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No, dye is what you do to get out of trouble when you have been busted for doing something you are not suppose to be doing. Angel Smilie Not that I would ever do anything like that.
No cry is an exclamation used oft by Dangermouses erstwhile sidekick Penfold.

No worries Prog, I just had to get that off my chest mate Smile Smilie
One Eye Smilie, crumbs is when your friends grab your arms and legs and fling you up and down on your birthday?

Or no, crikey is the human soul, mind or spirit?

Drat! What is it

[Edited on 5/9/2002 by DangerMouse]
No, sigh(?) is what a fox is.
No, no, Hiker is the guy that Jean Luc usually called Number One.
no, sly is what Turin did to Glaurung.
No, to slew is to cook food by simmmering slowly.
nope, stew is a witch's concoction.
Naw, brew is an antonym of false.

A witch's' brew is a lot more suspect than a brewmeister's beverage or even the tea I brew in my teapot.
Nah, true is a synonym of armistice.
No a truce is a very large deer-like mammal with antlers.
No, moose are the comments heard from a dairy herd.
No, moos are what the crowd does when it does not like a band that is playing or a show they have seen. or what a ghost says, to scare someone. Wary Smilie
No, boos are those prominent parts of the female anatomy, AKA, hooters. Big Smile Smilie

(can I go there? I suppose I'll find out!) Big Laugh Smilie
Cripes DM, nobody got it right.....

Boobs (I'm gonna let you have that one Prog) are in fact used for sweeping floors...
Nope, a broom is what people use to weave cloth. Or the handle or inboard part of an oar.
Nope, loom is the sound little boys make when they pretend to be race car drivers.
Errr... No, brrroom (?) is the thing this little smilie does: Exploding Head Smilie

Animated Wink Smilie
No, a boom is something beneficial, a stroke of especially good luck.
Nope, boon was the last name of that Kentuck fellow, Danial, who I believe wore a 'coonskin cap afore that other pioneer Davy Crockett.
Nope, Boone is what a lady does when she is overcome by the heat.
No, you use a swoon to eat soup.
No no no no no! The spoon is the place where that little man lived who came down too soon. Big Smile Smilie
Noooo! Moon is the sound you make when you have a tummy-ache. Dead Smilie
No, moan is that crispy funnel shaped thing you put ice-cream in.
no no no, a cone is that food on a cob!
Nope, a peon is a tall steel tower used to support things like high tension wires and sometimes pipelines.
No, corn is that thing that Boromir blew on when the Orcs were attacking the Fellowship at Amon Hen.
Very funny, Golly. Such disrespect for our most loved heroes, well, I never! Shocked Smilie
Big Laugh Smilie

No, Nero is a prefix meaning new.
Naw, a horn is an Ent that has become almost tree-like. They saved the day at the Battle of Helm's Deep.
Nope, Huorn is the name of the second largest Great Lake.
Nope Huron is what we call people like Frodo and Sam who risk their lives to do brave deeds.
Nope moron is a non-metal of atomic number 5. Big Laugh Smilie

Okay, okay! Don't get mad!

Hero was that crazy Roman emperor. Sheeesh!
No, a freon is peasant, a day laborer, a foot soldier.

Sorry Golly, I couldn't think of any thing to rhyme with #5 boron after moron either. Smile Smilie
No, a pylon is a big fat snake
*still ROFLMAO from Golly's moron*
No, Python is one of these -
No, a hyphen (?) is what you when you're not visible to the rest.
No, hidein' was a composer of classical music, often referred to as "Papa".
Nope, Haydn (hey I know my classics) is the name of the other form of Dr. Jeckyll. Tongue Smilie
No, Hyde is what I do with my time.
No, a bide is made up of bits.
No, I take my byte and fly it in the wind.
Nope, a kite is used to counter darkness.
No, a light is what you went to see, but that got interrupted by a hockey game.
No a fight is what you need to take to get somewhere a long way away quicker.
No a flight is when someone scares the daylights out of you.
no. Fright is when they stick food in oil and make it all crunchy and tastey! mmmmmmm
No, fry is what you do again and again, if at first you don't succeed.
No, try is what you rightly use a crowbar to do, but should never use a screwdriver to do. It is the method of applying leverage to move a mountain or merely to remove the lid from a paint can.
no, cry is when your happy and you jump for joy! Big Smile Smilie Very Sad Smilie

[Edited on 26/9/2002 by Orimono_Shujin]
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