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The person who seems to know the inside of Bilbo's larders as do himself, is Gandalf.
He knows of both Bilbo's cold chicken and his pickles... Smile Smilie
it's from the song that was written after the battle of the Pelennor Fields where Theoden died...

We heard of the horns in the hills ringing,
the swords whining in the South-kingdon.
Steeds went striding to the Stoningland
as wind in the morning. War was kindled.
There Theoden fell, Thengling mighty,
to his golden halls and green pastures
in the Northern fields never returing,
high lord of the host. Harding and Guthlaf,
Dunhere and Deorwine, daughty Grimbold,
Herefara and Heruband, Horn and Fastred,
fought and fell there in a far country:
in the Mounds of Mundburg under mould they lie
with their league-fellows, lords of Gondor.
Neither Hirluin the Fair to the hills by the sea,
nor Forlong the old to the flowering vales
ever, to Arnach, to his own country
returned in triumph; not the tall bowmen,
Derufin and Duilin, to their dark waters,
meres of Morthond under mountain-shadows.
Death in the morning and at day's ending
lords took and lowly. Long now they sleep
under grass in Gondor by the Great River.
Grey now as tears, gleaming silver,
red then it rolled, roaring water:
foam dyed with blood flamed at sunset;
as beacons mountains burned at evening;
red fell the dew in Rammas Echor.

really sad song...Sad Smilie

hey, so when did the spellcheck start interpreting g-r-a-s-s as a bad word?

[Edited on 7/2/2002 by chikakat]
Chikakat is right and gets the Pseudo-Silmaril.

Our local Thought Police program seems to have gotten carried away with its sense of propriety. Someone forgot to tell it that some three letter combinations were acceptable as long as the word was at least four letters long. What does it do to pass, passe, asexual, and assume? So how about grass, Leaves of Grass Ha Ha Ha Smilie Well now if you can find any assiduousness in this you are far better detective than I.

What was the name of the Dragon that Fram son of Frumgar slew?
Very Big Grin Smilie

I can't find that nowhere. Very Sad Smilie
All I can find on Frumgar is that he was the "leader of the northward migration of the Eoth’od out of the Vales of the Anduin.
was it possibly Scatha the Worm? (I couldn't find this for sure anywhere, but for some reason that name is sticking in my head)
Quite right, quite right! Fram slew Scatha and thus freed his country from dragons for ever.
Chikakat knew the wyrm's name; she gets the Pseudo-Silmaril. Super Wow Smilie

Odd Man Out: Michel Delving, Bree, Tuckborough, Willowbottom, Hobbiton. Question Smilie
Willowbottom. The rest are Hobbit settlements.
No, Willowbottom is a Hobbit village located in the Southfarthing on Thistle Brook to the southwest of Rushy and The Marish, at the end of the road from Rushy and Deephollow. I found it in The Atlas of Middle Earth, but I spent an hour pouring over the text and couldn't find hide nor hair of it. It does show up on many of the maps of The Shire to be found in our Art Gallery; look for the link in the menu there to the left. Smile Smilie
Bree's not in the Shire...and also, men live in Bree alongside Hobbits, whereas everywhere else, it's just hobbits.
Another Pseudo-Silmaril for Chikakat. Bree is the outsider.

Okay, I made this one up in the early hours this morning while unsuccessfully looking for Willowbottom in the text. Betelgeuse (Beetlejuice) is the name of the giant red star in the right(?) shoulder our constellation, Orion the Hunter. What are the names of the comparable star and its constellation as seen from Middle Earth?
I think the constellation is Menelmacar. I'm not sure about the star, but as Carnil is red, and was made at the same time as Varda made the constellations, I'm guessing it's perhaps the one.
I believe Menelmacar (or Menelvagor) is correct, however, I believe the red star's called Borgil or something simillar...
Another one I don't know. Very Sad Smilie I seem to come here when you ask the questions I don't know the answer to. Tongue Smilie
Gotta admit, iago, I think you're right. Couldn't remember the name of it last night though.
Yep, iago has that one. Thumbs Up Smilie
Iago has got both parts right, so he gets the Pseudo-Silmaril. Smile Smilie
Away high in the East swung Remmirath, the Netted Stars, and slowly above the mists red Borgil rose, glowing like a jewel of fire. Then by some shift of airs all the mist was drawn away like a veil, and there leaned up, as he climbed over the rim of the world, the Swordsman of the Sky, Menelvagor with his shining belt.

