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Naw, flunking is the noise your car's engine makes after you have thrown a rod.

Did it really go that badly Peredhil? Can you make it up or are you going to be out on your ear?
No, flanking is what I did on all my exams last month.
Lost me Grondy. And everyone else too apparently. lol Animated Wink Smilie

Sorry to hear your exams didn't go that well, Pered. I just hope you were joking here. Smile Smilie
Sorry to hear your exams didn't go that well, Pered. I just hope you were joking here.
I was, I hope. I get my results on the 21st.
My word was clunking. You may carry on with it or start over with a more simple word. Happy Elf Smilie

[Edited on 13/8/2003 by Grondmaster]
Naw, clunking is the sound the Ring makes when it drops onto a floor.
Nope, clinking is what your eyelids are doing.
Nah-ah, blinking is what my brain stopped doing half an hour ago.
No, thinking is what's happening to America's economy.
No, winking is what people want to do in casinos.
Naw Arco, winning is what I do in the shower. That's why my mother and father bought earplugs recently, I think.
Unh-uh, singing is what a ship does after it hits the rocks.
No, sinking is Italian for three.
No, cinque is "hazardous; risky; esp., fig., verging upon impropriety; dangerously close to, or suggestive of, what is indecent or of doubtful morality"
Nope, risqu’ is a thick shellfish or vegetable soup.

(Arcormacolind’va: I think the steps between sinking to cinque to risqu’ have been too great; try getting closer in rhyming or spelling, as you have been losing us. Still, since English isn't your native language, keep on trying and we will see if we can follow you.) Happy Elf Smilie
Bisque is a type of bakery product, like a muffin.

(And English IS my 1st language, who gave you that idea?Just because I- Ok, I see your point Smile Smilie )
No, the rhyme goes:
A Biscuit, a basket, a red and yellow tasket.
um...I have NO IDEA. I USED to kow that rhyme. Sad Smilie
How about if I don't reverse the words and only change the key word?

No the rhyme goes:
A Biscuit, a tasket, a red and yellow basket.

Does that make it a tad bit more obvious? Happy Elf Smilie
A tisket? is a type of cracker. (i dunno where these r sold, so... i might have to change it.)
Naw a Triscuit is is the cut of meat used for corned beef.
A brisket? is a type of object used for carrying things, such as eggs.
No a basket is a container to keep a body six foot under.
A casket is a type of thing put on a fractured bone.
Naw, a cast is one of those tall slender things on a sailing vessel that is rigged with booms, lines, spars, and yards.
Nonono, when you extent the time when a certain thing is, you say you make them past longer.
No, last is a condition of extreme, um, hurrying?
Unh-uh, last is speedy or to abstain from eating in order to heighten meditation.
Nope, cast is my favourite pet. Big Smile Smilie
A rat is a kind of cooked meat.
Naw, P’t’' is the medieval name for China and the eastern regions of the world.

(If that wasn't your word Arco, I'm sorry, but it was the only thing I could come up with.)
(I can't remember what I had, it was probably roast or something.)

Um, Grondy, I have no clue what that is. Maybe you could continue it with something... easier?
I searched on Google, etc... but no luck.
Cathay that rhymes with P’t’' was what I had in mind. Your right Arco, this is a better game if we keep it to short simple words like:

No, you use a book to catch a fish.
Nope, sorry Grondy - a hook is the line of Pippin Wink Smilie
Naw, a Took is a castle in chess.
No, a Rook is a criminal (applied loosely).
No a crook is a large ceramic pot in which my mother often made sauerkraut and pickles. More modern ones were electrified as slow cookers. When somebody dis-believes something someone has just said, you may hear the cry, 'That's a crook of "bull" !!!' or "sugar' or some bodily sucretion, secretion, or excretion.
No, a crock is a large or small stone.
Sorry, but a clock is something that you lose in the washing machine
Naw, sock is the second sound a grandfather clock makes.
Wrong again Grondy, a tock is where ships come in to port.
Nope, a dock usually contains 52 cards plus a joker or two.
No, Deck was a popular animated movie about a green ogre, starring Mike Myers and Eddie Murphy.

Un-uh, Shrek is what cat claws can do to fine upolstery.
No, a wreck* is what Gollum is.

*actually, the cats are just... 'redecorating' your home interior to fits their tastes. Cat Smiling Smilie Very Mad Smilie
Naw, your wretch comes in three forms, box, open end, and adjustable; in Britain it is known as a spanner.
Nope, a wrench (spelling?) is what you sit on in a park
No, a bench is a part of a tree, stream or bank.
Nu-uh, a branch is one of those things in Texas with loads of horses Big Smile Smilie
But I thought that a ranch was something you do when you're really annoyed at/with something/someone!
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