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Thread: The Name Game

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Grody, you know the knee is the price you pay to get an avitar on PT (and well worth it if I may say so).
Naw, the fee is an insect critter that hops about and likes eating dog.
Nonsense. Flea is when you get comething without having to pay for it.

(I missed this game Animated Wink Smilie )
Welcome back Proghead, we've missed you, even though in this case you are incorrect, because that tall thing with leaves or needles in the air, roots in the ground, and bark on its trunk is known as a free.
no a tree is something that is really big and wet

ummm i think thats how u do this? do they have to ryme?
Naw, a seapatch is another name for a vegetable garden.

They should rhyme, be homophones, or be spelled within one letter of each other; though two letters is fine.
noo a ?vedgetablepatch? is wot a nother name for a door

Moderator Smilie Just ignore Elrose who cares enough to ignore the rules.

In case you want to try again the word to work off of is sea Moderator Smilie
No, if you look closely you may be able to pea a Dog Smilie sitting under that tree.
noo to see is to concur

(i'm so confused....)
and edits should bump the thread....
Naw, in the autumn agree loses its many colored leaves.
no a tree is something little kids like and older ppl ride.

is that ok?
No, a trike only has two wheels.

(Not quite, but closer; and try to limit the number of syllables to one, which makes it easier to find and to pose the next one. Read back through some of the older posts, but understand that sometimes people have thrown monkey wrenches (spanners) into the works.
no bike is what ppl yell when they fool u...

ok...i think i might be getting this...
Naw, a lorry is what the English call a trick.

(I was unsure of what Elrose's word was, but this works from where we were before I gave my last one.)
no a truckis what you do to popsocle's

(sorry, should have remembered not to use slang...i was thinking of "psyche" (sike) sorry.)
one day i was walking thorugh the threads. i fell and *bump*ed this thread
Naw, lick is the only thing that can ever beat the combination of old age and deceit.

(One is supposed to make your definition word rhyme or spell similar to the answer you give to the previous definition.)
i was thinking ya

and now im thinking mick i may be it mick or micky or micky's beer?


no a mick is wot some people use to dig trenches
Obvious we are getting nowhere: so we may as well let this thread die the death it deserves. Orc Sad Smilie
Naw, sicky is what you get when you get kissed.

I think thats the right word
uhh...did you mean pick? or course you did

no, a lick is a small scratch

Naw, a nick is a special aptitude for easily doing something quite hard. There are also shelves for storing small curios upon; they are called "nick-nick" shelves.
nooope, a knack is wot pains lots of people (especially tall people...)
No, a back is a little something to take the edge off our appetite when we feel a little peckish.
nuh uh! a snack is to small a quanity of, not enough!
Naw, a lack is used to keep honest people out of something. It is opened with a key.
nope, a lock is something that i hate and that tries to suffocate my feet.
No, a sock is a medium sized bag.
Not sure i've got the right word

I thought a duck went sack
no i swear that Quack is the way you applaude someone?
No, clap is another word for covered, or decked-out.

(On this side of the pond our ducks say "quack" and our dogs say "ruff" or "roof" or "woof" or "arf", or even "bark". Often it depends on the size of the dog.)
nope, rapped is wot those barking dogs do with water (1000 posts!)
nuuh...Lapped is what cartographers do.
wrong! to map is something that goes on youre head!
Naw, a cap has whiskers, licks itself clean, likes sleeping in the sun, is partial to saucers of milk, and holds itself aloof from humans. Cat Smiling Smilie
no Mrs. Squires(my teacher) is another JUST KIDDING!!

ok this is the real post

no, aa cat is wot lots of people think makes other people ugly especially when they have alot of it.
No, you are fat, if you eat a healthy diet, exercise daily, and get lots of sleep.
no! you tell youre dog to fit
Are you mad, man?!

When you sit you probably ate something, yesterday...
No, you wear a sat on your head.
nuh uh, a hat is a wooden stick or animal
Naw a bat is an automated critter in a chatroom that controls certain things like anti-swearing, serving refreshments, and playing trivia.
nope, a bot is a nasty fly that is found on horse's.
Horse's what? Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
all over but usually on thier chest theres a new thing called current games under the new thing called RPG and so the first thing to go under RPG-Current Games is the Name Game?

they can be the same word ppl....
I haven't yet figured out what is going on with this move here; condsider it a work in progress. I just discovered these moved threads today.

And I still haven't figured out the name of Elrose's horsefly either.
Okay, or rather: No, a bot is the symbol that usually proceeds the word "com" and when it ends a statement it goes by another name but looks the same.

I didn't know that a "bot or bott" was the larve of a botfly.
Grondy you should know a baby sleeps in a dot.
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