur?
And Iago leans on the correct one. lol. Whatever you want to drink magically appears in front of you. Tongue Smilie
Here is one MelliotSandybanks sent to me:

In what year does Master Samwise become Hobbiton's mayor for the third time Question Smilie
{Please forgive me if I wasn't supposed to look it up}

Master Samwise became Hobbiton's mayor for the third time in 1441.
You can look them up all you want.
Ok, I got another question.

What was the birth name of Feanor?

This one should be pretty easy.

I am pouting, my ? smiley did not work.
That would be Curufinwe.
Ok... a little question, easy if you know the answer, slightly more difficult if you don't... Smile Smilie
The Lindar (or the Teleri in Valinor) use a certain alphabeth not generally used anymore, what is it called? And why is it called that?
Okay, Galadhril and Valedhelgwath each get themselves a Pseudo-Silmaril for their correct answers. Smile Smilie
The Lindar (or the Teleri in Valinor) use a certain alphabeth not generally used anymore, what is it called? And why is it called that?
The Tengwar of R’mil. They were developed by the Noldor, long before the exile. They are attributed to one R’mil, a Noldorin sage of Tirion (and probably not one of the three Elf brothers who shared their tree with the hobbits, that first night in Lorien: Haldir, R’mil, and Orophin).

That is all I could glean from LOTR and The Silmarillion.

Fill in the blanks:

Fifteen _____ in five ________,
their feathers were fanned in a fiery breeze!
Quite right, The Tengwar of R’mil is correct, R’mil of T’na, however, only completed and arranged characters already in use. I have also seen the name Valinorian, because it was only used for writing Quenya in Valinor.
So you have the pseudo-silmaril Grondmaster! Smile Smilie

And the answer for your question is:
"birds" and "firtrees"
it from the goblin song in There and Back Again:

"Fifteen birds in five firtrees,
their feathers were fanned in a fiery breeze!
But, funny little birds, they had no wings!
O what shall we do with the funny little things?
Roast 'em alive, or stew them in a pot;
fry them, boil them and eat them hot?"

(Finally got back the book from my sister... Smile Smilie)

[Edited on 29/8/2002 by iago]
Thanks Iago. And you know what? My Pseudo-Silmaril also disappeared in a whisp of vapor; and I'm afraid that will be the eventual fate of this one, that you have won with your answers from the Goblins' Song. Pumpkin Smilie
"Well, now there are fifteen of you; and since goblins can count, I suppose that is all that there were up the trees. Now perhaps we can finish this story without any more interruptions."
That section of the Hobbit is one of my favorites. All writers should pray their tales will ensnare their readers' interest, as well as Gandalf captured that of Beorn.

Jumping Flame Smilie "Come on Mr. Gandalf, what happened next?" Jumping Flame Smilie

How were the Teleri mainly armed at the Kinslaying Question Smilie
With but slender bows.
Right you are Val, a Pseudo-Silmaril is yours.

Who were the combatants in the "Battle of the Peak" and where was it fought Question Smilie
Looking it up...

Can't find it, but wasn't that the battle fought out in "The Hobbit", between goblins, orcs and wolfs on the one hand and eagles, dwarves, elves and men on the other side? Duck Smilie
No Tommy, that was the "Battle of Five Armies". Smile Smilie
The Battle of the Peak was the one where Gandalf and the Balrog had a bit of a shindig on the summit of Zirak-zigil above Moria. In the battle Durin's Tower and the Endless Stair were also destroyed.
Being right earns you the rights to a shiny new Pseudo-Silmaril, freshly out of the mold, Val. Be careful not to burn yourself, but grab it before it sublimates.

Who played a golden harp in Bilbo's house Question Smilie
That would be Thorin playing his golden harp during the unexpected party in The Hobbit.
Indeed it was Thorin Oakenshield. So Rednell gets the phony bobble. Smile Smilie

Which of Faramir's Rangers asked for permission to shoot Gollum Question Smilie
Anborn informed Faramir that he had several archers around the forbidden pool awaiting Faramir's command to shoot Gollum, but it was actually Faramir who asked Frodo whether they should shoot.
I won't argue with you on this one, other than to say Anborn knew that the life of any creature caught within the area without leave, was forfeit. And as such, his "We wait only for your command to shoot, Captain" could be construed as requesting permission and Frodo wasn't a Ranger so I guess it was a bad question. Nevertheless, Val gets the Pseudo-Silmaril for Anborn's name. Smile Smilie

