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I was going to say that! And if anyone's wondering how my metaphorical jewellery is coming along, I've finished the necklace, the clip-on earrings but I haven't finished the hairpiece.
Fingolfin has the correct answer and receives the pretty-bauble. Happy Elf Smilie

Who set out from Bag End with Frodo Question Smilie
Sam and Pippin set out from Bag End with Frodo.
RRRRR. Everyone else keeps beating me to the question. (Have you noticed dwarves are greedy little wabs? Fancy wanting more silmarils after 24?)

And Merry was waiting for them at Buckland. (Can help putting in my two bob).
Actually Sam left Bag End by himself, first taking the key to Bag End's door over to the Gaffer; Frodo and Pippin left Bag End a little later. They met again at the gate in the lane beyond the meadows at the bottom of the Hill on its western side. Nevertheless, Mellie gets the Pseudo-Silmaril. Happy Elf Smilie

Can you name at least three outlying regions whose representatives Pippin saw arriving to bolster Minas Tirith's strength Question Smilie
Lossarnach, Morthond, Uzbekistan.
Lossarnach, Morthond, Uzbekistan.

You would have been correct Virumor, if only Dol Amroth was called Uzbekistan
The wise-Ashcroft doesn't get the pretty bauble for two out of three; though for being the the early bird, he can have the worm. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie Since Lord_aragorn86 added the third, so he gets the Pseudo-Silmaril. Happy Elf Smilie

The seven regions were: Lossarnach, Ringlo Vale, Morthond (the great Blackroot Vale), the Anfalas (the Langstrand), Lamedon, the Ethir, Pinnath Gelin, and Dol Amroth.

Who hungered for and devoured light Question Smilie
And Shelob? Didn't she eat light at first and then ran out? Then she went onto eating meat? I am SOOOO wrong. I can just feel it.

But Ungoliant no doubt is the answer Grondy was looking for.
It would've been funny if Shelob would've devoured the light coming from the Phial of Galadriel (or like the Germans says : Phiole of Galadriel).

Frodo : "Back, you nasty monstruosity !!! Ah Elbereth Gilthon..." *splatter* *splat*

Pity Lobby never lived up to mommy.
Virumor has the correct Spider Lady and this time he does get the Pseudo-Silmaril. Happy Elf Smilie

No Loni, Shelob was never a light eater, which is why she ran away from the Lady's starglass gift in those smelly tunnels. And she didn't eat meat, she was a blood sucker: she'd poke her straw into her victims and drink them to death.

What was Merry's real name in genuine Hobbitish Question Smilie
ooh i do believe it is Kalimac, which i think means jolly unless im mistaken
Meriadoc Brandybuck: according to the red book of Westmarch it would be Kalimac, meaning cheerful.
Fingolfin had the correct answer and now the pretty bauble. Happy Elf Smilie

Where did Gorbag's Orcs come from, like where was their base of operations Question Smilie
Minas Morgul.

That Virumor guy's too fast!
Live fast, die young, my friend.
Virumor has the correct answer and thus is awarded the Pseudo-Silmaril. Happy Elf Smilie

Saruman exchanged white garments for what Question Smilie
Many colored ones- like white light broken apart.
Correct Eva lilith, you get the pretty bauble. Happy Elf Smilie

Who sang:
The dragon is withered,
His bones are now crumbled;
His armour is shivered,
His splendour is humbled!
Question Smilie
oooooh a hobbit one, i think it was the elves greeting bilbo........though i could be wrong
I'mpletely sure but I think it may b the men of Esgaroth singing that somewhat after Bard killed Smaug the golden.
Yes it was the Elvesies Fingolfin, but which ones?
the elveses in Rivendell. Fun people in The Hobbit and silent, brooding people in The Lord of the Rings. What a big change!
You got it Lord_aragorn86 and the Pseudo-Silmaril. Happy Elf Smilie

When did J.R.R.Tolkien receive the C.B.E. and what do the initials stand for Question Smilie
It was 1972 but have no idea what CBE is...

