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You can cat the dog if you want.
A porcupine doesn't make a very good pat.
"Pet back here!" the police officer shouted to the little urchin.
The ruffian swung his fist and hit the poor innocent right in the get.
"Gut that back on the shelf," the grocer shouted.

The tomb of King Put held many beautiful artifacts which the tomb raiders couldn't find.
When you Tut your shoe laces too hard they are liable to break.
Shouts of "Tug, you're It!" could be heard in the schoolyard at recess.
Sticking your finger down the back of ones mouth usually causes one to Tag.
Ach! Sssss! My Precioussss! Those nassssty Bagginses live in Hobbiton, at Gag End. Gollum!
A common name for an insect or a small German car is a Bag.
When the father came home from work, his children rushed to greet him with a kiss and a bug.
And some of the not-so-nice wives, I'm told are presented as hug!
On top of his head, the court jester wore a very silly hag with bells and a foofy pom-pom on the tip.
And the mean old witch lived in a ginger bread house that was slightly larger than a hat, and it tasted much nicer.
Attila the Hut ransacked many cities throughout Europe.
'But I gave huns to the Heffalump when I went down to the Zoo!
There are badgers and bidgers and bodgers, and a Super-in-tendent's House,...'
- AA Milne
(Uh-oh, I'm not completely sure what the word is supposed to be...I'll take a stab:

If you're going hunting, make sure to bring bullets for your bun.
Being scared of your hunting, I'll have to gun!
I'll hide under the covers in my bed and be snug as a bug in a run.

That was it Meneldur, but Milne's poem used 'Elephant' instead of 'Heffalump', which was from a different story of his.
"Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of rug" sang the pirates.
No, I don't know that song; rum a few bars and I'll fake it.
My favorite breakfast is a hum and cheese omelette.
And the "father" of a little lamb is called a ham.
A beaver ram usually floods the valley upstream of it.
We should change that light bulb, it looks awfully dam in here.
When hunting for buried treasure, it is best to bring a shovel so you can dim up what you might find.
Fido, Rover, and Rex are very common names for a pet dig. (Or at least they USED to be.)
The road-dog is often the source of road rage. They are piggy in that they take up two lanes and always travel slower than their fellow drivers.
Some people like to go for a hog in the park, wearing their sweatsuits and running shoes.
"Little Arf 'n Nonnie" was about an orphan and her pup jog as wrtitten by Walk Kelly in one of his Pogo comic strips.
Morse Code only uses two signals -- a dash and a dog.
Playing poker I would like to take the big dot.
In kindergarten, we used to take our afternoon naps on a pot.
If it has pointy ears, whiskers, and meows, it must be a cot.
You play baseball by hitting the ball with a cat.

LOL it seems like I always get the cat-related threads lately. Cat Smilie
As he was a spoiled kid, the called him a bat.
Brat by Faberge smells pretty good.
The grocery store had lots of nice fresh brut, including apples, bananas, cantaloupes, dates, and elderberries.
The key coin required to counter procrastination is the 'Round-fruit' for use when you get around to it.
The man went to his tailors and was fitted for a custom made three-piece tuit.

Sorry about that one, the coin is called a "round-tuit". It is used to counter procrastination; as in: 'I'll do it as soon as I get a round-tuit'.
Rolling Eyes Smilie Ahhhh that was a pretty bad pun Grondy. Big Smile Smilie

A great gathering of Ents is called an Ent Suit.
Moot is the word which describes a man made lake around a castle.
When my friend said he was getting a little dingy, I didn't understand he meant a small moat.
Before you can use your computer, first it needs to boat up.
Trees have many parts: branches, leaves, trunk, bark, sap, and boot.
The baseball team destroyed their opponents. It was a complete root, the final score was 24 to 2.
It will hurt you more than it will me, if you choose to sulk and rout.
Would you pout me a glass of milk, please?
Yes, I can; however, the sell by date expired last week and it my be a tad bit pour.
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