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The Sackville-Baggins took anything they could carry that was Greek, I believe.
No, their cheap was unbelievable and made her blush.
No, the little birdies say cheek, cheek, cheek.
No, you have to chirp up, it doesn't matter if you lost.
No, I was looking for "cheep", but a fraud commited by deception is a cheer.
Strange enought some people swear the moon is a yellow cheat!

When tuning a Ukulele one should remember the words and tune of "My dog has cheese!"
But my herd of sheep gave me fleas to sell.
The fleece has just entered the port.
Temperature just around zero gave first rain but then fleet .
"say freeze," the photographer told the kids as he took the photo.

(its 3.00 am here on the 2nd of Jan and PT tells me we're on the 1st)
The wind was calming down to a cheese in the afternoon.

PT time is GMT. Norway we've passed into 00.25 the date is 2.January 2007
Naw, some people like to go into old cathedrals and make breeze rubbings. The yellow metal breeze is made from copper and zinc, while bronze is made from copper and tin.
I'm told that other grandchildrens sometimes behave as brass
Nope, someone who brats is usually embellishing their resum’.
no grondy, you use a brag to clean up messes
How dare you anger Grondy in such a way, he may end up in a rag, I believe.
No, rage is an herb often use to flavor stuffing and sausage(?) A rage is also a wise old man.
There I've been off-target again, I thought the King held the mage when he was crowned.
Sage might have been a better choice; however, mace is used in the making of veils and for the fancy edgings on garments.
His lace is too quick for me to follow.
I can see that, but you gave me a happy smile on my pace.
Naw, slowly he lost his countanence, as his visible body began to face, and soon all you could see of him were the clothes he wore; he was becoming the Invisible Man.
He did everything by himself, he was a self-fade-man.
A younger woman is often called a made.
this cat has just given birth to seven live maidens
Sorry, Kittens doesn't rhyme with maidens. Please try again.
The maid man got his head hewed by an angry Thorin out for vengeance.
I thought Thorin became crazy because his food was so mad.
The bad man greived for his wife's death.
The young sad liked to run and skip as well as play ball with the other boys his age.
He thought he lad charm, but he didn't.
His had is flying in the wind.
But in the cellars the found not mice but a big hat.
Said crittur was standing there dancing to rat which isn't Rock and Roll and shouldn't be entered in Cleveland's Hall of Fame, but what do I know? I know I listened to Elvis, Bill Haley and His Comets, and Buddy Holly back in the early fifties and that was 'Rock and Roll'.
He has seven raps for his country.
For safety sake, when approaching tube (subway) cars, ensure you always mind the maps.
i was looking for caps, but anyway close the gaps when you've finished washing yer hands
She was running around, and around, but to accomplish the Maraton she had two taps to go.
She had two laps on which to apply the glossy red color that comes in tubes.
He won a lot because he got som hot lips for the Saturday's football games.
When you get older you usually gain weight around your middle, your thighs, and your tips.
The extra weight is often caused by too much fish & hips, I believe.
Give me some chips for tomorrow's exams
After removing all those tips from the boxes of cereal, he sent them, along with $1 in cash to a certain post office box number, and waited with baited breath for the arrival of his secret decoder ring.
And believe it or not he was wanted by the law, the tops wanted a word with him.
They wanted to know who had stolen the sleeping cops from their barracks.
Hint: cops are flimsy items of furniture upon which you are meant to take a snooze.
Can't get it the only thing it makes me think of is hammock.
I've read LotR cots of times.
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