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Naw my dearest Grondmeister, airy is what they call people with too many follicles sprouting all over their bodies.
Nope, hairy is when something that makes you scream with fear.
No way, Scary can be an ethereal being whose soul purpose is to nourish the flaura of the forests...
Naw, being fairy is being cautious, suspicious, prudent.
I think you'll find that wary is to be fed up, tired, exhausted.....
No, no, no, weary is when you pick something up and move it to another place.
No, the carry is the middleman between the cow and your refrigerator.
nope you're wrong dairy is another word for not.
No nary (?) is a common fencing move used to deflect the opponent's blade.
Nope parry(?) is often said when people are hesitating "***** not, hurry up"
Naw, I like strawtarry preserves on my morning toast.
Nope, George Washington chopped down a berry tree.
George's father questioned him on it, once he had finished his after-dinner glass of cherry.
No, after drinking all that, the eyes in his face became quite sherry.

I think we have probably ran this bunch into the ground and maybe we should start a new one, so if you want you can work instead with:

Naw, each wagon track groove in the hardened mud is called a rug.
Nope, my ol' hound dog was really a rut.
Nope a mut is what pecans are...
Naw, a nut is a female monk.
No, I like to eat a sticky-nun or a hot-cross-nun for breakfast.
No, it seems there is only BUN person on this thread at th emoment....
Naw, now that Loni has returned there are two. How many pretty baubles has she one in our triva thread; is it twenty-something?
I believe the word that you were looking for is won, which is about 2,000 pounds.
No-sir-ee-Bob, to ton is to make your feet move faster.
Nope, to run is to enjoy oneself.
No, a fun is something you put hot dogs in.
Naw, a bun is the non-scientific term for an insect.
Nope, bug is when you putt your arms around another person ex. They buging eachother.
Naw, when something is more than large it is hug.
No no no no no, huge is when you trixes with three balls in the air
Nope, juggle is what is fun to do on a cold winters night.

Let me know if "juggle" wasn't the word you were looking for.
No, no cuddle is what you try to avoid when it's raining and you've got sandels on.
Naw, though I still like to do the occasional jig-saw puddle.
No way - my sausages puzzle when they cook
Nope, sizzle is the sound a firecracker makes when it doesn't go POP!
No, when you are fizzle the world seems to spin round and round.

(I hope that's the word you were looking for, Grondy?)
(That was the word Tommie, Smile Smilie but I still haven't got my mind around yours.) Sad Smilie
Nope, dizzy, is when you get your hair permed and it gets really big and poofy...
Naw, frizzy is what the bee is, as she buzzes around from flower to flower gathering pollen toward the making of honey.
No, busy is what we all like listening to, on radio or on a CD, though everyone seems to have a different taste in it.

(It's a long way away, I know, I just couldn't find anything that sounds like "busy", sorry!)
Nope, Musi-c is what some websites, papers, and current happening TV and radio shows are: filled with those events which altered and iluminated our day.
You've got me there, Grondy. Whatever that word is, it's really brainy. Or it's really simple, and I'll be like "Oh yeah..." when I read it.
Nope, newsy is the mood my son gets in when he doesn't want to eat certain foods.
Well done, Your 300th post, Terrijayne!! Fancy posting your 300th on April Fool's Day.
And I must be so silly, because I know all the words on this thread when someone else has replied to them, and when I come on I don't know them.
Nope choosy is a woman who stands on street corners and dresses scantily...a little inappropriate I know but it's the only thing that I could think of...
Naw, floosy is how you hold something lightly, like without a firm grip on it. (Princess_L’thien's word is slang and can be spelled with a z, or an s, and with a y or an ie.)
No, no - loosley is how you hold your loved one.

(Hope this is the right word Grondy)
(Yes, though is is spelled loosely, which is no nevermind.) Happy Elf Smilie

No, an item is too closely when it may be too expensive to buy.
Well my daughters think I'm too costly
Naw, when the Sheriff goes after the bank robbers he organizes a bossy to do it.
I know it!!!
No, but a posse is that weird dog in all the movies. (Sorry, that's the best I could come up with.)
Did you know a scottish take away is lassie peas and pie
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