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Eryan has got it right and the great mound was like a hill and grass came to grow there again, alone in Morgoth's desert and his people wouldn't step foot upon it.
Haudh-en-Ndengin, the elves named it, the Hill of Slain, and Houdh-en-Nirnaeth, the Hill of Tears.
This was found on the last page of Chapter 20 entitled 'Of the Fifth Battle' in the Silmarillion.

While trying to find the ant using Gnampie's clue, I refound my lost
... like an old patient spider, ...
which I remembered from the BBC Radio version, and which applied to Denathor as Pippin saw him on his second day in Gondor. At 'The Battle of the Pelennor Fields' I found a "worm" and leeches. And in the Morgai were found the red eye-marked flies and also more hungry midges, while on the plains of Mordor was a town of tents that
...clustered like some huge nest of insects,...
However, I never found another ant and have grown bored with the entire project.

You may as well give the answers.
How were Boromir and Finduilas related?
OK Grondy,
the ant is in the beginning of the chapter 'Field of Cormallen'

As when death smites the swollen brooding thing that inhabits their crawling hill and holds them all in sway, ants will wander witless and purposeless and then feebly die, so the creatures of Sauron, orc or troll or beast spell-enslaved, ran hither and thither mindless; and some slew themselves, or cast themselves in pits, or fled wailing back to hide in holes and dark lightless places far from hope.

The other mollusc is 'the watcher in the water' in the pool at the gates of Moria. It is a cephalopod.
Have two more Ice Swans Gnampie!!!
Boromir was the son of Finduilas (NOT of Finduilas daughter of Orodreth who loved Turin, but of Finduilas wife of Denethor)
Eryan gets get a Pseudo-Silmaril for Mama Finduilas; also another for the burial mound yesterday.

Okay, I don't know how I missed that last ant, must have been my glazed over eyes as that was in the type of situation I expected it to be. As for the cephalopod, I know not how a biologist had enough information from the three descriptive lines in the book to name it,
Out from the water a long sinuous tentacle had crawled; it was pale-green and luminous and wet. Its fingered end had hold of Frodo's foot ... Twenty other arms came rippling out. The dark water boiled, and there was a hideous stench. ... the groping tentacles writhed across the narrow shore and fingered the cliff-wall and doors. One came wriggling over the threshold, glistening in the starlight. ... Many coiling arms seized the doors on either side and with horrible strength, swung them round.
... and a high pitched voice sang out, 'Y'all come back again now, ya hear, an next time I'll use your heads to crack snail shells.
but only being a retired mechanical engineer I will have to take your word for it. Big Smile Smilie
Thank you for two Pseudo-silmarils, Grondy!
As for the cephalopod... if the Watcher in the Water was NOT a cephalopod, what in Moria could it be?
But I agree that perhaps it was a mythical monster...
And I cannot find the reference about the beetle - what a shame!
My next question is:

what were the favorite plants of Elendil growing in his garden in Numenor?
Hey Eryan, thank you for the two Ice Swans!
But I would like to share them with my friend if you don't mind.Big Smile Smilie
Eryan: If it isn't this one:

’They have paid dear for the crossing but less dearly than we hoped. The plan has been well laid. It is now seen that in secret they have long been building floats and barges in great numbers in East Osgiliath. They swarmed across like beetles. But it is the Black Captain that defeats us. Few will stand and abide even the rumour of his coming. His own folk quail at him, and they would slay themselves at his bidding.’

Maybe it's this one (?):

It was actually not long before Gollum returned; but he came so quietly that they did not hear him till he stood before them. His fingers and face were soiled with black mud. He was still chewing and slavering. What he was chewing, they did not ask or like to think.
'Worms or beetles or something slimy out of holes,' thought Sam. 'Brr! The nasty creature; the poor wretch! '
Gollum said nothing to them, until he had drunk deeply and washed himself in the stream. Then he came up to them, licking his lips. 'Better now,' he said. `Are we rested? Ready to go on? Nice hobbits, they sleep beautifully. Trust Sm’agol now? Very, very good.'