I found this in the FOTR, Book I, Chapter 3 entitled 'Three Is Company', a few pages from the end, where the hobbits spend the night with Gildor and his company of Elves.

How many toes had the foot which Frodo stabbed at the door of Mazarbul?
Trick question, eh, Grondmaster? Very Big Grin Smilie No toes.
Then a great, flat, toeless foot was forced through below.
FOTR - Bridge of Khazad-dum

(The previous quote marks appeared as euphemistic swear words; therefore this post has been Grondied.) Moderator Smilie Smile Smilie

[Edited on 6/7/2002 by Grondmaster]
Oooh, I've been caught. Tongue Smilie Yes, the foot Sting stung had nary a toe. Rednell gets the Pseudo-Silmaril. Smile Smilie

(I don't know why her two quote marks appeared as alpha-numeric gibberish?)

Why did Sauron's temple dome in N’menor turn black?
I think I read about that in the Fall of Numenor. Something about fire. I have to check and get back to you on this one. Question Smilie
And that dome was roofed all with silver, and rose glittering in the sun, so that the light of it could be seen afar off; but soon the light was darkened, and the silver became black. For there was an altar of fire in the midst of the temple, and in the topmost of the dome there was a louver, whence there issued a great smoke.

So Sauron planned his temple poorly...burned Nimloth right under his nice shiny dome and turned it all smoky. Big Smile Smilie (Hey I finally finished the Sil!)
Congrats on finishing The Silmarillion, Chikakat, as well as for the right answer: A Pseudo-Silmaril to you. Smile Smilie

What did Tom Bombadil take for himself from the Barrow-Wight's treasures?
He took a brooch with different shades of blue stones in it to give to Goldberry.
A Pseudo-Silmaril to 42 for the right answer. Smile Smilie

The orc band that captured Merry and Pippin came from which three places Question Smilie
Isengard under orders from Saruman; Mordor under orders from Sauron and Mines of Moria to avenge the death of their fallen folk.
A Pseudo-Silmaril to Rednell for the right answer.

What office had Robin Smallburrow been appointed to by the ChiefQuestion Smilie
He was a Shirriff.
Aye, he was one of those; so Chikakat gets another Pseudo-Silmaril. Smile Smilie

Who replaced the Lord of the Nazgul as commander of Sauron's forces in the Battle of the Pelennor Fields Question Smilie
Wasn't that one of Val's brainteaser questions? I seem to recall that anyway. So I'll leave it up to someone else who hasn't done that brainteaser yet to answer this one. Though I know the answer, of course. Tongue Smilie
Not real sure on this one... was it Gothmog, the lieutenant? Question Smilie
He is the one, so Rednell gets the Pseudo-Silmaril. Smile Smilie

With what sword did Tr’in Turambar slay GlaurungQuestion Smilie

(Oops, my spellchecker couldn't spell "T’rin" either.) Big Smile Smilie

[Edited on 10/7/2002 by Grondmaster]

[Edited on 13/7/2002 by Grondmaster]
Ahh... after having been away for a while, I'll give this one a crack... Smile Smilie

The sword with which T’rin slew Glaurung in the forest of Brethil, was Gurthang (Iron of Death), originally forged by E’l the Dark Elf as one of a pair and called Anglachel, Iron of the Flaming Star, (the other sword was called Anguirel). Both swords were "iron-cutters". E’l gave Anglachel to Thingol for the right to dwell in Nan Elmoth and it was later wielded by Beleg Strongbow of Doriath then re-forged and borne by T’rin.

Hail Gurthang! No lord or loyalty dost thou know, save the hand that wieldeth thee.

[Edited on 11/7/2002 by iago]
Rednell gets the Pseudo-Silmaril for the correct chapter title. Smile Smilie

Name two scholarly works that Merry wrote.

