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Thread: Trivia: Barad-dur

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Valaroma, is it not?
Correct answer. Undomiel gets the pseudo-silmaril.

Who of the Sons of Feanor did Dior Slay in the battle in Menegroth Question Smilie
I am sure that Celeborn left for the undying lands, so he can't have been killed. I don't know the answer myself though.
She said Celegorm, not Celeborn. Totally different person.
Dior slained Celegorm,but Caranthir and Curufin fell too and it is not said if Dior kiled them
There fell elegorm by Diors hand,and there fell Curufin and dark Caranhir

Amari’ fixed the quote, since the coding messed up the format of the posts below.
Sian gets the pseudo-silmaril Happy Elf Smilie for the correct answer.

Sorry people, haven't been on the last few days because of the test week at my university.

How was farmer Maggot's land called Question Smilie
Correct answer! Undomiel gets another pretty bauble! Happy Elf Smilie

What words did Elendil say when he came to Middle Earth after the destruction of Andunie Question Smilie
Et e’rello endorenna ut’lien. Sinome maruvan ar hildinyar tenn' ambar-metta. (His actual words, spoken in Quenya)
English translation: Out of the Great Sea to Middle-earth I am come. In this place will I abide, and my heirs, unto the ending of the world.

That was it, I'm sure.
Fornac was faster than me. Those were Elendil's words.
Fornac gets the pseudo silmaril for his correct answer. Happy Elf Smilie

Actually, this is one of my favourite lotr quotes! Hearing Aragorn recite it at the end of the movie is a delight!

Who's burial site was known as Haudh-en-Arwen Question Smilie
Eureka! Finduilas. Sorry, sorry. It is Haleth's isn't it?
Correct Answer! Another pretty bauble for Undomiel Happy Elf Smilie

What did Melkor desire in the depth of times Question Smilie
The Silmaril! *Snatches the Psuedo-Silmaril and does a funny dance.*
He certainly desired the three Simarils (and got them So Angry Smilie ) , but in the depths of time, as Thorin said, he sought in vain for the Secret Fire or Flame Imperishable given to E’ by Eru Il’vatar. At this time, he was still named Melkor and kept his evil secret.
The Secret Fire as Fornac says Eruheran Lighening Smilie
*snatches the pseudo-silmaril back from Euheran and gives it to Fornac for his correct answer Happy Elf Smilie

Where could the Dome of Stars be found Question Smilie
In Osgiliath (sigh) ,the city of Stars
Correct answer. Another pseudo-silmaril for you Happy Elf Smilie

Describe the emblem of the house of Finarfin Question Smilie
Is it two snakes a crown over their heads with one devouring and the other holding? They have emerald eyes as seen in the Ring of Barahir.
Correct answer Undomiel. Another psudo-silmaril for you Happy Elf Smilie

How many of the hosts of Morgoth did Hurin hew before he was captured Question Smilie
This is OT, but why has the page messed up, around halfway?

Answer: A Bunch of them (It is correct, if you think about it Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie )
I know! It's suddenly become much wider.

This is from complete rough memory, but wasn't it something like eighty trolls?
Wrong, both of you.
Ah, I've found the reference. It was seventy of the troll-guard of Morgoth.
Correct Answer fornac. The pretty bauble is yours Happy Elf Smilie

Whose love for his father was the greatest in Arda Question Smilie
Don't really know the answer to this one, but might it be Boromir, because he wanted to bring Denethor the Ring.

After replacing the hard drive and operating system last December, I now find I must again teach my spell checker the proper spelling of all Tolkien's invented names.
It is Feanor whose love for his father was greater than any had for his father.
Undomiel gets the pretty bauble, though a lot of fathers and sons have been born on Arda since Finw’ and F’anor, so IMHO, someone's love for his father may have since surpassed that of F’anor towards Finw’.

Do you want Undomiel to post the next question or should we revert back to where only Grondy posts the questions in this thread? (There are other threads in the Ivy Bush Tavern and under Current Games where everyone shares trivia questions if the correctly answer the previous one.)
I think that we should do it so when someone wins, they get the next one. Less likely that the thread will die.
Then I believe these rules would be in order for the most enjoyment.

If you try answering a question you must try to check the thread the next day ready to post the next question in case your answer was correct.

If you post question, you must try to check the thread the next day ready to adjudicate the correctness of the answers.

Else we will revert back to the rules of the first post where only Grondy posts the questions.

And Undomiel should post the next question, unless someone beats her to it tomorrow.
That should work.
The name of the chief of the Wildmen of the Woods?
Correct. They were the long forgotten Druadan people after whom the statues at Dunharrow were made.

Grondy, your question is?
How many Rohirrim were in ’omer's eored when he first encountered 'The Three Hunters'?
Looking it up in TTT, I got one hundred and five.
Yes 105 including ’omer. Fornac's turn.
What was the name of the last peak of the Misty Mountains?
Well, there is Mount Gundabad on the northern end and Methedras on the southern end, it all depends on where you start counting them, as to which is last. Still, as Methedras is Sindarian for last peak, it appears the Elves started counting in the north, so Methedras must be the answer for which you are looking.
Silvertine isn't it Grondy? Methedras would be on the left of Caradhras.
In TTT it says Methedras (yes, I meant the southernmost peak, sorry about the confusion) so I'll give the next question to Grondy.
I was going to ask 'On his way to Imladris, where did Boromir lose his horse?'
However I couldn't find the answer, So...

What was the other name of the Haunted Mountain Question Smilie
No, though it was near there.
Dwimorbeg? it took me a day to go and find it.
Correct Undomiel, except it's spelled Dwimorberg. You get the Pseudo-Silmaril and the honor of posting the next question. Happy Elf Smilie
Uh-oh Grondy, I'm stumped for questions. Would you ask the questions this time on and the next time too when it is my turn to question?
Who was the daughter of Thrain II Question Smilie
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