[Edited on 11/4/2002 by iago]
Big Smile SmilieIago: Collect two Pseudo-Silmarils, one for each beetle. The question was mine and I had only based it on Gollum's Dead Marsh Banquet but now also remember the Osgiliath occasion. Smile Smilie
you can of course share your swans with your friend!:angel
How many teeth did Gollum have?
From the Hobbit, "Riddles in the Dark":

"Chesnuts, chesnuts," he hissed. "Teeth! teeth! my precioussss; but we has only six!"

Cool Smilie
Chikakat got it in one and earned a Pseudo-Silmaril. Smile Smilie

Okay, Who does the following describe?
'Their captain was ....., grim-voiced and grim-faced, whose friends had accused him of prophesying floods and poisoned fish, though they knew his worth and courage.'
He was Bard
Iago: Collect two Pseudo-Silmarils, one for each beetle. The question was mine and I had only based it on Gollum's Dead Marsh Banquet but now also remember the Osgiliath occasion.

Thanks!! Smile Smilie
Another question:

What is the relationship between Aragorn and Marilyn Monroe?

Attention: this is a serious question, not a joke!
I don't know, did Marilyn and Viggo happen to live in the same house, apartment, or flat at some different time in their lives. Or did they use the same brand of eye-shadow, mascara, or pantyhose? Winking Smilie
Marilyn Munroe read the LOTR? Liked Aragorn?
Grondy, Allyssa
no I am afraid none of you guessed right...
Try again!
Eryan, is it the birth name of Marilyn Monroe?
She was known as Norma Jeane Baker but was born as Norma Jeane Mortenson.
The actor playing Aragorn is Viggo Mortensen.
Not quite the same, but close.
Yes Gnampie that was it!
Have a particularly large Ice Swan!!!
I never expected I will get the answer so rapidly!
Who called Sauron 'the Black Hand'?
Was it Gollum? I sort of remember him calling Sauron the black something when he was trying to convince Sam and Frodo not to go to the Gate.
Wauw! An extra large Ice Swan!
Thank you Eryan!
I will have to keep this one in my parents' fridge, I only have a very small fridge. Big Smile Smilie
So perhaps I will send you a Swan with His Own Large Fridge, OK?
It was indeed Gollum, so 42 gets a Pseudo-Silmaril. Smile Smilie

While researching this, I found that in addition to calling Sauron the 'Black One', Gollum also called him the 'Black Hand'. The former name is listed as II, 296 in Part One of the Glossary-Index to my copy of the"Lord of the Rings"; however, the latter is unlisted, but occurs just six pages earlier in the same volume (TTT). Read Smilie
Who told T’rin, 'You speak like a dwarf-lord of old; and at that I marvel'?
My next question is: what were the favorite plants of Elendil growing in his garden in Numenor?
Sorry I only flowers that I remember are the yellow elanor and pale niphredil of Lothl’rien. And then there was the Scion of Nimloth the White Tree that Isuldur stole and tended.

However, were I to render a real guess, I think it would have to be Athelas, also known as as’a aranion in the old tongue, and kingsfoil by the rustics. By whatever name you choose to call it, the Men of the West brought it to Middle-earth form N’menor.
Posted 18 MAY: What time of day was it when Bilbo set out to join Thorin's Company?

Okay, can anyone get a little closer than The SKWRL's half-past ten, or am I going to have to give the prize to him. I have one hint that I could provide, if you really need it. Deal Smilie
It was Mim the Petty Dwarf of course!!!

And what about my question about the lpreferred flowers of Elendil? Nobody knows?
No unfortunately they were not athelas... Should I tell now or wait still a little?
Wild idea: Roses?

I dont know why that answer popped into my head. Disturbed Smilie
Perhaps because roses were really his favourite plants?
However, according to what is told in "The lost road" (History of ME, vol. 5), he had in his garden still other very beautiful flowers...
If nobody will provide their name, I will post here the full quote but not today (my computer and the book in question are separated by about 8 km, too much to go and fetch it quickly!).
Meanwhile: Where was Legolas when he said "... Do you not feel the air throb in your ears?" ?
Fangorn Forest?
A wind tunnel? Animated Wink Smilie
Nope to both. Big Smile Smilie
Meanwhile: Where was Legolas when he said "... Do you not feel the air throb in your ears?" ?