Name three outlying regions whose representatives Pippin saw arriving to bolster Minas Tirith's strength Question Smilie
The men of Ringlo Vale behind the son of their lore, Dervorin.
Form Morthond, the great Blackroot Vale, tall Duinhir, with his sons, Duilin and Derufin
From the Anfalas, the Langstrand far away, Golasgil, their Lord
From Lamedon, a few grim hillmen w/o a captain.
Fisher-folk of the Ethir
Hirluin the Fair of the Green Hills from Pinnath Gelin
And last and proudest, Imrahil, Prince of Dol Amroth, kinsman of the Lord, w/ the gilded
banners bearing his token of the Ship and the Silver Swan
And of course 'old Forlong the Fat the Lord of Lossarnach came first. Tongue Smilie
Well done Mellie, a Pseudo-Silmarill to you.

Where was Aragorn raised Question Smilie
The House of Elrond, where he was known as Estel. Elf Smilie
Here is your bauble for the right answer Val. Happy Elf Smilie Have you tried adding a double air-lock and a cryogenic chamber to your collection jar? Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Why did Bilbo have to let the Dwarves into the secret of his ring?
A Pseudo-Silmaril to 42 for the place and the only name he was known by in his youth, Elrond choosing to keep Aragorn's true name and linage hidden to protect him from harm.

Gollum's Names: What were two names given him by Sam and what was the other taken by Gollum Question Smilie
Gollum was given the names Slinker and Stinker by Sam to reflect his personalities while he was guiding Frodo. In addition, his real name was Trahald, which meant Burrowing an was translated as Smeagol. Gollum also called himself, as well as the Ring, "my precious". The orcs around Cirith Ungol named him Her Sneak, because he also served Shelob.

I'm sure I'm overlooking another one that Grondy's looking for.
You got two thirds of it right Val, the missing name is the one that precedes: Smile Smilie
'Don't take names to yourself, Sm’agol,' said Frodo. 'It's unwise, whether they are true or false.'

Thank-you for the hint Grondy. That one had me, I was sure Val covered the all. So for 1/3 of a pseudo simaril:
"No food, no rest, nothing for Smeagol," said Gollum. "He's a sneak."

From Two Towers, Bk 4 Chapter 8.

Would the answer be a sneak?
Indeed it is Nell, Master Samwise had called him a sneak after being awakened, because Gollum had been off sneaking, which we later found out was off to visit Shelob. Tolkien gave us a hint of what was to come in another six pages, with the following:
Gollum withdrew himself, and a green glint flickered under his heavy lids. Almost spider-like he looked now, crouched back on his bent limbs, with his protruding eyes.
Now, how to divide a Pseudo-Silmaril into three parts? How about I award it to Val, and he wafts the vapors of sublimation towards Rednell's modem. Big Smile Smilie

Name the three trolls encountered by Bilbo and the thirteen Dwarves. Question Smilie
Bill (William), Bert and Tom
Yay! Mellie won a Pseudo-Silmaril. Way to go Millie!

Where was the northern end of the Greenway Question Smilie

(I grondied the word norther.)

[Edited on 9/9/2002 by Grondmaster]
Nothing quite that complex for this old elf, I'm afraid. I use a battered old biscuit tin and a pair of crusty old socks.
As I remember, that is the paraphernalia for squeezing the good stuff out of Sterno canned heat; however, if it works for you ... Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Two in a row for Mellie. Another Pseudo-Silmaril coming her way. Smile Smilie
Two in a row for Mellie. Another Pseudo-Silmaril coming her way. Smile Smilie
'But our need is for aid in battle,' said ’omer. 'How will you and your folk help us?'
Who was ’omer talking to Question Smilie
From ROTK, Book 5, Chapter 5:

No, father of Horse-men, he said, we fight not. Hunt only. Kii gorgun in woods, hateocr-folk. You hate gorun too. We help as we can. Wild Men have long ears and long eyes; know all paths. Wild Men live here before Stone-houses before Tall Men come up out of water.

Wild Men
No, Not all the Woses, the Wild Men of the Woods; Shaking Head Smilie there was only one Wild Man there. What was his name? Question Smilie

Drop down that page a few paragraphs for the name of that spittin' image of the P’kel-men, whose age old statues lined the path to Dunharrow. He was a direct descendant of them, but for thousands of years now, his clan has lived here, at the eastern end of the White Mountains in the Druadan Forest. Cool Smilie
Cr*p! Too late again! (with my apologies for the cr*ppy word-choice... Very Big Grin Smilie )
sorry tommy
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