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Hmmmm..... no a burrow is a thing with a wheel on it that you shove round your garden.
OKay (now it goes): Wink Smilie

No, to barrow is to receive anything, as a loan.

[Edited on 28/1/2002 by Grondmaster]
I thought he was the guy who wrote the Naked Lunch?
no, burroughs are what badgers live in...
I thought nadgers were a colourful euphemism for something?
Use the form:

No, a (or to) Word A is a (or to) Definition B

No, a (or to) Word B is a (or to) Definition C

No, a (or to) Word C is a (or to) Definition D

No, a (or to) Word ...

No, a Burrow is a chest of drawers thingy, where i keep my clean PJs and underwear.

Sorry to interrupt, but I only just noticed this, I'M A F***ING MODERATOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who'd have thought anyone would allow that eh? *chortle, chortle*

No a bellows is what I use to keep the fire going.
*defers to grondy's greater knowledge of the game*
oh dear god Plastic's a moderator... TAZ!!! Do something!!!!!


No, bellow is under, beneath, downwards

[Edited on 30/1/2002 by Grondmaster]
No, billow is what a sheet does in the wind!
no a pillow's what you put your head on when you're sleeping...
No, that's a fellow. A pillow is a tree that grows near water and weeps all the time.

Like that, you mean?
No, fellow is whn you leave your fields untended
I think Ungy and Faye have got it.

No, to willow is what pigs like to do in mud.

No, to fallow is when you walk behind the leader.

Cool Smilie
No, to wallow is to bash a person very hard
No, a wallop is a small vascular growth on the surface of a mucous membrane

(see what insomnia can do to your brain?)
Nope, a Scallop is a tasty potato snack.
yes it is!!!!! (ROTFLMAO)

(ignore me... I haven't got enough sleep)

No, a polyp is a type of European cod fish.

(Took me ten minutes to spell pallup) Big Smile Smilie
Surely a parsnip is a vegetable?
No a pallup is what an artist puts his paints on...
No, a pallet is is what you mark your vote on.
No a ballot is where a bunch of skinny women jump around in tutu's ...
No, a ballet is what you use to pound square pegs in round holes.
Surely a mallet is a type of fish/dodgy Haircut favoured by the Australians?
Surely a mallet is a type of fish/dodgy Haircut favoured by the Australians?

(must be a Britism?)
No, a mullet is your oeoss..eso......your oesophagus.
No, that's a gullet

No, a gullet is what makes a hole in a target.

[Edited on 6/2/2002 by Grondmaster]
No, a bullet is someone who purposely intimidates the weak.
No a Bully is a type of Hair clip.

Now go back to the top and start again!!!! Wink Smilie
No barrette is when u r sorrowful through loss or deprivation .

(um, that's bereft, for you illiterates...)[Edited on 9/2/2002 by swampfaye]
This is too literal for me: ignore us! Big Smile Smilie
No, a bereft is tax placed on certain imports.

(Thanks, I recognize the word, but it wasn't on the tip of my tongue) :P
Nope, sorry. A tariff is a lawman in an old western town.
Nope, Sherrif is a posh word for fortified wine.
(um, excuse the poor non-alcoholic here, but what exactly is that?)
nope, a sherry is a yummy little fruit, used in pies, cobblers, jams and the like.

(swampfaye- sherry's not all that common these days. It's a bit old-fashioned and "posh" [good word]. I use it mostly for cooking myself- it's good in desserts, especially flaming ones)
Nope, berry is a hat common in france.
no, a beret is a kind of hair clip

(and around and around we go... Big Smile Smilie)
No, to barrette is what a striptease artist does.

(shucky-darn, I didn't know sherry was fortified, I thought it was just adolescent brandy.) Big Smile Smilie
No you bare it when you say something you shouldn't have. Usually makes your cheeks red.
No, embarrassed is what you are when you moon someone.
nah, undressed(hope thats right)is what you are under when you do the above to the police...
*thinks she has got the hang of it now

I thought arrested was when you made a statement in court that something was true.
No, attested is what those painted wooden Russian dolls are.
No nested is what the children do "all snug in their beds while visions of sugar plums dance in their heads..."
No nestled is what you did once you got your opponent in a clench/clinch.
Nope, wrestled is what you are after a couple of weeks off work and some quality time in front of theTV.
Isn't rested an archaic term for when someone is defeated?
I thought bested was what you were after taking an exam...
No, tested is what you did when you sampled soup from the pot on your wooden spoon, checking to see if it contained enough salt and pepper.
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