It is after the battle at Helm's Deep when the company of Theoden and Gandalf set out for Isengard. There is a wood in front of the Hornburg and when they pass this wood, Leogolas says these words.

The Riders came to the wood, and they halted; horse and man, they were unwilling to pass in. The trees were grey and menacing, and a shadow or a mist was about them. The ends of their long sweeping boughs hung down like searching fingers, their roots stood up from the ground like the limbs of strange monsters, and dark caverns opened beneath them. But Gandalf went forward, leading the company, and where the road from the Hornburg met the trees they saw now an opening like an arched gate under mighty boughs; and through it Gandalf passed, and they followed him. Then to their amazement they found that the road ran on, and the Deeping-stream beside it; and the sky was open above and full of golden light. But on either side the great aisles of the wood were already wrapped in dusk, stretching away into impenetrable shadows; and there they heard the creaking and groaning of boughs, and far cries, and a rumour of wordless voices, murmuring angrily. No Orc or other living creature could be seen.
Legolas and Gimli were now riding together upon one horse; and they kept close beside Gandalf, for Gimli was afraid of the wood. 'It is hot in here,' said Legolas to Gandalf. 'I feel a great wrath about me. Do you not feel the air throb in your ears?'

[Edited on 2/5/2002 by gnampie]
Well done Gnampie, a Pseudo-Silmaril to you.

Name the five ponies that were stolen from the stables at 'The Prancing Pony'?

[Edited on 2/5/2002 by Grondmaster]
Weren't they the ones belonging to the hobbits? Sharp-ears, Wise-nose, Swish-tail, Bumpkin and White-socks.
Yes indeed, a Pseudo-Silmaril to Valedhelgwath. They were named by Old Tom Bombadil after his pony, old Fatty Lumpkin, had rounded them up while the hobbits were enjoying(?) the hospitality(?) of the Barrow-wight.
Hey! now! Come hoy now! Whither do you wander?
Up, down, near or far, here, there or yonder?
Sharp-ears, Wise-nose, Swish-tail and Bumpkin,
White socks my little lad, and old Fatty Lumpkin!
from The Fellowship of the Ring, Book I, about 2/3 into Chapter 8 entitled 'Fog on the Barrow-Downs'.
What was the name of the dragon that landed in the realm of Agustus bonifacius?
Yes, his full name was Chrysophylax Dives; however, Tolkien only mentioned the last name upon our introduction to the dragon in Farmer Giles of Ham. Once that had been made, he used only the first name for the remainder of the story. Read Smilie

Eryan gets the Pseudo-Silmaril. Smile Smilie

Odd man out: caran, celeb, falas, mal, nim.

Odd man out: caran, celeb, falas, mal, nim.

Falas was the only one that does not refer to a colour. It means the coast or beach does it not? As in Falathrim, Cirdan's people.

Caran- red: Caranthir
Celeb - silver: Celeborn, Celebrant
Mal - gold/yellow: mallorn
nim - white: Nimloth, Nimrodel

okay, trick question:

Who were the Feanturi and who was their sister?Smile Smilie
The Feanturi were the Valar Mandos and Lorien (Namo and Irmo). Their sister was Nienna.
Fuzzy koala for you Val.
Plastic was so close I thought he'd already won this one.
I think Bilbo overslept, got up to do the washing up for fourteen; then Gandalf came in at 10.50 and told him the dwarves were expecting him at the Green Dragon at 11.00am. He then dragged the poor hobbit away before he could think of any excuses.
Actually, I think Gandalf was quite heartless in a calculating way here, and selecting Bilbo was probably one of the cruelest things he did (with the exception of sending Sam with Frodo - except that was more a spur of the moment thing).
And another Pseudo-Silmaril to Allyssa for the correct odd man out answer. Smile Smilie

From what steed of Valinor were the Mearas, the greatest horses of Rohan, said to be descended?

[Edited on 9/5/2002 by Grondmaster]
Was it Shadowfax?
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