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Nope, a ray is when things go wrong.

Naw, awry is the type of bread best suited for corned beef sandwiches. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

(Icefangs had me going there for most of the week, for the life of me I couldn't work it out. Today it just fell into place. Nice one! 'O She of the Frozen Teeth.)
Nah, rye is what one uses to change the colour of clothes and things.
Nope, dye is when someone isn't very social.

*bows* Thank you, O' master of gronds.

No, you really wouldn't want to live in a muddy pig shy.
Nah, to sty is the opposite of " to go away".
Nah, stay is what the money you earned is called.
Naw, nothing beats a piece of hot apple pay, unless maybe it's with a scoop of vanila ice cream alongside.
No, no, pie is what you do when a good friend has to leave.

(Oh darn it - I haven't played this in so long...did I just do that completely wrong???)
No, cry is what an airplane does.
Naw, you take a ribbon and fly a pretty bow to place on a gift or in your hair.
No, you use a clock to tell the tie.
No, a time is an american coin worth ten cents.
ney, a dime is a spring loaded fork on a hay rake
Naw, to tine is to eat a major meal.
Nuppers. Dine is what the copper gave when he pulled me over for speeding
Nope, a fine is where Gimli's cousins lived.
No, mine is the number that comes after eight.
No Nine is nothing
Naw, a none is what surrounds the hot-dog and mustard. Dog Smilie
nay. Bun is around about what an elephant weighs
Sorry, ton is when you are having a good time.
Nope, you're fun when you are finished, as in: "Stick a fork in him cause, he's fun!"
nuppers, done is that big bright yellow thing in the sky
Naw, a sun is what you call your male child.
Nuh-uh, -son is a Japanese form of 'sir'.

Have to ask Mr. Hashimoto at school for that one, cause it shore ain't Sensei.
Nah, san is what you find at the beach.
Nah, sand is what food tastes like without seasoning
No, bland is that thing on the end or your wrist that you use to grasp things.
Nope, a marching hand is made up of woodwinds, brass, and percussion instrument.
No, a BAND is a substance you find on the beach
Uh uh, Sand was the name given to all the warders of Riva in David Edding "Balgariad" books
We'll have to wait for someone to read the series. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie Is it worth my effort? Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Is it Brand? Sorry, this is sorta off-topic, but, seriously, is it Brand?

Yes, Icefang, Brand is the name of the Rivan wardens.

Nope, Brand is my least favorite kind of muffin.
nar, Bran is what all the beach babes are trying to get
Nah, a white tan is what i drive around in blasting pantera through the speakers... heh heh heh
Nope, a van is a group of people, like a club, gathered for sometimes sinister purposes.
Nuh uh, a clan is type of large bivalve.

Is it Clam? If so:

No way, a clam is uproar and confusion.
Nope, a clamor is something you use to pound nails into walls and sometimes fingers, ouch...

Nope a hammer is a small white and wooly farm animal
Nope, a ram is what beavers build
I thought dam was a kind of bus that ran on rails.
Nuppers, Tram is a the name of Frodo's best friend
Naw a Sam is a moving piece of machinery so shaped as to cause an eccentric or alternating motion of any required velocity or direction in another piece engaging or meeting it. The Samshaft on an automobile engine opens and closes the valve train at the required times and for the required durations.
Nope, a cam is a thing you push a baby around in, or also it's a kind of boat...

(edited because apparently I can't use the font html stuff correctly...)
Naw, 1, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17 ..... are all pram numbers. Numbers that can only be evenly divided by themselves and 1.

Never apologise about using the edit button. I often edit my posts two or three times toward getting them to read like what I thought I had said in the first place, but obviously hadn't. Elk Grinning Smilie
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