My quiz book--Yes, I use one, you didn't think I came up with all these on my own, did you?--says he wrote three; however, I have been unable to find the source of these. Arsume they are buried somewhere deep within the Appendices at the end of ROTK. Smile Smilie
Iago has the right sword Smile Smilie and the right spelling of "T’rin"; Got The Blues Smilie a Pseudo-Silmaril is his. Smile Smilie

Name the chapter that begins with the following words:
When Bilbo opened his eyes, he wondered if he had; for it was just as dark as with them shut.
Was it Bilbo who said it when he was rescuing the Dwarves from the spiders in Mirkwood?
And for that matter why do I always guess the answer is Bilbo everytime I'm unsure of an answer?
Chapter 5, "Riddles in the Dark", The Hobbit
I love to listen to the tape of Tolkien reading this chapter, especially Gollum's dialogue. Read Smilie
Okay, that last one was even too hard for me. So here's something a little easier while we wait to see if anyone knows or can find the titles of Merry's books.

Who hungered for and devoured light Question Smilie
Okay, either of you may now answer the question and force me to post another one, if you wish. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
The silmarils? No, honestly I don't know.
Guess what: I have started to read the Sil! I have already read "of the Rings of power" and the introduction with the letter by JRR Tolkien. *awaits applause and bows in advance*
Well done Tommy *applauds* had you read more you would know that the answer is actually our very own Golly. I think, though I'm probably wrong now.
Aaah. Thanks. Ungoliant? No... Really? Cool Smilie I would never have known.
Pary Smilie Jumping Flame Smilie Pary Smilie
Eureka, I found it. In the prologue to Fellowship of the Rings, on the last page:

In Brandy Hall there were many works dealing with Eriador and the history of Rohan. Some of these were composed or begun by Meridoc himself, though in the shire he was chiefly remembered for his Herblore of the Shire and for his Reckoning of Years in which he discussed the relation of the calendars of the Shire and Bree to those of Rivendell, Gondor and Rohan. He also wrote a short treatise on Old Words and Names in the Shire’’.

The answer is: Herblore of the Shire, Reckoning of Years and Old Words and Names in the Shire.

Now I can get some sleep.... Sleeping Smilie
I'm not obsessive, compulsive, really. Paranoid Smilie
Well done Rednell, I gave up on it because the words were starting to blur as I skimmed through the appendices that night. Super Wow Smilie Those were the books, so a Pseudo-Silmaril is yours. Smile Smilie

And Plastic Squirrel gets another Pseudo-Silmaril, for Ungoliant is the correct answer. Smile Smilie
Melkor used his spear to wound the two Trees of Valinor, and she sucked them dry and then filled them with her poison, they died and a great darkness filled Valinor. That is Ungoliant's main claim to fame. Very Sad Smilie

Who called the Dwarves 'Gonnhirrim' and what did it mean
Question Smilie
That'd be the Sindar in the First Age when the Dwarves first travelled over the Blue Mountains into Beleriand. It means Masters of Stone, or more literally Stone-lord-people.
You got it Val, so have another Pseudo-Silmaril for your bauble collection. Smile Smilie

Fill in the gaps (two words per line).

Learn now the lore of ______ _________!
First name the four, the ____ _______:
From The Two Towers, chapter 4 :Treebeard
Learn now the lore of Living Creatures!
First name the four, the free people
I love this part of the story, especially Merry's dismay at the hobbits being left out and Pippin's suggestion of adding the line: Half-grown hobbits, the hole-dwellers.
Another Pseudo-Silmaril to Rednell for the words from the Ents' learning song.

How high was the door in the side of the lonely Mountain? Question Smilie
The above wasn't that hard so I guess most everyone is taking a vacation (on holiday). Cool Smilie
Or like me, can't be bothered to go look it up. Big Smile Smilie and i was just reading that very chapter last night as well, d@mn this faulty memory of mine...
allmost as high as the doorposts Smile Smilie

Sorry cant't look it up.. cause LotR isn't in handrage atm.. sory
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