Cannot possibly be the Central Bank of Egypt can it?
You have the correct year Asteroth, and though I had to go look up what the initials stood for, you still get the Pseudo-Silmaril. Happy Elf Smilie

C.B.E stands for Commander of the Order of the British Empire and is a lesser honor than a knighthood.

What was the Tower of Orthanc made of Question Smilie
The same material the walls of Minas Tirith were made of : stone.

The stone was unbreakable, something Ent Night Shyamalan soon found out - to his distress.
Here you go Virumor, another pretty bauble for your collection, for your correct answer. Happy Elf Smilie

What two things did the King send Farmer Giles of Ham on the feast of St. Michael Question Smilie
DARN IT!!! I don't have my copy of Farmer Giles of Ham with me. As soon as I get home, I'll find it. If someone doesn't kget it first. I HATE it when this happens.
Right!!! Here we go!!! Searching... Oh, I can't find it!!! Someone else will before I have, no doubt.
A belt, a longsword and a letter.
Correct Gildor inglorion, you named all three and you recieve the pretty bauble. Happy Elf Smilie

Who said, 'Go on! Go on! I will do the stinging!' Question Smilie
Shaya puma gets the Pseudo-Silmaril for the correct answer. Happy Elf Smilie It was Bilbo who said that, right after he cut free the dwarves from their hanging spider bindings and the spiders were returning en mass.

What happened to Mirkwood after the War of the Ring; what was it then called, and what does that new name mean? Question Smilie
was renamed Eryn Lasgalen, which means "Wood of Greenleaves" Thranduil controlled the northen part. The southern part became East Lorien and ruled by Celeborn. The land between the two was given to the Beornings i think
Sorry for this, but.... after the ring battle and stuff, Celeborn didn’t depart from Grey Heavens towards the Blessed lands with the rest of elves?
Sorry for this, but.... after the ring battle and stuff, Celeborn didn’t depart from Grey Heavens towards the Blessed lands with the rest of elves?
After Galadriel left Lothlorien, it became merely Lorien and started to deminish in population as well as its former glory, so after a while Celeborn became bored and went to live with the sons of Elrond in Imladris (Rivendell). I don't believe Tolkien ever got around to telling us whether Celeborn and the twins eventually left Middle-earth for Valinor. This is another question many of us would have liked to ask him along with Balrog wings and the Entwives.

Anyway Fingolfin gets the Pseudo-Silmaril. Happy Elf Smilie

What does "Alqualond’: mean in English Question Smilie
haven of swans?
No prize can be awarded because Fingolfin didn't wait the prescribed 24 hours period from the time the next question was posted. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie

Who, or what, was Niphredil Question Smilie
Niphredil was the name of an Elven maiden as well as a river which flowed on the outskirts of Lothlorien. Legolas even sang a song about it. I don't think you would wanna know the whole story because what if I'm wrong!
No, it's a flower that grew in L’rien.
No Lord_aragorn86, you were thinking of Nimrodel; Gildor inglorion had the correct answer and gerts the pretty bauble. Happy Elf Smilie

Niphredil was a white flower that bloomed in Doriath in starlight when Luthien was born. It grew also on Carin Amroth in Lothlorien.

After corresponding with a real Sam Gamgee, who did Tolkien fear receiving a letter from Question Smilie
As I can no longer find my source for the answer, which was someone named S. Gollum, I'll award a Pseudo-Silmaril to the first person who can find its source. Possibly somewhere in The Leters of J.R.R. Tolkien or the Forward or Prologue to LotR.


Who took Merry and Pippin to his house during the Entmoot Question Smilie
I beleive it was the ent Quickbeam.

I had a very very hard time remembering his name and it took me an hour or so to find it. But all I recall reading is that he kept them company during the Entmoot.

What was the (human) name of the Nazgul that was Lord of Dol Guldur in Southern Mirkwood near the end of the second age ?

The idea of someone other than Grondy asking questions is a bit odd.
Has Grond(trivia)master transferred his job to the above person?
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